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Veronica's #WritersDiary, #Writers: What Are the Top 3 Reasons #Readers Want to Buy Your #Book(s)?

I thought I'd throw out a #challenge to the #WritingCommunity this week since we're about to head into #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and the busiest (at least it used to be) #book buying season of the year with the upcoming #holidays. For this challenge, I'm going to assume you have a product to sell (and quality is in the eyes of the beholders, er, reader/spenders).

I've taken many sales classes and tutorials during my previous career selling software. After thirty+ years in the business, I've boiled down 3 essential criteria you need to find out before you can make a successful sale:

  1. Know who the decision makers are.

  2. What is compelling the purchase?

  3. Does the customer have funds available for the purchase?

For #writers, this means you need to:

  1. Know who is buying your books. ⏩gender, age, demographics

  2. Why are your #readers #reading? ⏩escapism, likes💖, growth

  3. How do your readers acquire their books? ⏩KU (or other subscription service), library, purchase

Now I know many of you may be squirming at these questions--you will need to do some research and analysis (sorry, that's the price of fame and fortune). Look who follows you on social media (take advantage of the analytics tab--they're collecting LOADS of data)--how many of your followers are reading your books?

Ask yourself (as a reader)--why are you reading? (for me, it's the pleasure of going to another world that offers the things I love---mystery, glamor, new characters to befriend)

Analyze the sales/subscription data for the sales channels you participate in--what's working (ie $$$), what's not 😥. What are you going to do about the 'nots' (promos, ads/campaigns, new channels)?

So now that you know this pertinent data for the sale and have a plan, I need you to tell me the top 3 reasons #readers would want to buy your #books (be brutally honest)! You should ALWAYS have these on the tip of your tongue. Here are mine:

  1. You're a reader who loves an amateur sleuth whodunit that's set in glamorous locales.

  2. You're a reader who enjoys hob knobbing/living the life with/of the rich and famous.

  3. You're a reader who likes a cozy mystery that is laced with romance, humor and close friends/family relationships.

No judgements now--we all have different reasons to do what we do, like what we like and read what we read. Now, the #mystery is to get in front of those readers and make those #sales! If you haven't been working on assembling your #marketing materials, #promotions or elevator pitch, now's the time #writers! I know you can do it--best of luck in the upcoming writing/sales season! It's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Big thanks to Mark Schultz for having Bibiana Krall and me on his Word Refiner #WebChat!

As always, Mark never fails to amaze me with his insightful questions and Q&A lively format. We talked in depth about the writing of Hearth Fires but then segued out to other topics including publishing, marketing, tools, inspiration and much more. Great discussion with awesome content and we go for seven days. If you haven't done a chat with Mark yet, I highly recommend it. It's a fabulous way to let readers get to know you and get to know yourself as a writer a bit better as well. Bibiana's and my chat with Mark is here:

Revelations and the power of relationships this week from the writers of Twitter...

Author S.S. Bazinet, Traces of Angels (Open Wide My Heart Book 2) 5

In the second book of the Open Wide My Heart series, Author Bazinet brings us back together with the characters we grew to know so well from the initial encounters that brought an unlikely group together as friends, this time in the rural town of Elkville, where a new medical clinic has opened. We're reunited with Lea, a woman troubled by a past of neglect who came to know love and peace with her husband, surgeon, Matthew. Lea's grown to love life in the small, rural town, but the medical practice in Chicago has Matthew committed. She may be pregnant and worries that their busy life may not be ready for a child.

Margaret, the loving mother to Eric, a doctor whose instincts and senses tap into energies that most ignore, leaving him overwhelmed at times. Margaret's nurturing calm and love were crucial to Lea as she worked through her issues of the past, but she's always put the needs of others before her own. Paul, the psychiatrist who was determined to break through the issues tormenting his friends---his technique ruffled many though his intentions were worthy, and took a major toll on his health. He came to Elkville to help start the new clinic, but will his advice further alienate those he's trying to help and destroy his friendships?

Ned Finney, is the new doctor managing the clinic. His can-do attitude is impressive, but is he hiding a hurtful past? An icy accident causes deep rooted emotions and tensions to erupt--will the new found relationships of love and friendship be shattered? When a local family has a life changing crisis, the group is thrust into caring for a little boy ravaged by a brutal existence. Will the care of a child help heal their fragile bonds, or be too much for them to endure?

Author Bazinet masterfully unveils the intricacies and entanglements encompassing the deep rooted emotions and feelings of this group of friends and the ones they hold dearest. There are choices to be made, and life often deals a grueling hand. I thoroughly enjoy reading this series--as you follow the journeys of the characters and how they evolve, you can't help but reflect and review your own choices. Love is a powerful motivator and a healer of many hurts. This is an illuminating series---highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

Join us later today at 1:45pm eastern for our YouTube #BOOKEM chat!

Amy Reade is on deck this week with Be a Good Neighbor & Support Indie chat--a topic that is very close to my heart! See you soon!

Welcome to my world. Enjoy your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. #HoHoHo It's beginning to look a lot like....#Christmas movies! Hallmark movies start October 23rd! Gemma and Rikkhe most definitely approve! 🎄🥰

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Great marketing advice, V! And I loved the review of SS Bazinet's book. Sounds wonderful.

See you in 15 minutes!

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