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Veronica's #WritersDiary: Something Wicked This Way Comes...

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes..."

William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Ah, the joys of being a writer when one's project is well on the road to completion...the manuscript is in final proofing (by the fabulous Wordrefiner, Mark Schultz), the author notes written, and the Halloween recipes bubbling in the cauldron (and martini shaker) for final taste testing. Now comes the wicked--fun part---marketing! Today, author Bibiana Krall and I are pleased as witchy brew to debut the official book trailer for book 3 in our Haunted Series, Wicked Mist! Six scary tales to bring on those Halloween vibes #SoundUp:

Isn't it #Spooktacular!?!? Huge snaps to Bibiana for designing and producing the video trailer for our new collection. Just wait...there's more to come! Now, some teaser taglines for the stories:

Diamonds & Ashes: The seeds of greed reap their reward...

Devil's Breath: Beware the wrath of a beautiful and mysterious woman taking over the streets of Medellin. One man at a time.

Area 58: #SomewhereInNevada Everything you thinksh you knowsh ish about to changshe.

Witch: A Mackinac Island adventure becomes an alternate history lesson, after a young woman discovers something treacherous lurking in the water…

Unrequited: Don't go breakin' my heart now, boys...What does your garden grow?

Ningyo: A troubled spirit wanders beyond the forests of Mt. Fuji, hoping for their chance to avenge a brutal murder. Will good or evil prevail?

Bibiana and I are so excited for this latest collection, it's been a blast to plan the stories and actually see them finalized. It's amazing to see what lurks beneath our little writer gray cells, they always seem to turn out the unexpected! Mark your calendars, Wicked Mist will be released on #LaborDay, September 5th!

Just 124 days to go 'til Halloween--are you ready for some scary tales? It's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

More Wicked good marketing promos!

The feature pic and trailer above for Wicked Mist were designed by the fabulous Kathleen Harryman (@KathleenHarrym1)! I love the animation and spooky music--sound up! #Boo

The science behind solving murders this week from the writers of Twitter...

Author Carla Valentine, The Science of Murder, the Forensics of Agatha Christie, 5

Did you ever wonder how the ever-so-clever literary sleuths solve the crimes they stumble upon? Agatha Christie fans, writers, and readers will delight in this methodical overview of the science behind the methods Dame Agatha utilized in her mystery tales, by author Carla Valentine.

The forensic evolution behind evidence such as fingerprints, ballistics, handwriting, toxicology, and more are explained in the chapters, including examples of each from the books of Dame Christie. She was an author ahead of her time, bringing in the groundbreaking analysis and methods of the day into the story world of her beloved sleuths, including the astutely observant, Miss Marple and renowned detective, Hercule Poirot.

Author Valentine's evidence collection provides a scientific view into how the forensic methods evolved for each, with clever use of Christie's life and literary details that were fascinating for this mystery lover! A unique reference, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

Outdoor living!

We're in full, summer swing here at Cherrywood Hall West, decorating our newly painted seating areas. Our upper deck looks out over the golf course and gives us a great place to enjoy the evening sunsets. I think our new little bar table with its swivel chairs will be a great place to come out in the morning to write as well, before it gets too hot. 🌞✍

And, just in time to start cutting those limes and lemons for the summer libations... 🍹

I wanted to give dystopian author, and master craftsman extraordinaire, K.Z. Howell a shout out for the magnificent cutting board he designed and built. I was one of the lucky buyers who recently scooped up this walnut and oak beauty from his Twitter timeline. Incredible workmanship, I'll be using this checkered delight for quite some time. He may have a few left--check out his books and works on Twitter @KZ_Howell!

Welcome to my world. Enjoy this final week of June and for those celebrating, have a fabulous 4th of July holiday weekend! 🎆🎇

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. #HoHoHo, the countdown is on for #ChristmasInJuly! Starting Friday, July 1st and running 'til the end the month, the eBooks for Christmas Bizarre, The Crown for Castlewood Manor, and Mistletoe and Mayhem are just 99 cents! Merry reading!! 🎀🎄📚

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