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Veronica's #WritersDiary, Eye on the Prize

Tick-tock...A short post this week--it's crunch time for me! I always have mixed emotions heading into the final stretch of a new book production. I really enjoy the time spent with my characters--figuring out what they're going to say and how they'll react to the situations I put them in. After the editing is completed and final changes made, I give them a final salute, until we meet again. I tend to get a bit teary eyed, but I know they're in good hands and hopefully providing readers a brief escape to another world.

For 2021, I'm very jazzed about the projects that are lined up to write. Mystery, paranormal, folklore, ghosts and holidays---new characters, new dilemmas, it's going to be fun! I'm also trying to work in as many locations as I can since we're still in travel lockdown---London, Paris, Norway, Quebec, Aspen to name just a few...For now, it's back to the #writing #editing zone for me as I close in on the finale for Twins in the City. A new book for the new year, doesn't get much better than that. 💖👑

It's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Twins in the City: Playtime at Castlewood Manor

Another fun story filled with twists and turns for Gemma, Kyle, the twins, Figgy, Mama, Max, Elliot and of course loads of #Royals and maybe even a ghost or two! I've learned about a few, new topics during this writing: leaseholds and The Crown Estate, pop-up theater, and the imagined life in a royal palace apartment (I wonder how far off I am??).

#Holiday in the sand, house-hunting in the city, jewels at the palace and theatrics in the West's #Playtime...

A Fabulous 5#BookReview for Deadly Receptions: The Debut of Castlewood Manor!

Many thanks to #author M.J. LaBeff for her wonderful review for book 3 in my series, made my day!

Hang on to your crowns readers! It’s time for the Tella Tiaras in this third installment of My American Almost-Royal Cousin series.

Fans of soap operas, night-time dramas and all things Royal you don’t want to miss this!

The books really need developed into a TV series. I can “see” Gemma talking directly into the camera as she does in the book- a narrative tool I haven’t seen utilized in other books, but it works here as Gemma is telling us the story from her point-of-view. This subtle technique is used sparingly by the author and pulls us into Gemma’s world even more without distracting from the read. Cherrywood Hall is a character itself and the cast and crew turning the castle into Castlewood Manor for a TV drama period series come to life with the author’s superb writing, richly developed characters, and fabulous details as readers are swept up in the drama and characters struggles, food and fashion, that take us from the castle to various locations.

Castlewood Manor is buzzing with the TV show’s debut and Jillian’s and Dame Agnes’ nominations for a Tella Tiara in the best actress and best supporting actress categories respectively. Let the TV interviews, paparazzi, parties, and troublesome accidents which end up in multiple murders begin! There are some delicious big reveals in Deadly Receptions: The Debut of Castlewood Manor peppering readers with anticipation for the next book. I enjoyed the ending; although, a bit different from the previous two books as it felt more like a serial close pulling us further toward book 4. The author jolted me from happily ever after to uh, oh, what’s happening here…Bravo! I’m looking forward reading book 4.

A classic horror story from the past this week...

Author W.W. Jacobs, The Monkey's Paw, 5

A stranger's visit on a dark, stormy night reveals the tale of a trinket from a far off land. A mummified monkey's paw is rumored to have magical powers. Its owner receives three wishes, but the granting of those wishes may have unforeseen consequences.

When a wish is made on the discarded paw, it does come true, but at a horrific price. Will a shattered heart throw caution to the wind to make a grisly dream come true? Author Jacobs weaves a chilling tale of wishes with a deadly spin. A perfect read for a dark, winter's night!

Next up in the #reading queue:

#32 And We're Off!

Yours truly is on deck today talking all things books and #DowntonAbbey gin & whisky! See you soon!

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. My main eye on the prize is a trip to Big Bear in a few weeks now that the California lockdown has been lifted....dare I hope? There may even be snow! Gemma and Rikkhe most definitely approve💖👑

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