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Veronica's #WritersDiary, A New Season of #Inspiration...

Happy Fall y'all, bring on the cool temps! Being back in the #writing zone for book 6 has had its ups and downs this past week. The good news is that I have loads of inspiring photographs to whisk me mentally to the streets and locales of London, the primary setting for my latest cozy mystery tale (BTW, does the scaffolding still surround Big Ben or are the repairs completed? Anyone, anyone?). I've been able to virtually traverse the locations with just enough detail as Gemma and friends solve the latest set of almost-royal conundrums.

The shores of Bermuda I found a bit more challenging since I've never had the pleasure to visit there personally. I was saved by Pinterest and some location tidbits (ie settings, transportation, libations) offered to me to use by a few supporting friends who had vacationed there. Special thanks as well to the Hamilton Princess hotel who is till wooing us to travel there, a trip that is totally on my radar as soon as global #pandemic issues stabilize. The pictures below from their website promotions give me all the incentive I need to one day dig my toes in the sand.

Writing this go round has been a blessing, for when I do come up for a breath of social media air, there always seems to be something going on in the world--and usually not in a good way. Here in the U.S. the election is front and center every which way you turn. The vitriol is spewing from every angle unfortunately (no matter which party you are aligned with), with tempers flaring and threats made daily. The death last Friday of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has unfortunately added more inflamed fuel to the chaos, a rather sad way to mourn and celebrate the life of a trail blazing, career woman. It's been tough at times to keep positive and productive with all the drama...

So, what keeps me going when the going gets mentally tough? The belief that from the chaos and discord, calm and leadership will emerge. I cannot tell you at this moment when or who or what party (s) this might come from, but I do believe with all my being that enough of us have had enough. I'm doing whatever I can to lend some sanity to the devolving situations by keeping STABILITY here at the Homefront; WRITING my beloved stories, VOTING, and lending a HELPING hand to those in need. I'm keeping calm and carrying on, which is all any of us can do. I have a very selfish motive---I want to be able to observe spectacular sunsets once again from 30,000 feet as I travel to spectacular locations my soul longs for. Wishing you all an autumn filled with inspiration--may you be productive and blessed...It's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

#Halloween is coming...

Thanks again to all our wonderful #readers! Bibiana and I are so grateful for all your support and the fantastic #bookreviews! Many thanks to C. Raleigh for this #spooktacular 5 STAR review for Hearth Fires!

I loved every one of these six stories! It sounds cliché but my only regret was when the book was finished. Each story possessed a vibe unique from the others. Stories by the authors, Veronica Cline-Barton and Bibiana Krall, alternate, providing a stream of not only a different type of story but style. Old houses, cottages, and the outdoors all offer a different kind of fear. The common thread is a Ouija board, woven into the fabric of each tale.

Veronica started the collection off with the spicy magic of Culinary Coterie. I've read mysteries or other books featuring food but this had a twist I certainly did not expect! A brand new way to think of a Kitchen Witch. Vintage Vibrations had the elements that drew me in right away: a vintage shop in Salem, a mysterious aged movie star, and power just waiting to be unleashed. I'll remember to be more cautious when searching for those estate sale treasures. The darker ambiance of Board Whisperers was menacing. Bria's tale is just the kind to be told on a wind-swept, cold night in the Highlands, a glass of whisky in hand.

Bibiana's first story in the collection, The Window, chills the spine even more through the influence of real injustices that have long occurred, and still occur, in our world. The collision between a mundane day of work with the supernatural amped up the tension in a story already taut with the pushiness of a potentially abusive client accustomed to being "above the law." Dark Watchers vividly portrays the terror of an anticipated outing that was supposed to be fun going completely sideways incredibly fast. The ancient and the modern come full circle in this fast-paced story. Camille, the talented painter in La Fee Vert struggles with the pressures of expectations from others. The detrimental effects are heavy on Camille's creativity. Her desperation to resolve the problem produces the answer, but at quite a cost.

Hearth Fires is a pleasantly spooky way to get in the spirit for the dark season ahead. I'm happy to see the "#1" after the title because that means there will be more!

We Have a Winner!

A #spooktacular congratulations to fellow writer, Cathleen Maza--the winner of a lovely velvet cape and #scary tiara, just in time for #Halloween! Bibiana and I had our drawing this past Monday to thank our spooky tale readers. You're awesome--enjoy and #HappyHalloween!

A supernatural tale of a family's secret this week from the writers of Twitter...

Author E. Denise Billups, Ravine Lereux, 5 STARS

Ravine Lereux is returning to her childhood home in Maine. The aunt and uncle who raised her are not answering the phone. Feelings of dread weigh on her mind as she drives--a cryptic message from her uncle only increases the feeling that something has happened. She doesn't know what she may find when she arrives at their house on the cliffs of Maine.

Aunt Olivia and Uncle Edward are both scientists involved in regenerative studies at the research institute. They know the Lereux family's dark secrets and history but have sheltered their beloved niece. It's only a matter of time before Ravine learns her destiny. Will the aunt and uncle who love her like a daughter be able to prepare her for what's to come?

Author Billups takes us on a supernatural journey as a young woman discovers the secrets of her past and the paths of her unique future. A chilling read, perfect for the season, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

Join us later today at 1:45pm Eastern on the #BOOKEM YouTube channel!

This week Amy Reade is on deck talking Vanilla Spice & the #WritersLife! #Yummo!

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Mark those calendars! Hallmark #Christmas movies are coming....#October23, Gemma and Rikkhe most definitely approve! :)

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E. Denise Billups
Sep 23, 2020

Veronica, I'm thrilled you enjoyed Ravine Lereux! Thank you for the wonderful review. I'm waiting patiently for book two of Hearth Fires.


Sep 23, 2020

I love the look of the new blog. Your post was so relevant. There are a lot of us who are sick about what is going on with our nation's leadership from both political parties. Rooster and I stopped watching the news and avoid politics on social media. I agree. The only thing you can control in this weird climate is yourself.

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