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Veronica's #WritersDiary, 2020: the Final #Quarter Countdown...

Well hello first week of October---yoga at 3am is clearing out the cobwebs in my brain electrodes and I'm feeling a bit sparky-snarky, LOL. The following is not for the timid... The end of 2020 is in sight...I have to say the events of the past week were not on my 2020 #apocalypse bingo card. I'll start with the big headline and move through the minutiae... (or should we call the gossip cops?) Who would have thought that #POTUS, #FLOTUS and many GOP leaders would be felled by the #plague (as 45 now refers to it) and put into #quarantine or hospitalized within hours/days of each other? Not to mention it's weeks before the presidential election and the #SCOTUS nominee committee vetting. If I had used this unfolding of events in one of my books I likely would have been lambasted for using an obvious, totally cliché, whodunit scenario. Or, are red herrings afoot?

I am not a conspiracy theorist or supporter in general (nor am I aligned with any political party these days). I know (and tend to agree with) the arguments suggesting not wearing masks and practicing social distancing are the obvious culprits for this GOP outbreak. I guess my lingering question is this--why the surge in GOP leadership infections now? Thank goodness for apparent miracle cures...If COVID is the same as the FLU and we just need to deal with it, why was the world shut down? Is anyone else confused? #RedHerrings #Quiver #RoseGardenMassacre #Covidiots #Targeted #Staged #JoyRide #TickTock...Next...

Every--single---day---every---where---you--turn...A few words of advice...When all one does is toss salad at a wall continuously to see what sticks, the only thing one will be left with are rats swarming in to devour the wilted lettuce. Celeb wannabes may want to take note, $🚫$.

Back to matters that matter....So, now that we're in the final quarter of 2020, where do you think we'll end up? IMO, conspiracy overload, veiled and not-so-veiled threats, deranged tweeting/posting, #FakeNews (is any news real anymore?) etc etc is going to Defcon 3, or 2... Time to fill up the coffers: medicines/vitamins/first aid kit ✅; TP ✅; paper towels✅; bleach ✅; pantry goods ✅; freezer filled ✅; cable subscriptions ✅; kindle loaded ✅; propane on hand ✅; generator ✅; solar chargers; ✅and don't forget, liquor cabinet ✅😛. Did I miss anything?

My brain electrodes are beginning to short. The next few weeks are going to be fraught with unease and uncertainties, no doubt. I'm angry and frustrated at times, and many moments just plain numb--but yet I slog on, determined to stay productive despite 2020's incessant catch 22s. One thing I'm certain of...the #Holidays are just around the corner...for 2020, that's the absolute best news I've heard all year, and perhaps, just perhaps, a ray of light filled hope to guide us through this final quarter of a year that has certainly hacked its place in time. #BeSafe #StayWell #GetPrepared, it's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Well, Look Who's Coming in January, 2021!!! (Hold my beer, er, sippy cup, 2020!)

I've decided to hold the next release in my series, Twins in the City: Playtime at Castlewood Manor, until after the New Year. This final quarter of 2020 will see the manuscript finalized and edited (knock crowns). Here's to a fresh literary start in 2021!

Once again, I want to give a big shoutout to my step-daughter, Danielle for yet another #bookcover design extraordinaire! Stay tuned for next week--I have some fabulous #book promos from Morgan Wright to unveil. Oh, baby, here we go again...Bermuda and London, here we come! #NewYearNewBook

It's a #Halloween whodunit this week from the writers of Twitter...

Author Amy Reade, Ghouls' Night Out (The Juniper Junction Holiday Mystery Series Book 4), 5

The goblins are are working their mischief in this latest Juniper Junction Holiday Mystery by Author Reade. For jewelry store owner, Lilly Carlsen. the kids are in college, her romance with Hassan is blooming, and the businesses on Main Street are booming. Halloween night should be filled with treats, or will deadly tricks be unleashed?

For boyfriend, Hassan Ashraf, the ghouls are out in force. An accident results in a lawsuit. His neighbor Michelle is bent on making his life miserable. When he is threatened by masked thugs, he questions remaining in Juniper Junction. When the bodies start dropping, he's the main suspect in Halloween's final bow. Lilly is determined to find out who's behind the frame-up and ghoulish events. Will her sleuthing prove deadly?

Family drama, lover squabbles and misguided vengeance doesn't make Lilly's life any easier---will karma deliver some much needed relief? I truly enjoyed this latest Halloween whodunit filled with thrilling twists and turns from Author Reade. This series is a delight, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

Join us later today at 1:45pm Eastern for our next #BOOKEM YouTube channel chat!

Bibiana's on deck this afternoon--girls just wanna have fun! See you soon!

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. #Halloween is coming...You can pick up your copy of Hearth Fires here (Gemma and Rikkhe approve :) )

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Oct 08, 2020

I’m still laughing about the tossed salad comment. 😜⚡️I’m confused too? It was so nice to read that you’re making good progress on Twins in the City! Amazing! Cannot wait and always impressed, especially since you’re up so late doing Yoga and clearly you’re writing too. I love your posts. I second this emotion for 2021 to become a giant reset button. To better days and the holiday.


Oct 07, 2020

If you have energy at 3 a.m., I want some of that!

It has been a crazy week, and I fear it's only going to get worse for the next few weeks, at least. Stay informed, stay positive, stay off cable news.

Thank you so much for your gorgeous review of Ghouls' Night Out! I'm humbled by your kind words. I am also thrilled to hear that 2021 is going to kick off right with a new book about the twins and here's hoping that 2021 is WAY different from 2020!

See you at 1:45!



Oct 07, 2020

Veronica! Thanks for sorting it all out! Im a conservative gal but I agree, things are wild right now. Praying! Good news about your next book- something to look forward to!

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