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#RoyalWedding Time, Almost Royal Writing Inspiration

Well here we are, two days out before the Royal wedding of HRH Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle.  I for one am one happy camper enjoying the love story movies, the wedding specials, the blogger posts—royal wedding nirvana, I can’t get enough. I’m happy for the royal couple. I hope their day is a special one filled with love and happiness. Weddings are supposed to be a joyous experience, and that includes royals and almost royals around the world.

From a writer’s perspective, I’m most excited for all the writing material and research that’s been handed to me on a silver platter these past few weeks. I feel like I’ve experienced an endless almost royal treasure trove of ideas, emotions, history, fashions, social change, opinion drama—everyone seems to have opened up for this special event and I’ve taken copious notes. I’ve collected the best ideas and commentary (for me, everyone is different), thrown out the worst (and there have certainly been doozies—even had my royal tea towels trolled), and I can’t wait to use them in my fictional world someday.

The royal wedding event has certainly brought out the bad in public comment—and in many areas it is unprecedented. I have been amazed at the magnitude of negativity—from tweets and posts, news and tabloid articles (and comments—I do read the comments, trust me, they contain the mother load of ideas for writers), and conjecture as to whether the marriage will be a happy one or even last for that matter (really?). I find some of the racial commentary disgusting. I find some of the so called expert snootiness and cattiness laughable (but I’m just an American, what do I know…). There’s obviously lots of negative social opinions on the monarchy and their privilege—causing many to question the future of the monarchy. A final note on the bad, the family drama publicity we’ve been exposed to with this royal couple is just sad—weddings and funerals tend to bring out the worst in some people, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

What I’ve loved most about the past few weeks is the happiness and enthusiasm that has been generated by this event. I’ve loved reading the stories of young girls of mixed race who find Ms. Markle an icon they can relate to and look up to. We all need role models in our lives, and I’m always happy to see when a new one emerges to give hope and a platform of opportunity to others. I’m also proud to have an American in the monarchy—we have an historical bond with the British that goes back hundreds of years, and I’m glad to see our heritage being brought a bit closer. The idea of an American princess (or duchess, excited to learn what titles they’ll receive) is a happy one for me—who doesn’t want to be an almost royal princess or queen? 🙂

The speculation on who’s designing Meghan’s wedding dress and how she’ll wear her hair has been a fun one to read about and share opinions on. I’ve learned all about the designers being considered (Ralph & Russo, Erdem, Burberry, Stella McCartney), they all have gorgeous dresses to swoon over. I’m still holding out for a Burberry design myself. The history and pictures of previous royal wedding dresses that have been worn has been very interesting to see and learn about as well. (my favorite is Lady Sarah Chatto’s dress (daughter of Princess Margaret))

As for Meghan’s hair, I definitely am thinking messy bun—it would highlight any neckline of her dress, and would give a great platform for any royal tiara she decides to wear (I love the Strathmore Rose tiara, but as an alternative, I think if Meghan wore one of Diana’s necklaces as a headband she would be way fashion forward). This I do know, no matter what dress, hairstyle, or tiara/headpiece Meghan chooses, she will be a lovely bride—end of story.

I’ve had the privilege of watching Harry’s mother Diana marry in July, 1981 (I only had to get up at 6am for that one). I watched Charles and Camilla’s wedding day coverage in April, 2005 (their wedding blessing, in St. George’s Chapel). I watched William and Catherine’s wedding in April, 2011 (it was shown over and over and I watched each time, wearing my tiara 🙂 ) This wedding will be no different—I will be watching the coverage for Harry and Meghan’s big day starting at 1am pacific time, crown on (I’ve progressed from tiara’s to crowns these days). I’ve tried inviting my neighbors to come over and watch with me, but so far it looks like it’s going to just be me and the cats tuning in for the live coverage.

I’ve taken detailed notes on what I’ve seen and read (you can’t make this stuff up). I’ve learned who to follow, and unfollow, on social media. I’m keeping my fun opinions of the wedding and am opting to have a blast. I’m enjoying all the pomp and circumstance, and seeing all the people celebrating. A royal wedding highlights the royals at their best—and who doesn’t love a spectacular event like this? To all the naysayers—I understand some of your frustration, but in a world so full of distress, can’t we take just a moment to celebrate? I wish Harry and Meghan all the best.

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. BTW, American character Gemma living in a British almost royal land is eating this almost royal coverage up, pass the popcorn! Gemma would approve (and is definitely taking notes) 🙂

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