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Welcome to Veronica’s #WritersDiary Week 4

Although most of us survived the #LAHeatwave that started last Friday (L.A. area was not unique, apparently the majority of the Earth was going through a major hot flash last week), I’m still recovering. Heat and Veronica do not mix, so I apologize in advance for this week’s slightly melted version of Dear Diary:

I Don’t Care If It Is A Dry Heat, 114 Degrees Is Hot….

I laughed until I cried on Friday when the heat was on big time here in southern California. The conversations flying back and forth on Twitter and FB were hilarious as we shared ‘melting in the heat’ exchanges. The GIFs were flying as people tried to depict their situation in a 8 second clip ( I even attempted heat humor above with the “I’m Melting” clip 🙂 ).  Melted ice cream trucks, cartoon face meltdowns to skeletons, cats sprawled out under fans…I am amazed at the creativity of the GIF (and emojis, can’t forget them either) and their power to communicate human feelings and current situations. I wonder if you could construct a story using only GIFs? #Challenge !

I do want to tell you that I did try and fry and egg on our back bar top on the patio. The blue tiles were hot to the touch and I thought it was now or never to try and fry and egg outside, not eggaxtly (pardon the pun) on a sidewalk, but blue tiles close enough. After two (yes two) tries, I am here to tell you that 114 degrees IS NOT hot enough to fry and egg outside. Can anyone say #HotMess?

headless wonder

The Bust That Went Bust Saga Continues…

Well the box of rubble was finally received back to the Amazon vendor, not sure what they’re going to do with the zillion pieces. I still haven’t received my refund yet, but did receive this note:

Amazon vendor:


Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to hear that, the item you requested was not delivered as expected and has been damaged.

I have provided a refund of your order which should be processed in 1-3 working days,

Hope this helps.


Is it me, or is getting a box of rubble a bit more than “not delivered as expected“? I’m going to put this down to the heat and grab a cold one….yi, yi, yi.

birds and cats

The Cats (and Birds) Try to Show Each Other Who’s Boss…

Our deck rafters are the current home of not one, not two, but three birds nests that were snuck in under the hubby radar by some enterprising red finches. Despite hubby’s best efforts, these crafty birds established their nests and eggs were laid. They love coming in under the deck so that the gigantic crows that rule the golf course don’t come in and swoop up the eggs and eventual chicks.

The problem we have is that there is a tent like gazebo on the top of the deck that serves as the cats’ outdoor room (our cats are rescue cats and when we adopted them we had to sign a ‘contract’ that we wouldn’t let them roam free outdoors—a good thing since coyotes and wild cats roam the golf course at night). The gazebo tent has screen panels which usually are enough to keep the cats contained and let them enjoy the view of the outside world (Ha!).

What I didn’t count on was the war between the cats and birds whose nests were right below. I don’t know what the exact version of a bird squawking  nah-nah-na-nah-nah is, but I’m pretty sure that’s what went on for hours between the brazen birds who perched right up on the deck railing, daring the cats to get them. As you can see from the new holes in the screen of the gazebo—-more than words were trying to be exchanged by the cats (who I am glad to report were unsuccessful).

News Flash: Baby birds are now leaving the nests, having got their wings certified. 🙂

blue crown1

Feeling a Bit Blingy….

“One can never have too many crowns,” Veronica the romantic said, carefully placing the new, almost royal, blue and white gemmed beauty on her head.

“Here we go again—what on earth are you going to do with these crowns? Looks real good with you prancing around in shorts by the way.” Killjoy Veronica puffed, chains rattling from her extra week in the tower.

“It’s hot, what do you expect me to wear? Can’t a girl enjoy a little make believe in this furnace of a world we live in? Besides, the sparkle in this almost royal crown makes me feel cool, and so do the shorts.” Veronica the romantic said, batting her eyes, posing dramatically.

“Do you really think the Queen goes around Buckingham palace in shorts, trying on her crowns? HA HA HA HA HA” Veronica the killjoy guffawed, trying to emulate J.K.Rowling’s tweet homage reply to the real Donald.

The queen was not amused and once again Veronica the killjoy is sentenced to another week chained in the tower. She and Veronica the romantic spend the remainder of the afternoon trying on crowns and posing in their shorts. Pippa approved 🙂

balsamic grapes

Balsamic Grapes to Beat the Heat…

I decided in the midst of the heat wave to make a favorite recipe shared by travel/fashion/lifestyle influencer Jamie Lewinger from her More Than Turquoise blogsite. She posted this recipe a few months back and it has become one of my all time fave snack recipes. This is great served over brie (or cream cheese) with crackers BTW, and of course accompanied by a refreshment of the liquid kind—easy peasy too for those of us who are a bit kitchen challenged!

  1. 3 cups red seedless grapes

  2. 1 cup brown sugar

  3. 1 cup balsamic vinegar

Throw everything into a sauce pan and let heat until bubbly. The grapes will burst open and the sauce reduces and goes to syrup consistency. Pour over room temperature slice of brie, and voila! A beautiful, decadent snack that tastes just right when it’s hot outside. Chef Karl would approve 🙂

I hope your week was a cool one in all respects! I for one am already looking at the Scandinavian travel guides—dreaming of an artic chill. #CantComeSoonEnough4Me

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Stay cool in this hot weather, pace yourself, and drink lots of water (and wear the shorts)! Gemma would approve 🙂

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