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Welcome to Veronica’s #WritersDiary—Week 3

Hey there, I hope you had a spectacular 4th of July holiday (without too many fireworks still going off in your head this morning). I’m still stuffed with 4th of July junk food (who doesn’t love food served out of a truck?) and still dreaming of the beautiful fireworks from last night. It’s been an eventful and fun week with lots of smiles and laughs. So without further adieu (I love that phrase), it’s time for Dear Diary,

Ma-ma’s learned a new trick…

Holy cow, they put in a new feature for the photo editor—I can add 3-d graphics….

Look, confetti, bombs, snow….fireworks! Perfect for the 4th of July pics….OK, push that, highlight this, and save! Voila….

Wait, what, where did the file go? I know I saved it…

1 1/2 hours laterOK, this time I’m saving it in the main menu so that it can’t hide….wait, wait, YES! It’s there, 4th of July pics with 3-D graphics found! they’re going to be so popular I know, I’ll get tons of likes on FB and Twitter 🙂

4th of July Update: Well four people liked them, I’m sure there’ll be more. Everyone’s out eating hamburgers and hot dogs, that’s it. Oh look, there’s 3 more likes on Instagram….I’m on a roll now! 

Never a Good Sign When the Postman delivers Your Package in a Bin, and a head Rolls Out

Ding Dong…Postman at door: Mrs. Barton, I had to put your package in a bin, there are rocks falling out of it…

Me, face draining: Well maybe it’s just chipped (hopeful sigh, rocks rattling as I carry the bin into the kitchen)

Two minutes later: I think I’ve got a problem….as head rolls out

amazon bust pieces

Me: Dear Amazon Customer Service, I think I’m going to need a refund….


Hi Veronica,

Thanks for your enquiry.

I am sorry to hear that item you received is not as you’d hoped for.

Can you please send me a couple of images via email, showing the item you’ve received, capturing any size label(s), and highlighting any defects? Could you also let me know whether you would like a replacement or a refund?

As soon as I receive your response I will be able to help you further. But if you have any problems, please let me know.

Me: Defects? Uhh, this is going to take a while I see….obviously they didn’t understand the return query reason of item completely destroyed!

Updates next week…the saga of the bust that went bust is to be continued, I’m sure…

Funko pop royals

Well You Can’t have a #RoyalWedding Without Some Guests

“Omg, where have I been? Look at these Funko Pop Royals—Diana, Kate, Wills, the Queen and her corgi, they’re so cute! ” Veronica, the romantic said, batting her eyes.

Are you out of your almost royal mind? Really, you have more than one almost royal screw loose…”  Veronica, the killjoy said, rattling her chains from the tower (sometimes one is a slow learner).

Well I’ve ordered the Harry and Meghan wedding Pop royals—I really think having these would be so cute. I can stage a #RoyalWedding right in the #writingwoom. I bet I can get hubby to put some lights in a display…” Veronica the romantic said, eyes glazing at the possibilities.

“Where in the world are you going to put those? And remember, you’re a writer, you’re supposed to be making these images up in your head and transporting them to pages, remember? You don’t have time to be playing with royal figurines. And in case you haven’t noticed, the last thing you need in the house is more lights. You already have to wear sunglasses in your house—at night I might add.” Veronica the killjoy said, chains rattling big time now from the tower.

The Queen was not amused. Killjoy Veronica received another week in the tower. Veronica the romantic is busy making her new almost royal display for the Funko Pop royals to have their almost #RoyalWedding in. We are just awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom 🙂

christmas shoes

I Am So Luvin’ the 24/7 Hallmark Christmas Movies

What a perfect day, back to back Hallmark Christmas movies, wonder what’s on today?

“A Princess for Christmas”, oh my crown I love that one. Jules is soooo cute in that movie, and those kids. And hello prince….

“Journey Back to Christmas”, ooh ooh love that one too. I’d love to see a Christmas comet, sigh….That has to be a wig, Candace Cameron Bure’ hair is never out of place, even when she falls out of a window and time travels 70+ years!

“Trading Christmas”, I cannot get enough of this movie. Love the characters, the story, and the thought of great love stories at Christmas….glad I have this one on DVD, I need to watch it more often, and I can say it’s research, one of the characters is a writer….

***Note to self—you do have a book to write, Veronica. Might want to cut down on the movie time.

The Queen was not amused. ‘Self’ joins Veronica Killjoy in the tower. Until July 15th, when Hallmark Christmas movies 24/7 comes to an end.

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday and week—-keep smiling 😉

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Gemma and Aunt Pippa are so excited to be back in the U.S.A. in book 3, it was great fun to be here for the 4th of July fireworks 🙂

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