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Welcome to Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Week 12

Viva Las Vegas! This week hubby and I took a few days to travel across the desert to beautiful (hot) Las Vegas for a few days for an early anniversary celebration (19 years, married on 9-9-99, it was a software geek sort of thing). We actually got to see some rain driving into hot Las Vegas (at least that’s what I think those drops are falling from the sky, I don’t remember what a rain drop looks like these day, #CaliforniaDrought).

Of course when one is locked in a car with one’s hubby for 4 hours driving across the desert trying to avoid the semi-trucks and really anxious-to-get-to-Vegas-people, there might be a few tense moments, #JustSayin . It’s Thursday, time for Dear diary:

solar panel farm in ca outside primm

Raindrops actually fell on our head…

Me: “Is that rain over there, by the solar farm?” (Driving on I-15, just before Primm, NV)

Him: “Looks like it.” (Dog gone it, I just washed the car…)

Me:  “I wonder if those mirrors are hail proof?” (Yikes)

Him: “I just wonder how much Windex they go through each week.” (Squeegees must be pretty big too, Tim Taylor the Tool Man, Tool Time/Home Improvement kind of laugh)

Me: “I wonder if you could fry a body on a solar panel?” (Always thinking of new mur-dah methods…)

Him: “I-um-err….” (Shakes head, speechless…***Note to self, try and get her to switch genres…and don’t go to a solar farm with her)

****”Sitting in the Nevada desert, the new Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project is covered with more than 10,000 mirrors, each the size of a small house, that track the sun throughout the day and focus it on a receiver filled with molten salt. The salt, heated to almost 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, stores the energy as heat, so it’s always ready when it’s needed. When the grid needs power, the heat in the salt is released to turn water into steam, which drives generators to make energy. That can happen whether the sun is shining or not.”

Sonia in a tiara

Sonia and her beautiful tiara at Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria…

“Sonia sent me some of her pictures on Twitter, look at the beautiful tiara she’s wearing, doesn’t she look gorgeous? And look, she visiting Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria—I want to go there!” Veronica the romantic said, with just a bit of crown and castle envy.

“What is it with crowns, tiaras, and castles with you and your friends? I mean, give me a beach any day,” Veronica the killjoy said, huffing, chains rattling. Sonia does look beautiful in the picture, I have to admit…

“A beach where it’s hot???” Veronica the romantic screams in terror, picturing the almost royal jewels melting in the heat, dripping off her crowns.

Oh puh-leaze, I just think that castles are over rated, so dark, clammy and cold. Give me a beach any day,” Veronica the killjoy says, dreaming of white sand and blue skies.

By unanimous decision, the queen, Gemma, Pippa, Sonia and Veronica the romantic vote to place Veronica the killjoy back in the tower (which happens to be very dark, clammy and cold, no blue skies there) for another week. One does not diss the tiara, castles, or crowns, sister….#JustSayin 

The pool gardens at the Venetian…..

Hubby and I stayed at the Venetian this trip. I just love this hotel with all the beautiful murals, lights and over the top décor. For just a little while I can pretend I’m staying at a castle of sorts, which makes me smile. The pictures above were taken in the pool garden area at night, the statues, fountains and iron work is just breath taking. Hubby and I love to just walk at night (when it’s just a bit cooler) and just look around. I will say this, there is no place like Las Vegas.  🙂

titanic slots

Penny slots drama…

Him: “I thought these were penny slots, you’re betting $1.10 a throw.” (Titanic slots, that’s fitting, watch the money go down the ocean drain…)

Me: “It is a penny slot and I’m just betting 110 pennies. I’ve only lost $20.” (Or so, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.)

Him: “Uh-huh.” ($20 times 3, I saw the ATM withdrawal)

Me: “How do you expect me to gamble with you watching behind me?” (Shakes head, keeps pushing the spin again button in a penny slot trance)

Him: “I’m just watching, dear.” (I wonder where she keeps her ATM card…)

DING-DING-DING (Titanic slots payoff, or were slot gods just trying to avert WW3?)

Me: “I won! $100!” (Mama’s on a role, I’m feelin’ lucky now…)

Him: Pushes COLLECT button. “Cocktail time, dear.” (Runs to the ATM cash-in machine)

Welcome to my world this week. Hope you have a fabulous rest of your week and a great weekend!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. To Hubby Bruce, Happy Anniversary—love you very much 🙂 Gemma would approve 🙂

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