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Welcome to My American Almost Royal Cousin Series Blog!

I’m so excited to start the blog to highlight my latest writing adventure, My Almost American Cousin Series. I am a life long lover of British cozy mysteries, and my new series gives an American twist that I hope you will enjoy! The first book in the series is The Crown for Castlewood Manorand is now available on Amazon (click on the book picture on the right-hand side).

The English ancestral manor of Cherrywood Hall is ready to compete for selection in an upcoming British TV period drama series: the grounds are manicured, the mansion is polished, and the servants are poised. American heiress Gemma Lancaster Phillips has crossed the pond to help her cousin defeat the three other stately homes vying for the prize.

What Gemma doesn’t realize is that this competition is life or death, and someone is taking that challenge literally. The occupants of one home are killed in an automobile accident, and murder becomes a frequent occurrence at the other locations. Who is behind the mayhem? Selection would be a major coup for both the estate and the community. At first the other contestants seem to be likely suspects, but no one is quite certain as the tragedies continue. Could it even be Emma’s beloved cousin Evan, the surviving heir to the Lancaster fortune, or Kyle, his best friend and estate manager? With the Royal family in attendance at each event, the puzzle becomes a crucial one for Scotland Yard, and they enlist Gemma’s help to solve the mystery.

When the competition’s winner is announced on New Year’s Eve, will Gemma’s future be forever tied to her ancestral past?

I will be writing about the characters, the settings, the events, and the beautiful clothes and delicious foods that are highlighted in the book. I look forward to sharing the world of Cherrywood Hall and the production of Castlewood Manor with you as the series unfolds. Enjoy!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. So happy to begin my postings on International Women’s Day 2018!!

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