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Veronica #WritersDiary: 2024 Sabbatical Bliss

“You never know what you are going to want until you see it clearly.”

Shirley Jackson

Happy New Year 2024! I have to say, I am welcoming this new year with open arms and the hope it brings. I'm making some changes this year to cleanse the mind and open up new channels for adventure. #CreativityFirst

2024 will be a year of sabbatical bliss for me. I'm taking time to overhaul my plans and goals for my writing projects. It's been six years since I published my first book (#Wow) and I'm looking forward to continuing my journey in the literary world this year attending classes, forums, and penning new tales of mystery.

Travel is on the 2024 itinerary as well. The OH and I had a spectacular trip to Banff just before Christmas. It was truly an enchanted trip, and I was so glad to return to the majesty of the Canadian Rockies.

We're enjoying the beauty of the California cliffs in northern California this week at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay. I'm ringing in another year (Double 6's today #Gasp). Nothing like the brisk winds off the ocean to get that creativity flowing!

Writing: I'm spending the next few months completing the 9th book in My American Almost Royal Cousin Series. Gemma and Rikkhe are up to their eyeballs with Southern mayhem in this next tale. Stay tuned for the cover reveal and release date! #Coming2024

👈I am super excited about showing off my new logo for my special writing project I'm embarking on this year. I'm going into a totally new world with this one! (Can't seem to ditch those crowns though...LOL)

Social Media (X) and the blog... For 2024, I've made the decision to step back for a while. I won't be on X very much (if you're reading this and have me on a Tweet List, please remove me) and the frequency of blog posts will be sporadic this year.

I need the time to focus on my projects, slipping in when I can. I'd love to keep in touch. Please send me an email here on my website to keep me updated to any changes or new releases you might have! Or, if you want to just say hi...

Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy, productive, fun New Year!

Crowns and Kisses,


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