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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Words of the Season, #Adapt and #Change…

When life hands you lemons….make lemon drops, LOL! I can still remember starting our 2019 cruise and going by the huge O2 stadium in London–it was a sunset I won’t forget. We just found out our May Viking Ocean cruise to Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Estonia and Copenhagen, Denmark has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 #pandemic. We were expecting this given the #pandemic, but it still stings a bit since we were looking forward to it so much. After looking at the options, we rescheduled the cruise for June, 2021. By then, hopefully this crisis will have passed and the world will be up and running once again. Viking has been a wonderful company to work with and I really appreciate their excellent customer service. I thought I’d post a few pics from the ports we visited on the last cruise–I can’t wait for the next trip!

I feel like we’re in a huge transition phase these last few weeks, changing shopping habits, cleaning practices, social distancing…everything we do has been adapted and changed. Masks are the new fashion accessory when we do go out (we’re using paint masks from Lowes and scarves). The mantra for the moment is to stay inside as much as possible the next few weeks as this plague peaks.

This crisis is going to change all of our lives in one way or another–work habits, relationships, school, medical needs, religion, you name it–the time has come to prioritize what works, and get rid of what doesn’t. My one big take-away from this is that nothing is certain. So, pick the things that mean the most to you, doing all you can in the time you have. It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Double Trouble Showtime at Castlewood Manor heart flag background4

Another week and I’m ready to turn the manuscript over to the professionals. I’ve not been as efficient as I’d like to have been the past few weeks, but the stress of the pandemic impacts you some days worse than others. I’m being kind to myself during this period, and do what I can each day. The good news, is that slowly but surely, it’s getting done…

On the release front, my original plan was to shoot for a June, 2020 launch. Given the current uncertainties, I’m going to hold off for at least a month or so from that date. I don’t think now is the time for a book launch, personally–people have too many other things on their minds as we hold our breath and wait. I want the launch to be a joyous time, when we’re not tethered with the pandemic worries. Stay tuned, updates to follow!

go away reading

Suspicion and doubts from the #writers of Twitter this week…

Author Brenda Guiton, Suspicion, 5 STARS

Web designer Holly’s life is about to change as she heads to her mother’s villa for a well deserved holiday. A handsome stranger on her flight, Nathan, captures her interests and heart, resulting in a steamy romance and a whirlwind marriage. As they settle in to life at the luxurious log cabin park Nathan’s family owns, Holly finds that all is not what it seems.

Nathan’s surrogate brother, Kyle lurks around the newlyweds every move, causing Holly to question the seemingly close knit family ties. Circumstances lead to wrongful accusations, threatening the fragile bridge of trust in Holly and Nathan’s marital world. Will they be able to overcome the seeds of doubt that threaten their newly founded relationship?

Secrets of the past emerge, revealing years of coverups and deceit. As Holly learns the truth, will she ever be able to trust the man she loves? Author Guiton takes us on a gripping tale of dangerous suspicions at every turn. How well do you know the one you love? A page turning read, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:


Herbs, it’s a good thing!

Hubby decided to freshen up the herb garden from last year and put in a few more containers for me. I love to add fresh herbs to salads, pastas and soups when I cook, nothing better, IMO. Basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, and even a few jalapeno plants were added to our little garden space. We’re getting lots of rain this week, so hopefully they’ll get off to a good start.

Welcome to my #writer’s world. Wishing you a peaceful, healthy week and weekend.

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. During this holy week, I wish you and your families and friends much love and serenity. Gemma and Rikkhe approve!  🙂

Easter flowers

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