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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, When the Polar Vortex Hands You Lemons, Make Lemon Drops—Shake

“We’re in the beautiful Canadian Rockies–lots of snow, sub-zero weather…” I had this opening line all planned for the blog today, imagining the finishing touches of today’s blog post being typed from within the stony halls of the castle in Banff Springs, as I sat by a roaring fire. But alas, the blizzard gods from the Polar Vortex of the west intervened with their snowy vengeance, and cancelled our flights!

So back we trotted home with our reclaimed bags, soaking faux fur boots dripping puddles on the floor, courtesy of  the rare torrential southern California rains. We rescheduled the trip (and indulged, ahem, in a few libations—not vodka lemon drops this go around actually, but gin/St.Germaine/lemon juice martinis (Savoy American Bar style)) 🙂 It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

I am excited to begin Book 4 this week, albeit from the hallowed halls of our twinkling domestic abode and not the majestic stone walls of the castle in the snow. Deadly Receptions has some major twists and turns for the characters of Cherrywood Hall, and for Book 4, I have some major decisions to make on the fates of a few (dun dun dun). My diet Mountain Dews are stocked, the crowns are polished, the fans blowing–let the writing begin!

For marketing activities this week, I’m beginning Rachel Thompson’s (@BadRedheadmedia)  ‘30 Day Book Marketing Challenge’ . I found her book loaded with great information and tips–so I’m going in! Weekly updates to follow–highly recommend her book and follow her on Twitter…#JustSayin

go away reading

The writers of Twitter did not disappoint–from the dark halls of Storm River Manor, to back in time in the old west with some fave characters…

Author Emmy R. Bennett, Eyes of Wynter, Storm Bloodline Saga Book One, 5 STARS

There are dark secrets in the Storm family, and Wynter Storm slowly realizes the enormity of the changes to come as she approaches her eighteenth birthday. Author Emmy R. Bennett takes the reader on a chilling tale of a young woman feeling the pulls of an ancient destiny, and living in a dangerous supernatural world that wants to stop her from fulfilling it, using any means necessary.

Dark shadows roam the halls of Storm River Manor, watching and waiting for their chance to pounce. Wynter’s father told her emphatically to trust no one–does that include her new love Cory? Will the spirit of her loving mother be able to stop the evil beings that are determined to quash her destiny? A great YA read filled with legacies from the past, vampiric twists, and an undying family love that is determined to see destinies prevail over evil intentions.

Author C.A. Asbrey, Innocent as Sin (The Innocents Mystery Series Book 2), 5 STARS

What can I say, I love a great mystery series and Author C.A. Asbrey does not disappoint in Book 2, Innocent as Sin. Pinkerton agent Abigail Mackay is once again on the trail to catch the bad guys, and this time her path lands her right in the middle of The Innocents gang members Jake Conroy and Nat Quinn latest good doer robbery, much to their surprise. An evil bounty hunter needs to be stopped, and Nat and Jake are determined to lend Abi a hand, no matter how much she doesn’t want it!

The mayhem and distrust continues with many twists and turns as Abi, Nat and Jake become an unlikely team to track down a murderer. Nat and Abi acknowledge their love, but can they ever bring it to fruition when their lives (and strong personalities) are on two very different, opposing paths? C.A. Asbrey brings the old west back to life with this suspense filled tale. The characters, settings and fledgling forensic science methods capture this reader’s mind, and I can’t wait to be with these characters once again. A great read, highly recommended!

Next in the reading queue:

EXTRA EXTRA: We have two fabulous Twitter writers who are releasing books next week–be sure and check them out!

Author Sheila Patel (@VodkaWardrobe) has some more fun in store for us at The Magic Vodka Wardrobe, Book 3! (Valentine’s week)

Author Lori Katherine (@LoriKPoetry) gives us poetic words to warm the heart and soul with Twilight Carnivals (February 14th)

xmas banff castle

We will get there!

So while I’m very disappointed about the cancellation, I am loving our wonderful rain here in southern California–and while not faux fur, I get to wear my wellies so all is not lost!  Our trip is now scheduled for the first week of March–please let there be snow and cold!

Welcome to my writer’s world. Enjoy your week and have a fabulous weekend, friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. I am so loving my Castlewood Manor tree with my special crown and palace ornaments–every #writer needs one, #JustSayin 🙂  Gemma would approve (and she loves her red dress)!

deadly receptions book and tree

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