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Veronica’s #WritersDiary , Well Hello 2019!

I hope you had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day–welcome to 2019! I cannot wait to see what unfolds this year—new books to read (and write!), new friends to meet, and lots of new travel adventures to take (watch out Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Norway)!

I’ve savored each day the past few weeks (our decorations and lights are still up for just a few more days), enjoying the Christmas celebrations, New Years fun, and tomorrow, my birthday party with friends and family visiting from Kentucky and Tennessee (the Witten Kittens)! Being a Christmas/New Years baby gives me some added incentive to stretch out this time of year for as long as I can (we are going to have to blast the cats out from under the Christmas tree, #JustSayin)  🙂 It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

DeadlyReceptionsV6 red with black

Quiet before the storm the past few days with the holidays (I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the extra reading time). Deadly Receptions; the Debut of Castlewood Manor is almost ready for release any day now–so excited! I’ll be starting the promos and ads next week. A few interviews have been scheduled too that I’m really excited to participate in! The #writercommunity on Twitter has been amazing…I have my daily ‘to-do’ list scheduled, bookstore and library visits planned, press requests in, now all we (I) have to do is sell some books!

2019 will see one more installment to my series planned for the May timeframe (and as the feature picture suggests, I am going to have to include the beautiful Hampton Court Palace in the story…). The outline for book 4 is underway, writing will commence shortly. It’s going to be an exciting year for MC, Gemma, #JustSayin!

go away reading

Holy cow, did I close out my 2018 with some great reads from the wonderful world of Twitter writers!

Author Russell, Gavin (The Gavin Nolan Biography, Book 1), 5 STARS

Author Russell takes you on a dark journey of a serial killer who is out for revenge, and escalating his deranged acts with deadly results. Detective Gavin Nolan is on the case filled with family secrets, abusive pasts and grotesque violence. The serial killer taunts Gavin with each murder, but why? With each new kill, Gavin the hunter becomes Gavin the hunted.

Gavin is a suspense filled thriller that takes you through the darkest of deranged journeys. You feel the haunting pain of past abuses and the rage that causes the mind to snap. As Gavin closes in on the killer and their connection, he faces and comes to terms with his past, and decides his future. A very steamy, chilling read that keeps you turning the pages! Read this with the lights on—highly recommended!

Author K.R.M. Morgan, Bridge of Souls: Ancient Prophecy. Ultimate Evil. (Tavish Stewart Adventure Book 1) , 5 STARS

Author K.R.M. Morgan takes you on an epic journey of apocalyptic proportions as ancient prophecies are fulfilled one by one, bringing the world to the edge of destruction by a determined Dr. Nissa Ad-Dajjal, a billionaire villainess who will fulfill her self perceived destiny using any means necessary.  Scottish military hero, Sir Tavish Stewart, is an early target of Nissa and the evil masterminds who want him eliminated. Will he be able to survive and prevail against the perfectly orchestrated, world-wide web of evil militia that has infiltrated the major countries of the world, using  a cache of deadly technologies and fire power that will destroy civilization as we know it?

A masterful, complex game of survival of the fittest unfolds, as more of the ancient mysticism of the prophecies is unleashed in a struggle to bring the four ancient tiles of secrets together. Tavish and his private network of military and tech savvy colleagues are up against the most evil of villains as governments and religions fall, plagues proliferate, and ancient evils threaten to dominate mankind. Will he meet up with his prophesized  team in time to face the ultimate battle of evil versus good? Author Morgan gives the reader an epic, suspense filled tale on the scale of Tom Clancy and Dan Brown works. A spell-binding thriller, highly recommended!

Author Lori Katherine, Flow Like  Lyrics, 5 STARS

What a perfect end to my 2018 reads! Author Lori Katherine gifts you with words that inspire and lift you as you ponder life’s experiences. I love this heartwarming, sometimes bittersweet collection of poems that give you a glimpse into the highs and lows of the human experience–and end with the glimmer of hope. A great book to sit back with and reflect, close your eyes and think of the possibilities. Inspiration for the New Year, highly recommended!

Next in the reading queue:

Cambridge Crown

Another birthday, another crown….

“Isn’t it beautiful? It looks like the tiara the Duchess of Cambridge favors. It was a favorite of Diana’s too,” said Veronica the romantic, her eyes glazing over in almost royal awe.

“You cannot be serious,” answers Veronica the killjoy, in her best John McEnroe whiny voice. “The last thing you need is another almost royal crown! Where are you going to put this one?”

I’ve been looking at statues and busts to place it on. The Christmas decorations will be down in another month or so. We need something sparkly to brighten up the place once the 800 lights on the Christmas tree are dimmed,” Veronica the romantic said, scouting the room for crown placement.

“The tree is going to be up another month? You started decorating in October!” Veronica the killjoy exclaims, rolling her eyes…..

***Well by now we know how this ends..Buh-bye Veronica the killjoy. Don’t let those chains rub too much during your stay in the tower, darling. Veronica the romantic, Gemma, and Aunt Pippa continue scouting the living room for optimal crown/tiara placement. It’s hard work being almost royal….

does this tiara make my butt look big

A little cheeky humor to end the post. Welcome to my world this week. I hope you have a wonderful 2019 where all your dreams come true. Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Red carpet season is approaching—they won’t have anything on the Telly Tiaras in Deadly Receptions….#JustSayin. Gemma definitely approves. 🙂

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