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Veronica’s #WritersDiary—Week 2

Well I’m back from the beach, head on straight, ready to go into full blown writing mode now. It’s been eventful to say the least, lots of reminiscing and reflections, too much pie, and a few surprises (my hubby is on a mission to light the world, starting with every room in our house).  And did I say shopping? (credit cards are smokin’ this month) My bags are unpacked (minus my chargers left back at the beach—who needs a phone anyway…) It’s Thursday, I’m home, humor is restored— time for Dear Diary;


The Cats Were Not Amused….

“Why didn’t you tell us cousin Janie was bringing her DOG?” Ebbie hissed.

“Come on, it’s an itty bitty dog, your doggie cousin—he just wants to play….” I say, attempting to pet Ebbie.

“I’ve been under the bed for three days, do you really think I want to play with that fur ball?” Ebbie said, biting my finger.

Day 5—“Olly, olly, oxen free, come on out girls, the dog is gone.” Cats slowly make their way down the stairs and into the living room, sniffing everything the dog may have touched.

“Yuck, everything smells like dog, I can’t stand it.” Ebbie said, mouth open, phermone Jacobsen organ working overtime.

“I know, I’ll take care of it.” Daisy said, going into full hairball discharge mode.

Several hours later as I make my way downstairs for a drink of water….“Augghh, what is that?” I scream, jumping up, looking at my foot that has just stepped in who knows what.

Upstairs, the two cats lie on the bed, and high five their paws. “That’ll teach her, letting a dog into our house. Hack, Hack.” Oops she did it again….

harry meghan pop funko


“Veronica, you do not need those #RoyalWedding figures.” Killjoy Veronica says, shaking her head.

‘But they’re so cute…” Romantic Veronica says, batting her eyes.

“What are you going to do with them? They aren’t even going to ship until November 1st.” Tisked killjoy Veronica.

“They’re writing inspiration. The Wedding Pavilion at Cherrywood Hall is  preparing for an almost #royalwedding you know. Prince Harry I mean Andres may show up in the storyline with his new GF…”

“Oh for Pete’s sake–” The queen was not amused—killjoy Veronica was put in the dungeon, after the credit cards were removed from her possession. Funko #royalwedding figures are on order 🙂

beach sunset 2

Sunsets on the Beach…

“Nothing better than 70’s music, eating all the fish and chips you want, and this pineapple cider is amazing….” I say, in full food coma, listening to a woman rocker play amazing rock n’ roll tunes by the fire.

“Better go out on the pier to take tomorrow’s roaming crown picture while there’s still light. Does anyone even look at this?” I say as I try and position The Roaming Crown board, almost royal with its thought of the day on the pier railing, getting buffeted by gale force winds.

“Holy cannoli, what is that smell?” I say, looking down at the sand. A dead seal smiles back at me (well probably not smiling, but right now I’ll just pretend).

**Note to self, do not look at anything deceased after eating all you can eat fish and chips. It does not end well. If it smells bad, it probably is, just sayin’.

and when the wifes away 4

Do Not Leave the Hubby Alone, Unsupervised With His Father’s Day Gifts

Open email from hubby late at night titled “Today’s project…” Frantic late night call to home from the beach.

“I thought you were putting the new lights outside?” Me.

“Well, the outside is pretty lit (understatement, you can see our house from the I.S.S). I thought they’d look good lighting the stairwell. you can change colors too—red, blue, green, or white. It has a remote.” Him.

“Our stairs look like a disco dance floor.” Me.

“But they look great, and it was a Father’s Day present…” Him.

**Note to self, next year, get him socks.

christmas shoes

Hallmark Gold Crown Christmas Movies, June 29-July 15

I am soooo ready for some Christmas movies, I’m going to pretend it’s cold. And I get to wear my new Christmas shoes!”  (yes they look like tinsel but they sparkle and shine—and I love them)

It’s supposed to be 90+ degrees F outside, better plan to turn on the air conditioner and set it to 60 so that I can wear some faux fur too…”

How many more days until Christmas I wonder…” (179, but who’s counting…)

Oh look, a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game!”

One drink for when the boyfriend who jilted her is mentioned.

One drink when a business has to be saved.

One drink when a prince pretends he’s a commoner.

One drink when they decorate a tree.

Five drinks when they finally kiss!!

**Note to self, better stock up on aspirin and Tums before Friday, it’s going to be a long two weeks 🙂 .

And so endeth the week Dear Diary—welcome to my world, until next time…

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. The Funko Pop Royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can be found on Amazon (available for pre-order, will ship in November).  #theroamingcrown daily inspiration quotes can be found on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram timelines if you’re so inspired. Gemma would approve 🙂

Chin Up Darling
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