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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Valentine’s Mood; Do the Things You *Love*

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve-Amour, Amore, Amor–so many beautiful ways to say *Love*! I’m thinking of expanding the traditional theme of Valentine’s Day love to doing the things you love best this year. Yes, I still love roses and chocolates (and of course I would never turn down a gift of crowns or boots #JustSayin). Take a walk, call a friend, read, have a spa day, have a scrumptious meal (just don’t let Gemma get a whiff), take the trip…you get the gist, do something for you…it’s well deserved!

This week I’m also coming up on my one year anniversary since I started out on Social Media, this blog, and the release of three books in my series (plus a short story prequel, more on that later). I’ve been blessed with so many positive things this past year, most importantly having the connection with you—and I *love* it! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

30 day Book Marketing Challenge update (Rachel Thompson, @BadRedheadMedia):

I’m going to give you my key take-aways I found this week (buy her book, great value! 🙂 )

  1. Update your Twitter and FB pages (including your FB author page, hint hint) with the tabs or buttons to follow you on your blog (another hint hint) and other social media platforms to get more outreach potential–make it easy for people to follow you across the board!

  2. My Twitter and FB accounts primarily are my means to connect with readers and members of the writing community. It is part of my marketing and branding strategy. Rachel had some great tips that I always try and follow for my accounts:

  3. I stay away from controversy (politics, religion, etc)

  4. I don’t bad mouth anyone (nor follow those who do)

  5. I contribute in a positive voice

  6. There are lots of ‘games’/tag chains that I participate in with folks that involves my books. I’ve used title hashtags such as #TheCrownforCastlewoodManor…when tweeting about them (the books)–that’s a ‘no-no’. Keep your title untagged and use tags for the #genre (ie cozy mystery, thriller, suspense); #booklovers; #bookclubs…Tags that explain your book and get them better exposed to potential readers! Genius!!

So which is it? Red ornaments or blue? Yuletime at Cherrywood Hall, Pippa’s first Christmas, Available for you tomorrow!

I want to do a shout out to my step-daughter Danielle Gregorio who did the cover design for my short story prequel to Deadly Receptions. I think the cover is awesome and the votes are coming in–will it be red or blue ornaments??? dun, dun, dun….

This short story gives the history of one of the storylines of Deadly Receptions from Pippa’s perspective. It was so fun to write and Auntie Pippa now has a voice (She was growing tired of dropping logs in the fireplace)! It’s my Valentine’s Day present to you if you’d like to read it. Here’s how you can get your copy:

  1. Follow this blog which means you will have to give your email address 

  2. Send me a DM on Twitter or message me on FB (still need to give me an email, but you won’t have to follow the blog)

You’ll get your emailed copy within 24 hours. I hope you enjoy it! More short stories to come….

reading is my superpower.jpg

The #writers of Twitter once again do not disappoint!

Author Jena C. Henry, The Golden Age of Charli RSVP, 5 STARS

Can I just say now that I want Charli to be one of my best friends! Author Jena Henry introduces us to her lovely main character Charli, and her newly retired, golf loving hubby, Pud–a loving couple adapting to life in the ‘Golden Age’ of retirement. We’re with her as she and Pud navigate their new lives and forge new paths to keeping the spark alive and being happy.

Family, friends and food adventures (yum!) provide lots of smiles, and many things to think about for those of us who are in this ‘Golden Age’. This is a heart warming story, full of inspiration. A highly recommended read! P.S. I can’t wait to take a ride with Charli in her new wheels!

Author Sheila Patel, The Magic Vodka Wardrobe, Book 3, 5 STARS (Pssst, I’ve been told that the Magic Vodka Wardrobe Books 1 and 2 are free on Feb 13/14th on Amazon…pick up your copies today and tomorrow!)

Once again Author Sheila Patel takes us on the fun-filled, whirlwind of lives in the Magic Wardrobe disco lane with our now beloved characters Shaz, Trace, Sheila, and the ever patient Bachittar. We travel with the ladies month by month as they experience heat waves, a trip to the palace that I’m sure the Queen will not forget, love, fatbergs, the holidays, and the never ending hangovers.

The laughs are plentiful in this entertaining tale, spiced up with the antics of friends and family members that will keep you grinning to the end. I adore my time in the Magic Wardrobe–a great read that leaves you wanting more! CAUTION: you may have a sudden urge for a voddy when reading, #JustSayin.

Next in the reading queue:

A #BookReview from the great, Leonard Tillerman (@mywritersnook)!

I am so honored to receive this book review for The Crown for Castlewood Manor that was posted by Leonard Tillerman. Leonard is such an amazing supporter of the #WritingCommunity and does so much for readers and writers across the board. Many, many thanks…See the review here:

jena jessie books in my handbag golden chapter

The Crown for Castlewood Manor has a lovely ‘Golden Chapter’

Many thanks to Jena Henry (@jenabooks) and Jessie Cahalin (@BooksInHandbag) for the “Golden Chapter’ review done by Jena and posted to Jessie’s blog. Lovely ladies (Jena, the crown looks divine!) Check it out:

Welcome to my #writers world this week. Enjoy the rest of your week, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. I’m very excited to now be a member of the #WolfPackAuthors, a very inspiring, supportive group of writers on Twitter! Gemma would approve (she has been known to howl at the moon…) 🙂

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