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Veronica's #WritersDiary: To the Top of the World!

Det finnes ingen snarveier til steder det er verdt å resie tilThere are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going...

Norwegian adage

The countdown is on for our next travel adventure! This time we're heading to the top of the world (literally) as we cruise up the coast of beautiful Norway, to the tip of the Arctic circle, and over to Iceland. We leave in May for our 15-day cruise on Viking's Arctic Explorer journey. I'll still get my cold weather (yay!) and we'll be treated to the experience of the land of the midnight sun...

Iceland & Norway's Arctic Explorer - Ocean Cruise Overview | Viking Ocean (

We start the journey in beautiful Bergen, Norway. I love this city so much--great views, wonderful food, and friendly smiles all around!

We'll cruise through the stunning fjords...

And see the snow-covered coastlines... I have a feeling I'll be taking quite a few pictures this trip! The feature pic 👆 is the northern most town in the world, Longyearbyen. I can't wait to tour this Nordic beauty--may even see a polar bear or two... It's also the home of a Doom's Day Seed vault--I am so gonna try to get a tour, LOL!

I'm thinking we'll see quite a bit of ocean wildlife as we journey across the seas over to Iceland--the ultimate whale-watching opp! 🐳 I'm looking forward to visiting Isafjordur, the western town off the coast of Iceland! 👇

Ending our journey in Reykjavik-- we're still thinking of doing the Silfra Fissure plunge between the tectonic plates (again)! #Brrrr

I can't wait for this next Arctic adventure and the excitement it brings! The packing list has started (can't forget the Dramamine this time--uugghh). Here's to fun in the land of the midnight sun! It's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

The writing has begun for book 4 in the Haunted Series!

My writing partner, Bibiana Krall and I are gearing up for our next collection of scary tales to be released on Labor Day, just in time for Halloween! 🎃 You'll be traveling the world once again with these tales and I hope you'll enjoy the haunted mysteries they bring. Save the date--we'll be sharing more details when we return from our spring/early summer adventures... (I'm heading way north to the Arctic Circle, and Bibiana is heading way south, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro!) I have a feeling these tales may have a few unworldly surprises...

#AmReading #AmReviewing

A deadly proposition and a mysterious painting this week from the writers of Twitter...

Author John Dolan, A Poison Tree, 5

"I'm thinking of killing my wife..." An absurd proclamation takes a stranger turn as David Braddock leaves his acquaintance, Jim Fosse behind after an evening at the local pub.

Those bizarre words play round in David's head as his idyllic life hits a rocky patch. His career in the family business is dominated by his strong-willed father. His relationship with his revered wife may be tarnished with betrayal. As things unravel around him, memories consume him and the choices he made taunt him. Braddock is not alone. The lives of his family members and acquaintances are filled with troubling situations as well. His thoughts wander back to the haunting conversation with Fosse--will he choose a dark path to ease his angst?

Author Dolan weaves an intriguing tale of relationships and the complexities and choices they bring. Some run away, others choose violence, a few run into another's arms, and then there are those who prefer to ignore the drama that surrounds them, remaining oblivious. What path would you choose? Would you be prepared for the outcome? Put this book on your TBR, a highly recommended read!

Author Anthony Horowitz's Kindle Single, Vermeer to Eternity, 5

As a caring friend, James decides to help his neighbor, a widow living in genteel poverty who suspects she may own a painting by a famous, Dutch artist. If true, her circumstances would dramatically improve. He asks a former university friend who's made it to the big time in the art world to give his assessment. The news is not promising at first...but a ghostly twist of fate changes everything...

Author Horowitz weaves a clever tale with a mysterious twist in this entertaining, Kindle Single, short story. Who will you believe in the end? An intriguing tale, a perfect read for mystery fans!

Next up in the reading queue:

It's all in the details at Biltmore House!

During our tour a few weeks ago, I was really trying to capture the incredible grandeur and architectural details of this country manor for inspiration in writing book nine in my cozy series. The ginormous, three-box fireplace in the home's dining room is one detail that can't be missed! You could stand upright in these giant fireboxes---I can only imagine the sights and conversations they've overheard through the years!

👈 I love the roofline on the house...

And the fresco carvings at the entry of many rooms 👇

The ceiling of the indoor conservatory is amazing... 👇

I wonder which of these architectural details will make it into Gemma's next cozy tale?

Welcome to my world. Until next time, have a good one!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. I hope you had a joyful, peaceful, holiday weekend! Blessings of the season to you and yours! 🌷🌿🌺 Gemma and Rikkhe approve 💖👑

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