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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Time For Some #InspirationResearch (IR), Canadian Rockies Style, Tak

Well, here we go again, or at least try to anyway! In a few days I’ll finally be in my eagerly anticipated winter chilled air (sub-zero would be nice), provided the Polar Vortex decides not to inundate Seattle again with blowing blizzards, cancelling all flights! Banff Springs, here we come–faux fur boots in tow. I’m so looking forward to being at the beautiful castle nestled high in the Canadian Rockies, sitting by the fire, reading, writing, and sipping on some delicious libations. Fingers crossed (if this trip gets cancelled, the queen will not be amused #JustSayin)!

Lots of fun this week, watching the Oscars , oops I mean Telly Tiaras, participating in some fabulous blog Q&As, designing some new graphics, and writing Book 4 (and if honest, I have done a wee bit of shopping…).  Also had some great news (see below) that warmed this writer’s heart! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

new apple award

Part of a writer’s angst is anxiously waiting for a readers review of your stories–will they like it, or not so much? I’ve been very blessed to receive fantastic reviews on my books and am very grateful. In 2018, I decided to really put myself out there and entered my books in some contests. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an Official Selection in the Mystery category for New Apple Literary’s Summer EBook awards last fall with The Crown for Castlewood Manor.

Last week, I received notice that my first two books received recognition in New Apple Literary’ s 5th Annual 2018 Awards of Excellence in Independent PublishingThe Crown for Castlewood Manor, received an Official Selection in the Mystery category. Cast, Crew, & Carnage; the Filming of Castlewood Manor, received an Official Selection in the EBook Mystery category.

To me these are the equivalent of winning two Oscars, oops, there I go again, Telly Tiaras, as a newly published writer! I’m very, very happy and grateful. Time to celebrate!

three books genre sellers

The brilliant and talented writer/reader/reviewer Bibiana Krall (@Bibiana1Krall) and I have had some lively conversations the past few days on the topic of #BookMarketing. She’s had some inspiring ideas on how to reach out more effectively to #readers, using the small but powerful #’s…We all send out loads of tweets and posts with our book covers shining brightly, but are we reaching and attracting #readers? I’m making a conscious effort to now include genre#’s, audience#’s tags (ie #amreading, #booklovers, #bookclubs…)on my tweets and posts. We can’t forget to include our audience, and pssst, let them know where they can BUY your books! Check out more of Bibiana’s bits of #writing wisdom: #BibianaWritesFiction on Twitter.

Honored to be featured in writer/blogger Jason Foss’ (@JasonEFoss2) blog this past Sunday! Jason is a great supporter of the #WritingCommunity–check out my Q&A (and see the other writers he’s featured too)!

“Veronica Cline Barton was motivated in 2016 when the end of ‘Downtown Abbey’ had concluded. First of all, her calling that a major life dilemma was hilarious! Any ‘Downtown Abbey’ fan would know exactly how she felt. Everyone can relate when their favorite show ends that there is a void to be filled. Binge watching it and having weekend marathons of each episode will be fun but after a while there is a better way to enjoy what you love. My favorite thing about Veronica is she found that better way. For someone that loves British cozy mysteries, Downtown Abbey, and has a passion for the imagined life on a British Country estate, why not create something for those that miss it too! She is brilliant! Now Downtown Abby fans have something new to look forward to. Written by someone that knows exactly what you’ve been missing and knows how to give it back to you in the form of a great book. Click on the link above and buy “The Crown for Castlewood Manor”

Coming up, lots more fun conversations with some great folks in the #WritingCommunity!:

  1. Check out my discussions this week with Mark Schultz (@wordrefiner) website. We’ll be doing Q&As all week!

  2. Tomorrow I’ll be a guest on Soulla Christodoulou’s (@schristodoulou2) A Cup of Conversation,  details next week!

  3. On March 5th, I’ll be on Jena Henry’s blog (@jenabooks), stay tuned!

a young girl reading fragonard 1771

Tales of romance and living life from the wonderful writers of Twitter this week!

Author Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Winter Fire: A Return to Kintail Romance, 5 STARS

Magically transported to medieval times in the Scottish Highlands, let the tale of romance and intrigue begin! Author Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s romantic tale takes the reader back in time as we meet the enchanted Katla Mackenzie, a woman in love with a Nordic god who she is convinced seduced her. Is she mad? Her family is concerned, and are working to get her married off. Katla will have none of it, she has fallen for the man of her dreams–and knows her godly lover will return to her one day…

Enter Gunnar Macleod, a man still throbbing from the memories of a night of forbidden passion on the peak of Odin’s Flame, and the woman who has captured his heart. He has returned from a long journey to claim his eternal love, but when she learns the truth, will she stay with him? Family drama and turmoil, battling clans, romantic tensions, and the promise of true love make this book a great read!

Author Soulla Christodoulou, Broken Pieces of Tomorrow, 5 STARS

Many of us have experienced the emotions of broken dreams—the sorrow and disappointment of losing a life you’ve built over the years, the anger of betrayals, and the fear of starting over again. Author Soulla Christodoulou takes us on this life changing journey with her main character Georgia. We experience her fears and heartbreak as she uncovers the dismal truths that undermine everything she’s known and believed in, and watch her as she makes decisions that will impact the rest of her life and her three sons.

We laugh and cry with Georgia as she goes back to school and prepares for a new career, experiences the good and not so good moments of the dating scene, and gets those needed hugs and support from her beloved family and friends. The quote on the front cover is so true, ‘Strong women don’t give up…They find a way through tears and thrills to love again…’  This is a great read, full of inspiration and hope!

Next in the reading queue:

Winning folks over, one crown at a time 🙂

Just had to show some beautiful pics of my niece getting ready for prom and neighbor (both just happen to be Gemma fans) showing off their crown glam! I think we’re starting a new trend—love those almost royal gems!

Welcome to my writing world! Have a fabulous week and weekend, friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Cannot wait to roam the halls of the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Banff Springs,   Gemma would approve 🙂

fairmont hotel at night banff

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