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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Time for Some #InspirationResearch (IR), British Style!

Tally-ho! The wait is over and I am so excited to be going on the Viking Ocean Cruise around the British Isles, which includes visiting six countries BTW: London/Greenwich, England; Dover; the English Channel; Dublin, Ireland;  Holyhead, Wales; Liverpool; Belfast, Northern Ireland; The Highlands/Ullapool, Scotland; Orkney Islands, Scotland; Edinburgh; The Highlands/Invergordon, Scotland; Shetland Islands, Scotland, and ending in Bergen, Norway. Cameras are ready to capture the beauty, oddities, fun and #inspiration! Stay tuned for some great pics!


2019 British Isles Explorer Itinerary Map

Thanks to all who have DM’d/messaged me for what to expect weather-wise. Looks like Mother Nature is caught in a spring/summer/fall/winter weather warp, LOL. Definitely a layered wardrobe for this #MyVikingStory trip. The shoes are packed, books loaded on my Kindle, itineraries planned. It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

three books genre sellers

#AmCogitating (all right, all right, who am I kidding–#amediting too)

I’ve made great progress on my #WIP with the edits and revisions (although I am quite sure Theresa Snyder and Mark Schultz will have a few, ahem, comments for me when they start their #editing #proofing reviews, LOL). It’s a special time for me to sit back and reflect on this story for a bit, making sure the storylines make sense and flow, the characters are fresh and vivant (although some may not end up that way, dun-dun-dun), and finally, is this a story I would want to read? I’m sure as I sit on my ocean deck new brain breezes will hit, triggering changes—but that’s what an #InspirationResearch trip is all about!

I’m turning the manuscript over to the  fabulous Theresa Snyder (@TheresaSnyder19) when I return for content editing/proofing. I’ve mentioned before, she is fantastic to work with and I admire and respect her opinions very much. Editing can make or break your story and is well worth the time and investment. Check out her editing services here–you won’t be disappointed:

A final #proofing will be done by Mark Schultz (@wordrefiner) once the edits are completed in June, making for a clean, professional, ready-to-go manuscript for my #amquerying efforts. Check out Mark’s #proofing services here:

author spotlight gemma barbie V

***New*** Author/Blogger #Spotlight

Soulla Christodoulou

So pleased this week to feature Author/Blogger Soulla Christodoulou (@schristodoulou2). Soulla is such an #inspiration to follow on Twitter–she always brings encouraging words and fun tweets to give you that extra boost through the day. She’s a great supporter of the #WritingCommunity, showcasing authors on her ‘Cup of Conversation’ spotlight, providing services for beta reads, and also offers a guide for marketing and publishing your works. It’s been a pleasure getting to know her. Check out Soulla’s lovely website here:

go away reading

This week is was time for a little cowboy romance from the #writers  of Twitter…..

Author Shanna Swenson, Return to Abundance, 5 STARS

A man struggling to come to terms with his past and the woman who vows to save him from himself makes for a heartwarming, bittersweet read by Author Shanna Swenson in the second story set in the town of Abundance, Texas. Nathan Butler has an attitude that drives most people away–bitter, sarcastic, filled with an anger he tries to contain. He’s built up a wall of emotions around him dealing with a guilt that is all consuming, can anyone break through to him?

Enter Jordan Tate, best friend of Nathan’s sister, a woman with a heart of gold who desperately wants to help him. She sets her sites on Nathan, wanting to get him through his dark times. A business arrangement brings them together, igniting sparks of passion that take them both by surprise.

Steamy encounters, family drama, and an unexpected health crisis take us through a myriad of emotions with Nathan and Jordan as they work through their challenges and come to terms with the hand that fate has dealt to them. The question is will they join forces, or live separate lives? Catch up with family members Nat, Jack, Dallie and a brand new addition to the town of Abundance as they reach out to their troubled brother and friend. Author Swenson’s story warms the heart and keeps this reader wanting to return to Abundance!

So looking forward to having time to #read on my trip. Next in the reading queue:

Congratulations to Author Lori Katherine for her new book release! Check it out here:

Fairy Gazing Lori Katherine

derby basket

Kentucky Derby Day Fun

Just wanted to give my University of Lousiville alumni a shoutout for a great event this past weekend celebrating a very big day in the bluegrass state. Friends, fellowship, and yes a cocktail or two made for a fun gathering. I donated two baskets this year filled with some of my favorite things—books, gin, tea, and sweets—doesn’t get much better than that! All proceeds go to our scholarship fund to recruit that next UL Cardinal.  Fun times and the sun did shine bright (at least here in southern California)!

Welcome to my #writing world. Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Feature pic today is of the Thames River by Hampton Court Palace. Can’t wait to visit one of my favorite palaces! Gemma would approve 🙂

P.S.S. Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the #WolfPackAuthors anthology, Once Upon a Wolfpack. Short stories and poems from some great #writers, a treat for #readers, and proceeds go to a great cause. EBook and print copies release May 19th. Here’s the link to the Amazon site—check it out here:

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