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Veronica's #WritersDiary: The Irish Phantoms Have Returned; Catch Up with #Author Bibiana Krall!

💕✨🌹"The Divine Feminine is awakening now..." 💕✨🌹

Happy #ThanksgivingEve! For today's post I'm serving up a fabulous chat with #writer, creative, Bibiana Krall to celebrate her new release, Mont Pelier! This one's a mystical, thrill filled fantasy that will keep you guessing and gasping at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this latest tale; let's catch up with Bibiana:

Bibiana, your Irish Phantom Series is an original take with an eerie paranormal premise mixed with folklore and legends involving godly realms and the power of the sacred feminine. Tell us about what inspired this series and its settings and the research involved.

It began with a murder of crows at a Bed and Breakfast in Ireland. A Georgian mansion with a spooky-ooky vibe, I added a ton of notes in the author notes of Book #1, Corvus Hall. It is on sale for $.99 in ebook 11/24-12-24, 2021 as my gift to the reading community.

Be like Nigel and NOBODY will bother you at the family gatherings…

Research for this series has been ongoing for the past five years.

Mont Pelier is your new release book, the 4th in the closely-linked series--can you give us a hint of what's coming?

The ice is cracking and Dublin awakens…

Good versus evil is a constant theme, with a ton of mysticism about the triple goddess Brigid, Danu, the Fae and how they came to live underground and what the Otherworld is like in my imagination. The sacred feminine might be taking over…

We're in year 2 of the pandemic, any insights/reflections on how it has influenced your writing habits?

I buckled down and co-created (The Haunted Series) and collaborated with two writers. One of them is you, in case the readers don’t know and the other was Amy Reade. 

My pandemic emotion was increased urgency. My wish is to leave something unique behind before I go. I don’t write every day anymore, but I always read.

Reading is the baseline, while staying humble and striving to be better. Great literature trains your mind to recognize mathematical patterns. It’s integral.

You're an avid supporter of the writing and reading communities, what books have been in your TBR?

I just finished, The Overnight Guest by Heather Gudenkauf. I am currently reading Sister of Wales by Cynthia Raleigh. Yarrow is a character I really enjoy, but it may have been replaced by Hafren. Wow! Cloud 10 by Tony Bianchi, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins. Savannah at Midnight by Cathy Maza is a gem, not to mention Christmas Bizarre written by you. Mythopoeia by John Dolan is in a class by itself. Changeling by Anna Casamiento-Arrigo is on my hot list along with a sexy, highlander Christmas romance by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. I have a new paperback by Lisa Unger, Brenda Guiton's latest and Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. Check my Goodreads reviews, as I read a ton of books this year and perhaps other people reading this will find one that they vibe with?

Any marketing tips you'd like to share for the writers?

Marketing is nothing like creative writing or the discipline of writing every day.

Branding is key. Each book is an individual project to market and connect with potential readers.

It’s important to give people a flavor of who you are as a writer, and the person behind the pen. You are your brand and that needs to shine through. Mix it up. It needs to be engaging.

Book reviews are important to write and receive from the perspective of why a story works for a consumer or doesn’t. I’m not here to correct anyone. I have the academic writing credentials to back up my perspectives, but this is not a classroom.

There has been an exhausting trend of Social Media tags with huge lists of writers that have nothing in common, trying to entice readers.

This is a misplaced kindness that is not useful to anyone in the long run.

When I want a new mystery, a children’s title or erotic romance is strange to recommend and doesn’t fit. This vibe goes along with images and esthetics. When responding to a post, if you write romance, respond with a romantic image that evokes your brand. It’s about like, finding like.

I have worked nonstop to create my universe and as much as I appreciate fan art, I one hundred percent prefer to be the person driving the marketing bus for my products. This is a business. I would never presume to tell Chanel how to market their incredible fashion and perfumes and I feel that respect should also be given by writers to other writers as well.

Reading books, leaving reviews, Tweeting or commenting on a post to help get more engagement for the other person, is my version of slow support. As in slow food, curated, thoughtful and with something behind it meant to help them connect with their tribe. It’s more effective than lists or tags, because it’s authentic targeted and personal.

Individuals need to be highlighted more. Like this awesome interview, for example. Thank you! That and word of mouth is the magic recipe. I’m in this for the long haul and do what I can, where I am.

The #Bookem Project will be on YouTube forever and anyone who wants to learn from it has free access.

Enquiring minds want to know, what's in your writing pipeline for 2022?

The writing residency I applied for in Switzerland didn’t happen. I am off to Kona for a week to write, swim, drink wine with friends and hopefully visit Mauna Kea. In September I submitted a slew of poetry and short stories to Literary magazines, but I don’t expect to hear until next quarter. I also hope to sell my books and canoodle at the Printers Row Book Fest in Chicago with my peers at The Society of Midland Writers, of which I am a newly, nominated member. I am honored and humbled to be part of such an esteemed group.

I’m training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro next summer. It’s bonkers and I am totally out of shape, but I know there are stories waiting for me there. A poetry collection with travel photography, querying a mystery, editing two additional novels and I am also drafting a new novel I call ‘my manifesto.’ Not to mention, year three of The Haunted Series is in development.

Are we there yet? Lol. This has been amazing Veronica. Thank you for giving me space to talk about my mysterious journey as a writer. Happy Holidays to you and to everyone reading this. Let’s bake, let’s laugh and let’s eat!

Bibiana, wow, so inspiring! Congratulations on your new release, Mont Pelier and best to you with your exciting journeys in 2022! If you'd like to learn more about Bibiana's works, check out these links:

The Irish Phantom Series

#HoHoHo It's #Christmas Cozy Mystery Time!

Like all self-promoting writer's must do, I'll be highlighting 3 of my cozy mystery tales with holiday themes 'til the end of the year. A destiny changes at midnight; romance and murder under the mistletoe; and five tales of Christmas mystery and holiday magic await! #Books are the perfect #holiday gift! 🎀🎄📚

A visit to the underworld and a romantic Scottish Yuletide this week from the writers of Twitter...

Author Bibiana Krall, Mont Pelier, The Irish Phantom Series Book 4, 5

The mystical world of The Irish Phantom Series continues as the gods maneuver in their battle for dominion, keeping the outer world suspended in a supernatural freeze. The underworld is seething with centuries of rage and trickery---lashing out at its inhabitants and the Druid mortals who dare to enter their realm.

Mary is frantic as the prophecy of the ancients unfolds. She’s on a quest to find her daughter, Jane before she disappears into the mystical underworld for eternity and exposed to the treacherous plans of the god, Mannan and his diabolical offspring, Henry. Her destiny is slowly revealed as she descends into the dark world—will her quest end in tragedy, or will the goddess, Danu unleash her powers to assist her?

Author Krall has delivered a cracking tale of Irish lore that catapults you from one breathtaking moment to the next in this battle of the ancients. Legends, age-old practices and the power and destinies of the divine feminine are at risk of annihilation in the ultimate struggle of good versus evil. Is there ever a winner? Mont Pelier is a page turning fantasy that keeps you on edge as the prophecies unfold with an ending that will leave you gasping! A highly recommended read!

Author Sue-Ellen Welfonder, A Yuletide Promise (Highland Warriors Book 5), 5

A royal request sends a burly pirate on a quest to capture a lady with a cursed heritage this Yuletide season. Callum would rather be gathering the spoils of his foraging, but a sense of duty and loyalty prevails. Will the spirited, Lady Alanna spoil his noble intentions?

A secret plot, deceptions and a legendary romance sets the scene for the adventurous journey of Callum and Lady Alanna. Will they thwart the evil doers determined to bring mayhem? Or end like the doomed, legendary lovers of ages past?

Author Welfonder delivers a tale of Merry Old romance and adventure in the Highlands. The settings and characters take you back to another age, celebrating the spirit of Yuletide. I'm a huge fan of her stories and A Yuletide Promise is one that will leave you smiling and ready to celebrate the season with a warmth in your heart! A romantic read, perfect for the holidays!

Next up in the #reading queue:

Let the Holiday Season Begin!

Fasten your stretch pants, the sales of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and every other shopping day of the week are swooping in with a vengeance! Personally, I'm focusing more on enjoying the sparkling lights and the special magic this time of year brings. I may peek a bit online, but hitting the malls....fuh-get-about-it! We have a few holiday treats coming up in the next few weeks--I'll be dusting off the boots and bringing out the faux furs. What do you have planned for the holidays? 🎀🎄 #Living #Hygge

Welcome to my world. Have a blessed #Thanksgiving to those who celebrate and a fabulous #weekend!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. #HappyThanksGiving 🦃✨🌹 Gemma and Rikkhe approve 💖👑

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Nov 30, 2021

Happy B-lated Thanksgiving V, and wow, Bibiana - so prolific and ENGAGED!

Congrats to you both. = Season's Best and here's to a fabulous New Year.

Dec 01, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much Lyn! Truly grateful for the opportunity to tell stories and find community. Happy Holidays!


Nov 24, 2021

It's great to see Bibiana here, getting well-deserved recognition for her writing and her incredible creativity. Congratulations on the new release! I'm off to order Mont Pelier and I look forward to reading it. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Dec 01, 2021
Replying to

I so appreciate this Amy! Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Nov 24, 2021

Perfect post for Thanksgiving Eve as I am grateful & thankful for you and Bibiana. You create vivid and appealing worlds & books. You are generous with your positive support to writers. Thank you!

Dec 01, 2021
Replying to

Life is amazing. Thank you Jena. Happy Holidays and almost a new year!


Nov 24, 2021

Thank you so much to Veronica for this wonderful interview and the chance to talk about my new release Mont Pelier! Getting a book out in the world is tough, but it means everything to have a wonderful community to appreciate and cheer you on. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays. Congrats to all the authors mentioned. May we all find peace and keep the Christmas spirit. Enjoy your family time and thanks again. xox

Veronica Cline Barton
Veronica Cline Barton
Nov 24, 2021
Replying to

You have a wonderful new read, UberHappy---such a pleasure to have you as my guest today! Have a fabulous #Thanksgiving and #HappyHolidays! xo 💖👑

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