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Veronica's #WritersDiary, #SummerReading Season, What's in Your #TBR?

Well hello, June! With sun, sand and splashes in the pool, it's that most wonderful time of the year for book lovers...#SummerReading season! I'm particularly looking forward to jumping into my favorite genre, #cozymysteries with some beloved characters...a fav sleuth with fabulous heels, Agatha Raisin; divine attire with murder on the side, Phryne Fisher; a delightful, holiday, mystery sleuth, Lilly Carlsen; another crown-turning mystery with the debonair, Guy Harford; summer at the estate with Lord James Harrington; deadly intentions with Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy; and a visit to the Midsomer Murder countryside with Detective Barnaby...#DunDunDun

I have some new literary friends to meet as well. Lee Strauss's Lady Gold Investigates; Verity Bright's A Very English Murder; David Toft's A Gift of Butterflies; Andy Weir's Project Hail Mary; The Kiss at Midnight by Sue-Ellen Welfonder; Tina Miller's Millie's Boots; Summoning the Winds by Cynthia Raleigh; and Rhys Bowen's The Venice Sketchbook to name a few...As I can, I'm sneaking in a few ARCs from writers I adore too...exciting!

Looking forward to some new releases by some of my fav authors: Mont Pelier, Book 4 in the #IrishPhantomSeries by Bibiana Krall; and The Martian Diaries ebooks: The Day of the Martians, Vol. 1 & Lake on the Moon, Vol. 2 by H.E. Wilburson. My summer #TBR coffer is rather filled, but I always try and squeeze in new releases of authors I follow on Twitter---I'll be watching for those!

I'm ready to head to the pool, beach, mountains and #read this summer season. It's a perfect way to travel without the airport lines, freeway frenzy and *gasp* the annoying crush at the cocktail bar...What's in your summer #TBR? It's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

The Short Stories of TANGLED WEBS...

This past week I've been having some fun with a few promos highlighting my short stories coming up in Tangled Webs. You have a sneak peek of the fabulous locations for our stories in the promo trailer Bibiana designed and produced⏫ I thought I'd show a quick blurb for the six stories you will be reading--hopefully some of the promo ads we've been tweeting may make a bit, more sense now...😜👠💀💋

From the #writing desk of Bibiana Krall:


Seychelle is a free spirit, taking one day ay a time and doing her best to help her family. When she accepts a creative assignment and experiences something, haunting and otherworldly in the wilderness… will it help her understand her own life better or carry her down a crooked and violent path she cannot return from? The past is alive...


Itsy, bitsy spider, dance, twirl and spin that Tangled Web. What waits for us on the other end of the cosmic red string? Aurelia has it all, a lush life in Italy, and fierce looks to match, yet she uses her power to dominate, mistreat and humiliate another. When Pietra finally embraces her dark birthright, the wicked game is afoot.


After inheriting a mansion on the shores of Cape Cod. Abigail is consumed by grief for the loss of an incredible woman, and tormented by a childhood ghost that does everything possible to scare her out of her wits. When the troubling entity makes physical contact, it’s clear that she’s in danger. Does the mysterious phantom want her dead?

From the #writing desk of Veronica Cline Barton:


I touch the cold, Colorado marble with my hands, running my fingers over its intrinsic veins. I know when the stone matches the traits of the departed. Sculptural portraits, masks of the dead, fragments of limbs…the living think they want to remember their dearly departed with my creations. Sometimes it’s better to forget...


Here in the fjordic crags, each of us can be the victim of ourselves, the frozen death within waiting to be unleashed. I hear their silent whispers cry... Most I choose to ignore, letting karma’s destiny of actions unfold. For those I extricate, the journey into the northern light or depth of darkness is swift. Choose wisely, hviske within. “When Moder Jord whispers...we listen..."


Selfie, pose, look at me, I’m the fashion influencer you want to be. Follow, buy, so yesterday, darling--opinions, trends, my ultimate worth. When wannabe, legend in her own mind, influencer, Monique hits the icy halls of Quebec's famous Inn de Glace with an antique camera once owned by the famed Madame Coco, the photos she takes provide a stroke of famed acclaim, or dismal despair... The camera never lies, Madame. Click. Click. Click.

🕸TANGLED WEBS🕸 Coming #LaborDay! It's gonna be a fun #Halloween...💋🎃👠

Historical intrigue and mystery this week from the writers of Twitter...

Author Wendy Bayne, Untitled: Crimes Against the Crown, 5

A dramatic, life change is in store for sixteen year old, Clarissa 'Lissa' Hughes when her sister, Irene makes a shocking announcement. She's marrying Colin Turner and taking Clarissa away from the family estate and the man she knew as her father to live with them in London. As they prepare for the exodus, deep, family secrets emerge that shift relationships and explain to some extent the troubled environment with its bittersweet past in which Lissa was raised. Will she adjust to newly revealed, family roles with Irene and Colin, and the formidable, societal norms in London?

A violent act threatens the newly formed family, leading yet to more revelations of the dangerous work Colin and his team of family and friends perform on behalf of the Crown. Lissa receives a unique and rather unorthodox education for a young lady entering society. When she meets Colin's cohort, Miles Johnson, the beginnings of a new friendship warm their hearts as they share similar, troubled, childhood experiences. As the dangerous workings evolve and close-in, it will take everyone working in synch to catch the evil masterminds. Will the newly formed relationships survive?

Author Bayne has written a epoch tale filled with family drama, dangerous endeavors and the changes that result and evolve in the family with their friends and colleagues over the years. Love, hate, greed and revenge run rampant throughout, leading to many heartwarming, bittersweet, and danger-filled moments for the reader. I am so looking forward to continuing with this incredible series, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

A Year of #BOOKEM!

Thanks for coming to the show! Bookem is officially on summer break after this show, but please watch and share the episodes you enjoy with your community and friends. We encourage you to unplug, get outside and read one of the amazing books on this or any of the 50 shows you can view anytime here on our channel. Today Bibiana Krall wraps up the season (SUMMER!) with a book chat from South Florida. She touches briefly on her new release, The Hive and swings into two books that have similar themes, but are delivered in totally different ways. Reading is the ultimate escape and if you can't get away, drift away in a new story.

Thank you for your incredible support. The BOOKEM team: Veronica Cline Barton, Amy Reade and Bibiana Krall can be contacted via their website links below or come find us on social media.

Welcome to my world. Wishing you a fabulous #SummerReading season!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Wishing you a fun-filled summer doing the things you love! Gemma and Rikkhe approve💖👑

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W Bayne
W Bayne

You have definitely given me some great summer reading choices.


Veronica Cline Barton
Veronica Cline Barton

Loads of great books to read, Wendy--including more in your fabulous series! #HappySummer!💖👑

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