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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, #SpringTime Wishes, Hello #March!

Time to get those Irish eyes a smilin’ (everyone is an Irish lad or lass in March, lol)! What better way to kick off this lovely spring time month than with song lyrics (courtesy of Roger Whittaker and sung magically by Bing Crosby) that make me smile everytime I hear them:

When Irish eyes are smiling Sure, ’tis like the morn in Spring In the lilt of Irish laughter You can hear the angels sing When Irish hearts are happy All the world seems bright and gay And when Irish eyes are smiling Sure, they steal your heart away

Of course at the Barton abode, the green lights went up (everywhere)! I’m still on cloud nine after my #bookcover reveal last week. Thank you to everyone for the kind comments and words of encouragement I’ve received!

The feature pic today is one of the stock photos we used for book 2, Cast, Crew, & Carnage; the Filming of Castlewood Manor (watch out for those hot air balloons, #JustSayin). Cherrywood Hall is becoming quite the sparkling wine, sherry and gin distillery in the area. The bright greens of the vineyard countryside in the photo reminded me of our trips to Ireland, where everything always seems to have a hint of green. I pulled out a few of the pics from our cruise last year for you to enjoy:

The sunset pic was from our cruise last May as we headed over to Dublin from England. I’m hoping the next cruise will have the same stunning evening views, they were lovely for sure. Wishing you a fabulous month–its Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Double Trouble Showtime at Castleood Manor on flag background

I am loving this latest story so much. I adore being back at Cherrywood Hall, it’s become my second home (I wish!). The interesting thing for me is having my two leading ladies, Gemma and Rikkhe, working together on the hunt for clues and ne’er do wells. I’m getting to know Rikkhe’s style and mannerisms a lot better–I’m glad to have her on the case (Gemma is too!).

It’s been fun with this new endeavor, pulling in bits and pieces from the first and second book that tie into this storyline. It’s all about the continuity when you’re writing a series. I’ve done loads of cross referencing this week to make sure I’m consistent. I don’t want any unhappy readers telling me I missed important details! More updates coming….dun-dun-dun…

Book review comment for Mistletoe and Mayhem Feb 2020

The Power of a #BookReview

This past week I was blessed to receive a fantastic 5 STAR review for Mistletoe and Mayhem, Yuletide at Castlewood Manor. It came from a #reader in the UK, ‘Lady Bracknell’. I was absolutely chuffed when I read the review, and honored to receive her comments. #BookReviews are a must have for authors, and to receive one with such high praise made this #writer’s day. Give a #WriterLift–buy a #book, #read it, and leave a #review!

go away reading

A romantic journey of self-discovery this week from the #writers of Twitter…

Author Soulla Christodoulou, Unlocked, 5 STARS

Helen has reached a dark place in her life that many do not escape. A bitter divorce has obliterated her spirit, leaving her listless in mind and body. As the months pass, her despair grows. A chance encounter with spirit lifting words sets her soul on fire, and reignites her will to join the living again.

She travels to India to fulfill her dreams. The country enchants her spirit with its spicy fragrances, scenic beauty and mindful spirituality. Her companion Anil makes her feel safe and cared for, bringing out emotions she thought were long gone.

On her final night in the area, she attends a family wedding as Anil’s guest. As the dancing and swaying commence, Helen knows she is about to take a new step in her life journey–will it set her free? I loved this short story by Author Christodoulou. The journey of darkness to self awareness tugged at your heart, and slowly brought a smile to your face. A powerful, uplifting, romantic read, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

BV irish coffee recipe

I Always Know When I’m Back at Cherrywood Hall…

Let the cocktails begin, Irish style! I was hoping to get to the Buena Vista in San Francisco next week to sample one of my favorite Irish libations, but alas, the city has pretty much gone on lockdown with the #coronavirus. Not to worry–I pulled out my BV tea towel that gives you all the ingredients and steps to make this yummy cocktail. Plenty of time to practice before St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy 🙂

Welcome to my world. Enjoy your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s blog. I’m traveling to San Jose for some #writing inspiration (assuming the #coronavirus doesn’t put a crimp in the travel plans)–this time with author’s Bibiana Krall and Emmy Bennett. We’re visiting the haunted Winchester Mystery Mansion and catching up on all things #writing! Gemma and Rikkhe most definitely approve 🙂

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