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Veronica's #WritersDiary, #Springtime Mountain Style

This week our escape from the family room #roadtrip takes us to the Sierra Mountains in northern California. We're headin' to the hills of Mammoth Mountain and the shores and mountain forests of Lake Tahoe. The good news is that there is still snow in 'them thar hills' making this #snowboot gal extremely happy! The feature pic ⏫ is of the Twin Lakes area in the Mammoth Mountain area. Unfortunately most of the lake view road was closed so this was the main water view to be had. The water was crystal clear and looked so inviting with the mountains and trees in the background.

The drive to Mammoth was interesting, first traversing the Mojave Desert landscape and slowly starting the ascent in altitude and change in scenery as we headed closer to the Sierras. Highway 395 travels along the east side of the mountain range, so for a while you have huge, snow-topped mountains on the left and flatter, desert terrain on the right. The many faces of California at its finest!

Snow is still on the ground--Mammoth is staying open through June for you snow bunnies and snow moose. It was interesting seeing folks skiing and snowboarding in spring attire (including shorts) for the 60-70 degree temps during the daytime. The good news is that people were outside, enjoying the glorious views and fresh mountain air. We found a few great eateries open--best to call ahead though, many businesses have closed, unfortunately.

The Mammoth valley has some stunning terrain and forests that run far and wide throughout the peaks and valleys. It was nice to visit here once again--as with most areas, there's loads of new developments. I have thoroughly enjoyed the cooler spring temps. Since we haven't had much rain in California, we didn't have much of a winter. This was a great get-away to enjoy the last remnants of the cold.

Next week I'll feature pics of the Lake Tahoe side of our mountain adventure. I'm looking forward to a bit of writing time during this segment of the trip. The cold inspiration will be perfect for my Rikkhe St. Claire tales coming this Christmas--one must think ahead, it's always a new #season for #writers...It's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

It's a Tangled Webs Update!

No, that's not me in the tub...but for one of my #scary tales, it definitely foreshadows what is to come, well, kind of... You'll have to #read it to believe it, LOL. 😜👠

Bibiana Krall and I reached a major milestone this past week--we shared our story drafts with each other! For writers, this is a big deal when you put your unread tales out there for another person to read, especially when we've been talking about them for months with each other. We set ourselves a #writing challenge to kick the TANGLED WEBS stories up a notch with the paranormal/mystery/folklore mystique. Did we succeed???

There's definitely haunted tales of the unknown, stories that are downright bizarre, and tales with campy, creepy charm that will that have you laughing and shaking your head! I don't know whether it was the secret ingredients in the vaccines or that we went a little cra-cra from #lockdown, but I do know these stories were inspired by something way out there! I'm totally excited with these new, #scary tales--a guaranteed, #scarylicious read to get those #Halloween vibes on! 🎃👻🦇 #StayTuned 👠💀🔮

A spectrum of emotions this week from the writers of Twitter...

Author/Poet Tanweer Dar, Blackbird: Sonnets, 5

What better way to start a new season that to reflect on the feelings and emotions that bubble up with change, reflecting on the mood and magic everyday life often brings. Author/Poet Dar's collection of sonnets takes us on a journey of reflection with these inspired poems.

Life challenges, nature's glory, journeys of the soul and mind, dark and light whisper to you as you read the verse; their messages filled with realism, expectations, and at times, haunting memories. The sonnets give you points to ponder, savor and smile, and perhaps at times, wipe away a tear.

I truly enjoyed this collection. The poems are inspirational, reflective and delve into emotions and feelings that are often neglected. A perfect read to churn the mind and soothe the soul, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

Join us on the #BOOKEM YouTube Channel Later Today with Special Guest Vice Admiral Sandra Stosz, (USCG RET.)!

We're BREAKING BARRIERS on today's show! Join Bibiana Krall on a taped ZOOM for an amazing opportunity to meet a phenomenal woman who talks honestly about her life experiences, (debut author, BREAKING ICE AND BREAKING GLASS: LEADING IN UNCHARTED WATERS, publish date June 1st, 2021) self-described servant leader, Vice Admiral Sandra Stosz, (USCG RET.) has spent the past forty years of her life paving the way for the next generation, as the first woman in history to lead one of the four US armed forces academies.

Vice Admiral Sandra Stosz (USCG RET.) gets up close and personal about what leading with character looks like, the importance of facing fear, lessons in failure, ways to combat loneliness, empowerment and so much more! With twelve years at sea under her cap and adventure stories that inform situations that challenge us on land, ice or water, there is so much to learn and know.

We hope you will join us and take a look at her leadership book which donates all of its proceeds to a fund that helps others succeed.

Welcome to my world. Enjoy your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. We stayed at the Westin during our stay in Mammoth, a lovely, lodge style hotel with lovely amenities to enjoy. If you're in the area--it's a great place to stay! Gemma and Rikkhe approve 💖👑

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