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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Set the #Scene!

Happy second day of October–can you believe it? I’ve been busy with my latest book and am so excited for this new story/series. I’ve been going over our vacay pics and browsing Pinterest up a storm for some #setting inspiration. I’m still researching all things #Hygge too, since it’s all about the deadly décor in the next book. I always find it interesting in my little gray cells how the #writer in me can describe beautiful rooms, fashions, and yummy food one moment while stepping over a corpse or two the next, EEK! The feature picture this week is from a trip we took to Italy in #October, 2010 (our Ciao, not so Bella, bus tour, more on this in another post)–lots of beautiful homes and elegant settings on the lakes there for sure, it may just be time to use those visual memories in this latest literary adventure… Speaking of setting the #scene

It’s beginning to look a lot like #Halloween here at Barton Hall. We do love our lights and bling here, and since we’re now in #October, why not? We’ve amassed quite the collection of all things scary over the years and it takes a while to get everything situated (and yes, my pumpkins do wear #crowns 🙂 ). I have to say though, it’s really putting me into the fall holiday spirit, ready for the cool temps (so envious of my Canadian friends who had their first snowfall!), some much needed rain (we had our first shower of the season, yay!), and nighttime fires to sit back and reflect on the day. Best news yet–we haven’t even blown our first fuse yet this season (miracle of LEDs)! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

AmQuerying Mistletoe Mayhem Yuletide at Castlewood Manor Cover VCB

#AmQuerying: Queries are still being sent out–I have some very nice ‘not a fit’ responses, a few that I’m waiting to hear from, and a little nibble. In retrospect, I think I should have begun querying with a completely fresh storyline–not the continuation of my self-published series (even though I tried to have it stand-alone with the storyline shifting a bit). From the feedback I’ve received, there seems to be a hesitancy with the ties to the previous series, which I can understand. Bottom line for me is if I don’t get the go-ahead in the next few weeks, I need to re-group and re-think things. The good news is that I will have a lovely book available for #readers just in time for #Christmas and those holiday sales! The better news is I have the book in development with my new series, ready to #query in the new year. This literary journey is developing…

#AmMarketingWebsite development is progressing–I can’t wait to have it up and running–stay tuned. I’m also having my #bookcovers jazzed up a bit more by the fabulous Morgan Wright–this time the animations will feature some customized music to add even more pizzazz. I’m so pleased with her work, it truly makes your covers pop! Learn more about Morgan’s services here:

go away reading

A chilling mystery from the #writers of Twitter this week…

Author J.C. Paulson, Adam’s Witness: A Thrilling Mystery, Crime and Romance Novel (Adam and Grace Book 1) , 5 STARS

A cancelled concert sends reporter Grace Rampling off to chase a story at the St. Eligius Cathedral, where she stumbles upon a grizzly murder instead. The bishop has been brutally murdered, and the police investigation led by Detective Sergeant Adam Davis is out in full force to catch the killer. As the clues unfold, Grace finds herself too, a victim–stalked by a madman who is out for revenge. Is it someone she knows?

Secrets emerge as they delve into the bishop’s past, leading the police to question the information they’ve gathered, throwing new suspects and evidence into their investigation. Adam’s feeling for Grace erupt after she is attacked–will personal feelings and pent up emotions get in his way as the search for the killer intensifies? Will years of cover-ups finally be exposed?

A stunning twist leads us back to the church to find the killer. Author Paulson keeps the reader on edge as the murderer is cornered, making for a suspense filled read. Emotions run high as the case concludes, with a spicy ending you won’t soon forget! I’m so glad this is a series–I can’t wait to get to the next book!

Next up in the #reading queue:

Pssst, we have a sneak peak….

Stars Over Abundance cover reveal Shanna Sweson

***Cover Reveal for Author Shanna Swenson’s Stars Over Abundance***

A quick shout for Shanna’s cover reveal that is out today. I love her Abundance series and BOOK 4 looks like another winner! Pre-order begins 11-1-19 and release is December 6th, just in time for the Holidays! Here’s a look under the #bookcovers:

Vivian Alexander– Hollywood’s Oscar-winning actress extraordinaire was “coerced” into coming to the Helping Heroes Ball by her manager, to make an appearance and save face after the interview that embarrassed her far more than she cares to admit. After all, she’s good at hiding her true feelings behind the radiant smile that’s made her famous. Well, she came, she saw, she made her appearance. Now it’s time for a quick and inconspicuous exit…until she sees a familiar face she never imagined she would. Buck Jenkins– Retired football player/gridiron legend/playboy comes to the ball; for it’s a good cause, and being as he’s not too far from Dallas and all he really can’t pass up the opportunity— not when he’s been MIA from the limelight as long as he has now. It’s a good excuse to get out of town anyway, for a much-needed break from the grievous chaos ensuing his life at the moment. But he didn’t see the bombshell blonde starlet coming until she was directly in front of him. Now, his night just made a surprising turn for the best. One unexpected night… Two unsuspecting hearts…

Bouchercon mystery conference

Just a few more weeks until Bouchercon 2019!

I’m so excited, this is my first official mystery conference and I can’t wait! I’ve been pouring over the panel agenda to decide which sessions I will be attending. How much fun will it be to attend a conference whose attendees have all things mur-dah on their minds—on Halloween! If you’re going to Dallas for this please let me know! Conference details are here:

the unofficial downton abbey cookbook

My characters do like their food…

Okay, guilty—I’m still in a #DowntonAbbey state of mind, LOL (and we are going to see the movie again 🙂 ). This little treasure of culinary delights will enchant the senses.

  1. Lobster Thermidor (when the Earl of Grantham wants to impress)

  2. Daisy’s Mustard Salmon with Lentils

  3. Sybil’s Ginger Bisquits

  4. Mrs. Patmore’s Perfect Pork Roast

#Yummo! Can’t wait to try these recipes. Research for the books of course! #WritersLife

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Wishing you a wonderful October filled with autumn delights and a quote from Anne of Green Gables! Gemma would approve 🙂

im so glad i love in a world where there are octobers anne of green gables

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