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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Scotland Ho! #MyVikingStory

Week two of the cruise and what a trip! I have seen more beautiful sunsets the past few days–the weather has been just perfect for touring. Wales, Ireland, back to England (Liverpool where I had the chance to meet Sheila Patel, aka @vodkawardrobe), Northern Ireland and now Scotland. We’re covering a lot of ground in this once in a lifetime trip, building some wonderful memories.

Viking sun in Ullapool

This week we’re traveling around the Scottish coast with stops In Ullapool, Kirkwall, Edinburgh, Invergordon, Lerwick and finally the cruise over to Bergen, Norway. We’ve sampled local delicacies and of course imbibed in a few cocktails, meeting some lovely folks along the way. Take a look at some of the sites we’ve visited below. It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

It’s here, the #WolfPackAuthors Anthology, Once Upon a Wolfpack!

So excited for the publication of this collaborative work! It’s an honor to be included with these great #writers and proceeds go to a wonderful cause. Take a look at what it’s all about:

The idea was simple: form a group of authors based on the mantra, “Do good things for the right reasons.” We are a pack – #WolfPackAuthors. Together, we expand exposure for our books, help one another with all aspects of the process, pick each other up when the lonely life of writing gets us down.

As with wolves, words can be dangerous or healing. The reintroduction of the wolf, hunted to the brink of extinction, carries such far-reaching results as to make vegetation grow on what was once barren, and to change the paths of rivers. Considering these powerful facts, we chose to donate the proceeds of this anthology to Lockwood Animal Rescue Center /LARC, a facility with a unique mission. They are one of the few organizations focused heavily on wolves, integrating military veteran rehabilitation into the caretaking process.

In this collection of work, you will find a showcase of many of our members’ talents: A young girl betrothed to a werewolf, yet her father, a human, is the true monster. Two snipers who lay in wait, an otherworldly supreme being watching them, in the form of a majestic wolf. A she-wolf sets her sights on a young woman, married to the man she loved. The paradoxical story of the big bad wolf, who through no fault of his own sets out on a calamity filled adventure. A batch of witty private investigators at work solving crime. A sarcastic banshee, a shapeshifting detective, and a vampire, all friends, investigate a string of murders. There are many others, varied in style or genre.

Come on an adventure with the WolfPackAuthors. We’ve got the stories you want; together, we hope to make the world a better place for wolves, humans, and those who dare to dream.

Cozy Mystery – Yuletime at Cherrywood Hall: Veronica Cline Barton Fairy Tale/ Parody – Unfairy Prosecuted: J.W. Crawford Fairy Tale – Poppy: Tia Fanning Fantasy/ Supernatural – For the Love of the Pack: Sharon Lopez Horror/ Meta horror – The Untold One: B.L. Clark Horror – Frost Harbor: Alexander Pain Literary – Omega Road: Lee M. Tipton Magical Realism – An Early Snow: Andi Marchal P.I./ Detective – The Wolf: Joe Congel P.I./ Detective, Cozy Mystery – Mrs Solberg’s Problem: CW Hawes Poetry – Wolf Pack United: Angie-Marie Delsante Poetry – Welcome to the Den: Lori Katherine Romance/ Supernatural – The Soap Maker’s Mother: Christina van Deventer Science Fiction/ Military – Sacha: Jeff DeMarco Science Fiction/ Paranormal – Wolf Cry: Z Gottlieb Science Fiction/ Paranormal – Circus of the Night: Stefan Angelina McElvain Urban Fantasy – True Nature : Luna Selas

author spotlight gemma barbie V

#Author #Blogger Spotlight–Jessie Cahalin!

This week I’d like to do a shoutout to a Twitter UK #writer friend I’ve been honored to get to know this past year, #author, #blogger Jessie Cahalin (@BooksInHandbag). Jessie has a fantastic 5 STAR book, You Can’t Go It Alone, that I’ve reviewed a few months ago. She’s currently working on the prequel and I can’t wait to read it! In addition to her fabulous “Golden Handbag” gallery where she highlights #author’s works in glorious bags, her blog gives a great repository of reading including posts on her #writing journey, #author spotlights, and #bookreviews. Jessie is a fantastic supporter of the #WritingCommunity with her blog and would be a great person to get to know. She also teams with U.S. #author #blogger Jena Henry (@jenabooks) in some ‘global’ review collaboration. 🙂

Take a look at Jessie’s fabulous site here:

go away reading

The #writers of twitter did not disappoint! A debut novel and ghostly short story–what could be better?

Author Mark Scantland, The Blackbird Threat, 5 STARS

A terrorist attack of enormous proportions is imminent in the U.S. A special team of Homeland Security, CIA, NSA and military forces are assembled to try and stop the attack before millions are killed.  Michael ‘Jack’ Jacobs, ex-military and CIA officer and Diane Glass, NSA computer whizz at first seem an unlikely couple as they begin their trek across the country to hunt down the masterminds. Will they be able to work together to ferret out the terror network and the specifics of the attack in time?

Author Scantland weaves a breath taking chase across the Midwest as Jack, Diane, and their colleagues hone in on who’s behind the evil plot. High speed chases, ambush attacks, and deadly technology ramp up the suspense as they close in on the attack site. The terrorists aim to succeed, using any means necessary to disable the team that threatens their destructive scheme.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story very much–stories of determination, extreme danger, and in the end a perseverance to protect the country even with the ultimate sacrifice. This exciting tale was a page turner, and thrilled ’til the end, highly recommended!

Author Bibiana Krall, Noble Jones, A Supernatural Short Story, 5 STARS

Author Bibiana Krall once again weaves a haunting tale of intrigue in this short story. Scarlett Telfair is a successful architect, looking for love with dreams of settling down in her home town of Savannah. She browses the dating sites and is drawn to Lovelorn123, a shadow of a man surrounded by mystery–and no past to be found. Strange events begin to haunt Scarlett as she struggles to keep them at bay–flickering lights, strange smells. an open fridge–she wonders what is going on. Adding to her stress is a leering boss who wants to restart a past moment of indiscretion.

Lovelorn123 begins to dominate her dreams, capturing her in nightmare scenarios. Unmasked as Noble Jones, will she be able to stop his insidious overtures? Or will he be back when she least suspects it–capturing her for eternity? Be careful where you step and roam, ladies! A suspenseful short story that will keep you guessing…

Next up in the reading queue:


Holyhead (Beaumaris), Wales

Gorgeous bay, lovely countryside and castle ruins–need another trip to #Wales!

Dublin, Ireland

City tour along the River Liffey and a terrace view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral…

Liverpool, England

Gorgeous city (Beatles everwhere, pubs, fantastic Indian food) and a fun filled afternoon with Twitter #writer friend Sheila Patel (@vodkawardrobe)!

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Castle grounds and a Parliament that hasn’t been in session for two years…

Welcome to my #writers world–next week, Scotland! Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend, friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Special thanks to the crew of the Viking Sun–they have been fantastic and have made this trip very enjoyable! #Thank you, Gemma would approve 🙂

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