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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Post Time!

Spring fever is rearing it’s lovely head, and I have to say I am enjoying it, even without the cold and snow… 🙂 Exciting times are coming with lots of new opportunities to explore; the edits and revisions for my latest #WIP are going well, I’m starting my querying process, making a major change in my publishing journey, and it’s T-minus three weeks ’til our Viking British Isles cruising adventure (feature pic is from Greenwich, where we will be departing for our cruise)!

The smell of mint juleps is in the air, I’ll be joining my southern California University of Lousiville alumni this weekend to put together some fabulous baskets for our silent auction to be held on DERBY DAY (May 4th). It’s great to be with these lovely Kentucky/California friends each year, all proceeds of the auction go toward funding an annual scholarship that’s awarded to a California student who wants to attend UL, go CARDS! (and did I mention it’s a great time to think about a new hat–the bigger the better…#JustSayin) It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

three books genre sellers

Had the chance to do a fun Q&A with Shanna Swenson (@shanna_swenson), she’s a big supporter of the #WritingCommmunity and a very fun Tweep to be around! Check out our Q&A, as well as her other great interviews and #BookReviews. “Abundantly” awesome for #readers and #writers!

Edits, revisions oh my! I’m very pleased with the latest #WIP and its direction and can’t wait to get it edited and out to the beta readers. The title has been finalized and the cover design initiated. I’m changing course on my publishing strategy (self publishing to traditional) and #amquerying. It’s a major change for me, but I’m excited to explore the new options. I’ll be updating you as things progress, stay tuned!

LA Time Festival of Books, a fab event for #Writers, #readers, and #bibliophiles. Many thanks to Sisters in Crime and Mysterious Galaxy book store who hosted the signing event! Always great to meet #readers and network with other #authors, gorgeous campus too!

Author Aimee’Marie Bejarano (@books_hooks) has worked her design magic again, this time for my #BlogTrailer! I love how this has turned out–it gives folks a glimpse of some of the things you’ll see each week. It’s great to have in my #Writers kit, #ammarketing all the time! You can reach Aimee on FB: or email : . Pssst, she’s a delight to work with too!

go away reading

The #writers of Twitter did not disappoint this week–From a fire crazed serial killer to a broken hearted spirit..

Author Russel, DERRICK, The Second Installment of the Gavin Nolan Biography, 5 STARS

Dark secrets abound in the 2nd installment of Author Russell’s Gavin Nolin Biography series. A sadistic serial killer arsonist is on the loose, terrorizing the city of Chicago with brutal fatalities and catastrophic destruction. Detective Gavin Nolan and his partner Derrick Williamson are called in to investigate with colleague Evelyn Lopez, rattling the political chains of the CPD as they expose organizational incompetence and corruption, while coming face to face with professional and personal demons.

As the killer arsonist grows bolder, tensions flare between Gavin and his captain, Colin Creighton, laying bare a darker set of secrets Gavin must contend with, juggling the demands of this horrific investigation and his feelings for his new found love. Derrick’s military past is revealed, exposing the monstrosities that can fester when power is perverted. As the hideous details and clues emerge, they close in on the killer, but will they be too late?

This is a page turning read that shows the many dark sides of human nature, and the struggles to survive mentally and physically when boundaries are crossed. As with the first book, I thought Author Russell did an exceptional job in this story, exposing the rawest of emotions in the characters as they deal with their personal and professional dilemmas, and how they ultimately face the consequences of the hands fate deals to them. Be forewarned, this is a suspense filled storyline with graphic violence and sexual situations. I can’t wait for the next installment—highly recommended!

Author Bibiana Krall, Prospect Hill, a romantic short story narrated by a ghost, 5 STARS

For a brief moment in time, Author Bibiana Krall takes us on a paranormal journey that poignantly reveals the bittersweet emotions and memories of spirit who doesn’t want to let go of the places and man she loves. We’re swept through time with the beautiful Ayanna as she strives to hold onto the remnants of feelings that were once vibrant, and are now mere echoes of what might had been. A short story tale that reminds us all to treasure the now, before the moment is gone…A great read!

Next in the reading queue:

Flash fiction fun with Author Bibiana Krall

Bibiana was lucky enough to be in Augusta for The Masters golf tournament this past weekend. She’s always on the hunt for the people, places, or things that tap her writer’s muse–this week it’s the beautiful abandoned buildings by the river. She threw a flash fiction challenge over the Twitter wall to me and off we went! Check out our short stories (this time I did follow the <100 WC rule) here (and take a whirl around her beautiful website too!):

blingy boots

Go bling or go home!

Yes I am sorting through the #boots that will be packed for our fabulous cruise–it’s so hard to choose which ones will make the cut (they all want to go!). I think these dazzling little darlings will be super for the evening activities. Sparkle and shine!

savoy life and times

Cocktail #countdown

Perusing the yummy Savoy American Bar cocktails as we prepare for the cruise trip. We’ll be in London a few days before we leave, I have a feeling we’ll be back at our favorite bar….#JustSayin (umeshu, white port, rosemary honey water–who knew??) 🙂

Welcome to my #writers week. Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend, friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Prayers this week for the city of Paris and the beautiful Notre Dame cathedral devastated by the fire. Gemma would approve ❤

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