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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, London Inspiration—Castles and Crowns!

What a trip! London has been fabulous (although there were days where it was 40+ degrees warmer than normal…#WhyMe?). I have managed to wear my boots everyday so life is good. Thought I’d share some pics of the places we were so lucky to visit for this post. Our trip was short but jam packed—it’s Wednesday, time for Dear Diary:

writer sign

Have to say that this past week I’ve been on sabbatical—self enforced. It’s not that I’ve not been thinking of Book 3, I just want to give myself some away time. I’ll be back editing and revising again in a few days. It’s good to take some time away every now and then to give yourself a fresh perspective (so I keep telling myself).

Reading Rd

Always Thaddeus, Author Marcee Corn: 5 STARS

Author Marcee Corn’s tale of tremendous love and loss in the lives of Andrew, Sandy and Beth and the impact it has takes the reader on a bittersweet, suspenseful journey as they try and re-build their fractured lives, hanging on to the promise of hope and new beginnings. Are new chances for happiness possible? Or will they push some over the edge of sanity? I really enjoyed this read, highly recommended!

Am Reading (listening to actually–review in next post, a great story) 🙂

The Day of the Martians: The Martian Diaries, Vol. 1, Author H.E. Wilburson

Day of the Martians

In the Reading Queue:

KP Victoria statue

Kensington Palace

Our first time walking through the palace this trip. Always amazing to go through the rooms where Queen Victoria was raised, and halls where the current royals roam. This was the closest palace to where we stayed, a great location right in Hyde Park. We really enjoyed walking the grounds each day—great paths, beautiful scenery!

Diana versace dress

Diana’s Versace dress

The dress collection of Diana, Princess of Wales, on view at the palace was amazing. I loved seeing many of the gowns and outfits on display that I’d seen pictures of her wearing in the news and magazines. I have to say this Versace dress was my favorite—it is such an amazing gown with the bead details. Great pictures of her through the years and with William and Harry.

KP tiaras

Kensington Palace Royal Crown’s and Tiaras

Emerald crown designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria–yes please! The craftmanship was magnificent, and those gems! Lucky girls, those queens.  🙂

Savoy lobby to tea room gift store

Tea at the Savoy

Can I just say how lucky I am to have had tea in a place I’m sure MC Gemma would love! The sandwiches (cucumber, egg curry, roast beef), portabella mushroom tart, scones (love that  clotted cream and lemon curd), chocolate nut bars, cheesecake….Lovely teas (English breakfast for him, hibiscus for me). It’s a good thing we did so much walking, because I ate just about everything that was put in front of me 🙂

Savoy American bar

Cocktails at the American Bar

We love this bar offering a variety of film inspired cocktails, wine and beers. Art deco inspired décor is very plush and glitzy. A great place to sit down and unwind….and watch our first (and only) rainy day.

AC WftP playbill

Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution

Play at County Hall–real life court house was the venue for the Witness for the Prosecution play. Absolutely loved the location, very elegant and perfect for this play. Actors did a great job—they’ve extended the run of the play, highly recommended!

HCP garden facade

Hampton Court Palace

My favorite palace, absolutely stunning grounds…Below is vine hedge tunnel made for Queen Elizabeth that goes half the length of the Privy garden. River Thames runs along the property, beautiful views and boat trips available!

The Privy garden at Hampton Court Palace were so stunning! Loved the shaped hedges and plantings.

HCP napkins

Hampton Court Palace napkin room

Please zoom in on the napkin figurines on top of the table. A lot of pride taken in the designs and intricate details, they’re amazing! I’d hate to unfold it!

Loved all the fountains at the palace!.

Windsor Castle #RoyalWedding hits Windsor! Had a very fun time walking around the castle as they prep for Princess Eugenie’s wedding this Friday. Looks like a fun time!

Welcome to my world this week—hope you have a fabulous week and weekend!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Favorite dessert? Sticky toffee pudding with ice cream, OMG! Gemma definitely approves 🙂

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