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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Let the Final Quarter #Countdown Begin…

Tick-tock, we just have eleven more weeks to go in 2019, can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but just like the lovely symmetry of the palace gardens I love so much, I try to keep my schedule groomed and planned as much as possible for the year end. I’m not a huge fan of last minute surprises, it’s worth it for me to check and re-check the remainder of the year schedule to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. My two biggest events are the launch and release of book 4 in my series, Mistletoe and Mayhem, Yuletide at Castlewood Manor, just in time for the holidays (more on this below) and the debut of my new website,! The suitcases are primed, we still have a few more trips planned for the year: Bouchercon 2019 mystery conference in Dallas, Jackson Hole, WY–the scene for my next book, and Hearst Castle at Christmas (a nighttime tour with all the Yuletide trimmings (I’m going to try and leave a copy of Mistletoe and Mayhem in the library #HoHoHo 🙂  ).  I’m wrapping up the list of books to read ’til the year end too–so many great stories from the #writers of Twitter. I’ve kept up my pace of 1 new book/week, a trend I plan to continue in 2020.

With the new website nearing completion, I’ve had a few tasks to complete for that launch. The first has to do with the branding of my new An American Hygges & Bisous Mystery series. Gemma has a firm lock on the crowns and British/American flags, so what’s it going to be for my new main character, Rikkhe St. Claire? I’ve decided for this interior designer, globetrotter, sleuth extraordinaire, it’s all about the bling, leopard and fleur de lis dazzle (‘More is more, less is a bore’, Iris Apfel, a designer muse I adore). What do you think? Now that I’m the proud owner/developer/author of two cozy mystery series, I need to change/upgrade my author brand image as well (One needs to keep up with the main characters!)–that design is in the works, stay tuned… It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Mistletoe and Mayhem, the Countdown Begins!

Right now it looks as if the eBook version of this latest adventure with Gemma and friends will hit the stores in approximately 4 weeks, with the print version available November 22nd. I’m hoping to have a few surprise #giveaways for readers, and some Q&A sessions with some of my blogger friends who do so much to support the Indie author community (details to follow). I’ll have specific dates soon for the release–I’m so excited for this new story, I hope you will be too. 🙂 The feature picture this week is from my favorite royal abode, Hampton Court Palace–site of some of my fave scenes and happenings in this latest tale of #Holiday mystery and romance with Gemma and Kyle (Hey, I think I see them waving from the window on the left…)! ❤

a young girl reading fragonard 1771

Whimsy fun and wit galore this week from the #writers of Twitter this week…

Author Elijah Barns,  A Bustle in the Hedgerow, The Witch and Jet Splinters Book 1, 5 STARS

Enchantment and whimsy galore with this delightful read from Author Elijah Barns as we follow the tale of black cat extraordinaire Jet Splinters and the new love of his life, Witch Jinny! A not so nice neighbor with a devious golf course expansion plan is set to destroy their peaceful setting, displacing the homes of the fey beings in the area.

Witch Jinny and her cracking coven are determined to stop the destruction, using their cleverest spell binding conjures. The cats of the coven lend their helping paws and claws to the effort too, assisted by the birds and foxes of the forest. A witchy, fey showdown like no other occurs–will the magical grounds be saved?

Your heart will swell with a warm glow as you listen in to the bewitching conversations between Jinny and her black haired feline and friends as their relationship and affection for one another blossoms. An enchantingly wicked read, perfect for the Halloween season. Let the laughs and hijinks begin, most highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

Calling All #Writer and #Blogger #Foodies!

Now I know my characters at Cherrywood Hall are not the only ones who appreciate a nice cocktail and munchie (I’ve read many of your books)! Author Bibiana Krall has a great opportunity for you. She is inviting #writers and #bloggers to submit up to 3 recipes (drinks, appetizers, sweets) for an eBook collection she is planning to publish on Black Friday (Nov 29th), just in time for the holiday shopping kick off! Details on the recipe submissions are included in the link below. Join in on the #holiday fun—Gemma, Mama and Chef Karl have their recipes ready to go! A great gift idea too, #JustSayin.

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Speaking of final quarter schedules, it’s almost my favorite time of year–Hallmark Christmas movie time! Mark those calendars for October 27th, Countdown to Christmas begins! Gemma and Rikkhe most definitely approve!

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