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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Let the #AmQuerying Campaign Begin!

Hard to believe it’s been almost three months since I stood on the Westminster Bridge in London, snapping pics of the London Eye and Marriot hotel on the River Thames. I had just turned over my manuscript for its first round of professional editing (thank you again, Theresa Snyder!), thinking about the new #writers journey I was about to embark upon. Okay, maybe it’s not as epic as walking on the #moon fifty years ago, but for this #writer, I am over the moon! Months and months (and did I say MONTHS??? 🙂 ) of effort has been poured into this latest #WIP by me and the wonderful folks who have provided services, time and ideas to making this latest adventure a great one. It’s time to start the #query process, wish me luck!

We truly enjoyed our #roadtrip to Solvang (more details below↓)–delicious food, sparkling drinks and a night of great tunes is hard to beat. We’re island bound for the next adventure, heading over to beautiful Catalina Island off the coast of southern California. I’m dusting off the snorkeling gear and loading up more books to #read, can’t wait to sit back and chill in those wonderful island breezes…It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

AmQuerying Mistletoe Mayhem Yuletide at Castlewood Manor Cover VCB

Introducing: Mistletoe & Mayhem; Yuletide at Castlewood Manor© #AmQuerying #Debut

Ta-dah! How about that #concept book cover (thanks to my talented step-daughter, Danielle Gregorio)! I decided not to break my previous trend of having a book cover designed for this latest endeavor, even though things may change if and when my #querying campaign is successful. Seeing a ‘cover’ helps me to focus on the story at hand–keeping me motivated whenever there’s a slump or moment of doubt. It’s Christmas at Cherrywood Hall, #HoHoHo!

Speaking of bringing a story to life…

Once again I’m indebted to the fabulous Aimee Bejarano @Spokenamos, and her Books With Hooks Trailer magic. Just in time to kick off my #AmQuerying campaign, I’m pleased to debut the #QueryingTrailer Aimee put together for me for this latest book, Mistletoe & Mayhem; Yuletide at Castlewood Manor, turn up the volume and enjoy! (Pssst…does the little doggie look familiar? Hint, hint, it’s the Grizz aka ‘Patch’ (thank you Mark Schultz @wordrefiner), making his #cozymystery debut!)

go away reading

The #writers of Twitter made for a delectable #cozymystery read this week…

Author Faith Martin, The Country Inn Mystery, Jenny Starling Mysteries, #7, 5 STARS

Traveling cook Jenny Starling fills in for her friend and fellow chef at the Spindlewood Inn featured in Author Faith Martin’s latest whodunit, The Country Inn Mystery. It’s the inn’s ‘Regency Extravaganza’ weekend–filled with actors, fans and fabulous food! As the guests arrive, Chef Jenny soon realizes that the peaceful country-side setting is brimming with scandalous undertones.

Local drama and historical group, The Caulcott Deeping Players, are at the inn to perform a re-enactment of a scandalous nobility affair from years ago that ends in despair and death. Lead actress Rachel Norman is a thespian on a mission to land her break-out role, leaving a trail of broken hearts (and pocket-books). Will a jilted lover bring her down? Or is there something more sinister being planned for this wannabe actress diva?

Colorful characters, a charming setting, and menus filled with delectable treats make this a great summertime whodunit read to sit back and enjoy. This reader is very happy–there are more stories and adventures to be read featuring the delightful Ms. Starling. I can’t wait to see what she’s up to next!

Next up in the #amreading queue:

Million Dollar Quartet had ‘A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On’!

Folks if you get the chance to see Million Dollar Quartet, please go, you will not be disappointed–great music and a magical Christmas jam session make it a night you won’t forget.  Turns out this is a traveling roadshow now showing in many different cities. Dust off those blue suede shoes and check out locations near you for the next performance here:

Another FABULOUS summer cocktail to try, #Yummo!

Have to say this little bubbling gin & tonic has become my new fave (and will definitely make an appearance in the next book, #JustSayin)! I could sit and watch this cocktail all night (but who’s kidding who, it was delicious!). Benham’s gin, aromatic tonic, juniper berries, star anise, ginger, cilantro (fabulous kick) and a piece of dry ice to perfectly chill the ingredients, #HearHear!

Welcome to my world! Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend everyone!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. This past weekend we celebrated the 50th anniversary of man’s walk on the #moon. A special #shoutout to Astronaut Alan Bean, 4th man to walk on the moon, #Apollo12, #Godspeed my friend! “Keep Reaching for the Stars…” Gemma would most definitely approve ❤

Apollo connection

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