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Veronica’s #WritersDiary , Let’s Get This New Year Started!

Christmas (check), New Year’s (check), Birthday (check)—my favorite holidays are now complete. Armed with yet another new crown, it’s 2019 and time for business (and lots fun of course)! I’m up to my eyeballs in marketing to-do’s, and getting the 3rd book completed for release has had its challenges this week.

I’m trying to keep a positive attitude–things will work out one way or another, I know from experience. In the meantime, I’m just going to have to schedule in a sooner than later appointment with my hairdresser to cover up the grays that have sprouted out of nowhere! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

DeadlyReceptionsV6 red with black

It’s almost royal showtime for Deadly Receptions; the Debut of Castlewood Manor! That is if a last minute kink can be worked out with BookBaby. For my books, I use a design style that has the first letter of the first word in the chapter as a large, drop down letter that indents the first paragraph. The large letter is cursive in style, and I just really like the look. Createspace editors came up with the design for the first two books, and I provided the first two book proofs to BookBaby to come up with a similar style for consistency.

Createspace produced the eBook design for viewing on Kindles. BookBaby’s eBook design will work on multiple eBook platforms (which from a marketing perspective should be a good thing–you’re not limited to Kindles alone). Turns out that drop down large letter design element does not translate consistently across multiple platforms, and so at the last minute, I have to decide whether to move forward without the drop down letter (forfeiting consistency with the first two books) or stop everything and go to another publisher…not a place I wanted to be. I’m hoping to work out a partial resolution with BookBaby—updates next week!

a young girl reading fragonard 1771

A great start to the new year as I traveled to some dark halls in Ireland and horse country in Texas thanks to the awesome writers of Twitter!

Author Midge Cline, ‘Wyndham Hall’ 5 STARS

Restoring an ancient Irish manor house is a dream of a lifetime for Nigel and Gwynn Morgan and their daughter Binne. After many years of traveling around the world on adventurous projects, they hope to make Wyndham Hall their home and open sections of the manor house and estate to visitors. The local villagers are wary—Wyndham Hall is a house of secrets with a tragic past, and the Morgans are outsiders.

Author Midge Cline weaves a chilling, bittersweet tale as the new owners of Wyndham Hall begin their renovations, uncovering the dark secrets of the past, and experiencing the vengeance of spirits that roam the corridors. Nigel, Gwynn and Binne, aided by their new village friends and academic family members unravel the truth, but will the evil spirits prevail and drive them away? This is a great read for YA and adults, highly recommended!

Author Shanna Swenson, ‘Abundance’, 5 STARS

Natalie Cameron and her daughter Dallie are returning to the family ranch in Abundance, Texas on the heels of a horrendous marriage that ended in tragedy, murder, and scandal. Emotions run high as Natalie comes to terms with her circumstances, and begins to build a new life with her young daughter at the family home. Ranch foreman Jack Kinsen tries to reach out to the broken woman offering kindness and friendship, but Natalie takes her hurt and anger out on him, threatening a deep attraction developing between them.

Author Shanna Swenson takes you on a steamy, romantic, emotional ride as Natalie works through her raging feelings that threaten to take her down. Will she be able to trust and love again with help from her parents and Jack? Her vengeful ex has other ideas, and is bent on destroying the woman he feels betrayed him. I really enjoyed this read filled with life complexities, developing romance, family relationships, steamy encounters, and a suspense filled ending. A great read, highly recommended!

Next up in the reading queue:

birthday cards and cake

Fun Times!

I had a fabulous birthday this year–lots of great time with family and friends, awesome gifts, and even a few days of my favorite thing in the world—snow and cold thanks to a mountain trip with Hubby! I had two ‘gifts’ that I have to highlight (and a few mountain pics from Big Bear Lake):

An original write-up featuring moi from author Sheila Patel in another of my favorite places–The Magic Vodka Wardrobe! Woot, Woot–bring on the voddies! Stay tuned for Sheila’s Book 3 release–cannot wait to get back to the Wardrobe!

birthday original from sheila patel

And proving a Mama is never too old to get another homemade #Christmas ornament from her son (even if he is now 31 y/o)–my #DieHardIsAChristmasMovie ornament!

die hard ornament

And lots of lovely, cold mountain air at Big Bear!

Welcome to my world 🙂  Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Take some time to give yourself a pat on the back this week as you start the new year, Gemma would approve! 🙂

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