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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Keeping Focused and Getting in That Almost Royal State of Mind!

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you felt you were being pulled in every direction–trying to keep all the crowns in the air as you juggle a billion different things–and oh, by the way, you’ve started a new book (and decisions, decisions, do I really need those faux fur slides…#MyBad)? “Don’t forget, check–don’t forget, check– don’t forget, #$x%&*” was my mantra this past week.

We made it through Valentine’s Day (uuggh, I am in chocolate overload–never thought I would say those words…), the weekend (lovely torrential rains here in southern California), President’s Day (a sunny day that included lunch with our son at the Cheesecake Factory–lemon raspberry, yummo!)–and the never ending book #AmMarketing sprinkled throughout. It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:


AuthorUpROAR page–very excited to finally get this page and promotion service set up. You cannot do all the #AmMarketing promo by yourself (well maybe you can, but not me). Author UpROAR does a great job featuring your books and goes that extra mile in giving readers some insights into your writing style, what motivates you as a writer, and different facts about your books and characters on your page. The promo tweet support on Twitter has been great too! Check out my page if you get a chance–this is a great value IMO!

30 Day Book Marketing Challenge update: This week I’m doing research on several of the sites Rachel recommends in her book regarding content/#’s/groups on the social media platforms, SEO rankings, and sites that help get the word out on your books and blog. I’m not moving as quickly as I’d like with this, but I’m doing a bit each day. Unfortunately this is not the only thing I have to do each day, and I’m not a tech guru in all areas. I’m taking time to make sure I understand these different areas before I act, it’s just the way I tick.

Amazon–key words categories for eBook vs printed Books–I noticed for my three books that Amazon had my rankings listed by eBook and printed Books for each (in the middle of your book page on the left hand side)–and the category breakouts that I selected with CreateSpace and BookBaby were different for the eBooks and printed books. For eBooks (where most of my sales come from), the categories did not include cozy mystery. I was pretty shocked to see this (and even more shocked that I was just noticing this). I went to my KDP page and made the category selections. It makes a difference in your ranking–make sure the categories are correct for eBooks and printed books!

Guest blog features: Next week (Feb. 26th) I’ll be starting my guest blog Q&A with Mark Schultz (@wordrefiner) focused on Deadly Receptions; the Debut of Castlewood Manor that I’m very much looking forward to! On February 28th, I will be on A Cup of Conversation on Soulla Christodoulou’s (@schristodoulou2) blog. Upcoming posts are also scheduled with Jena Henry (@jenabooks) on March 5th, and with Jason Foss (@JasonEFoss2) TBD, coming soon. Take a moment to get to know these fabulous writers/bloggers who are great supporters of the #WritingCommunity!

#AmWritingAlmost time for the deep dive in, which means I’ll be in the zone and I cannot wait (and yes, Hampton Court Palace will find its way into the storyline one way or another)! This storyline is wanting to get out, it will be interesting to see what the characters end up this go around–cocktail bar is stocked! #JustSayin

go away reading

Once again, the #writers of Twitter did not disappoint (and I am so glad I had something to read, relax, and unwind with this week!)

Author Jeff DeMarco, Into Armageddon; Ruler of Ashes Series (Book 1), 5 STARS:

It has been said the world is full of good intentions, a wonderful thought to think of and believe in. But it’s just as disturbing to think that our entire world can be brought to its knees by those in power who think they are ‘saving’ the world with their so called ‘good intentions’. Author Jeff DeMarco takes us on a chilling journey that details the actions of a stealth power organization called ‘The Order’, and their scientific manipulations that erupt as the chaos of these biological/genetically engineered intentions unfold, uncontrollable, devolving into a reality that brings the world as we know it to an end.

Genetically modified children with extreme powers, military madmen, humans that degenerate into vicious killing machines, and the power of the few who struggle to survive and rule using any means necessary in this new world makes for a chilling tale as the truth of what’s been unleashed is slowly decoded. There are dark secrets yet to be revealed–who should be trusted? Who will be successful? Or will everyone be doomed to destruction by the madness of power? A chilling, page turning read that will keep you on the edge to the end!

Author Lori Katherine, Twilight Carnivals, 5 STARS:

Words that inspire, words that touch and light the darkest corners of your heart and soul–Author/Poetess Lori Katherine gives us her wordily touch of magic that brings forth many emotions as you read. The pangs of lost love, fleeting moments, peaceful memories, tears of sorrow, and laughs of joy are just a few of the emotions you’ll experience and remember from the past and present as you read this lovely collection of poems.

I love sitting back and reading these gems of reflections and inspiration over and over–gaining me new insights every time. Author Lori Katherine has introduced me to the moving world of poetry once again, and awakened my love for this written style of word. A great read that does your heart, soul and spirit good!

Author Bibiana Krall, Abulon: A Modern Fairy Tale (short story), 5 STARS:

Author Bibiana Krall takes us on an unexpected journey into the fantasies of unknown worlds with this enchanting short story. A moment of passion with mystery man Pablo on a beach in northern California has chilling consequences for main character Branca that leaves a lasting imprint on her heart. As her destiny and past is revealed, will she leave her world behind or stay in the safety of the known? A short story that will leave you guessing and gasping to the end!

Next in the reading queue:

barbie iris afpel VCB

What can I say…meet moi, Barbie style!

A girl’s got to have a little fun. To help get in my almost royal state of mind, I’ve been blinging things up a bit around the house. Hubby is involved in a super secret project bringing the Wedding Pavilion at Cherrywood Hall to life right here in southern California! Soooo, as I’ve been shopping and planning, I happened to run into the ‘Barbie’ version of one of my fave fashion icons, Iris Apfel, and I just had to get her…primarily because this doll could be moi! The faux fur, the fringe–I fell in love. Now I just need to find a Barbie crown….:)

Welcome to my writing world! Enjoy the rest of your week and have a fabulous weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. We’ll be celebrating the Oscars Telly Tiaras this Sunday–can’t wait to see all the fashion, slights, and celebrations! Gemma would approve!

faux fur and telly tiara
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