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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Not much longer now folks, Christmas is just around the corner! I hope your holiday season is in full swing–enjoy all that eggnog and fruitcake (and perhaps a few cocktails 🙂 ). The featured picture is from the Swarovski Crystal display at Rockefeller Center in NYC–such an awesome, sparkly display. I’m back from NYC and getting ready for the big day planning menus, buying last minute gifts, and getting ready to have some great Christmas fun with family and friends—HoHoHo!

I want to take some time to say thank you to everyone I have had the delight to ‘meet’ this year on social media—delightful, very talented folks you are! I love the daily interactions and can’t wait to see what the new year brings! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

DeadlyReceptionsV6 red with black

The proofs are in, so now I get to do one last check before authorizing the release of Deadly Receptions...if all goes as planned we’ll have a release within the next few weeks, which for me is the best Christmas present ever!

Going over marketing plans and prioritizing next steps for the Deadly Receptions release with Smith Publicity/BookBaby as well. I have a new book from @BadRedheadMedia that I’m going to read to supplement some of the marketing activities, always on the look for innovative promos and book sales strategies. I’ll give a review of this book and details from BookBaby after Christmas. The marketing/sales fun has just begun!

go away reading

Had lots of time to get in some great reads from writers on Twitter on the flights to/from NYC!

Author C.A. Powell’s, Meeting Boudicca, 5 STARS

Author C.A. Powell gives us a window in time to a royal, ancient past in Meeting Boudicca. Two queens, two legacies, with an intriguing storyline of survival and alliances of the fittest. Queen Cartimandua poignantly takes you back to the days before the royal meeting in vivid detail–dealing with betrayals, loyalties, and brutal battles that never end. A game of wits that could have life or death consequences, which queen will prevail, and bring her enemies to a halt?

I found this to be a great historical fiction read, delving into the minds, strategies and actions of the two ancient queens. Author Powell’s attention to historical details is admirable, drawing the reader in to these embattled times. A fascinating read, highly recommended!

Author Joy Ross Davis, Countenance, 5 STARS

Author Joy Ross Davis weaves a heart breaking tale of the unimaginable horrors of losing your family in a horrendous crime, and the day by day survival in the aftermath. Main character Nealey’s struggle to get on with her life is lovingly narrated in this tale. Will the strength of family, ghostly beings and angelic intervention be enough to save Nealey and protect her from additional tragedy from an evil family nemesis?

Some great characters that will fill you with hope, tears, and laughs, and yummy recipes too! A charming, poignant read indeed.

Author Sheila Patel’s, The Magic Vodka Wardrobe, Book 2, 5 STARS

I could not wait to return to the Magic Vodka Wardrobe and author Sheila Patel did not disappoint! The zany daily antics of  Shaz, Trace, and Aunt Sheila continue with their friends and family. Romance is in the air this go around–will the ladies find true love? Or stick to drinking voddy’s and dancing in the Wardrobe?

Another very fun, page turning read from author Patel. Love the characters and their hilarious situations—you’re drawn right into the party that never seems to end! A great read, highly recommended!

Next in the reading queue:

Happy Holidays–These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

I thought I’d show some of my favorite video clips and pics from some of the sights we’ve been to the past few weeks and some fave ornaments/decorations from around the house. I hope you enjoy and have a very Merry, Happy Christmas!

Crowns and kisses,


P.S. Gemma, Kyle, Evan, Ma-ma, Aunt Margaret and Pippa wish you a very Merry, Happy Christmas too! Gemma definitely approves! #HoHoHo

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