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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, It’s #Quarantine #Step Mania!

Bonjour–top of the morning to ya! This past week, I watched a video clip from MSN/Inside edition where a man in the UK ‘climbed Mt. Everest’, well, actually, its equivalent height, by walking up and down his home staircase. Since I have been suffering from a severe case of couch potato-itis the past month or so, I decided that I am going to take on this brilliant challenge, and hopefully lose the poundage that has piled on during this #quarantine so that I can fit through the door when #lockdown is lifted, LOL. I found this delightful article from Mpora that actually details how many steps/flight of stairs it take to do a climbing equivalent to these great landmarks:

Big Ben (96 m) – 632 steps / 42 flights Great Pyramid of Giza (146 m) – 1,002 steps / 67 flights Blackpool Tower (158 m) – 1,036 steps / 69 flights Eiffel Tower (324 m) – 1,665 steps / 108 flights Burj Khalifa (828 m) – 2,909 steps / 160+ flights Snowdon (1,085 m) – 7,120 steps / 475 flights Ben Nevis (1,345 m) – 8,810 steps / 587 flights Mont Blanc (4,810 m) – 30,520 steps / 2,028 flights Everest (8,842 m) – 58,070 steps / 3,871 flights

Now, not everyone is up to climbing to great heights, but I thought I’d share some of my favorite lofty scenes for those who might be inspired (the feature pic was from Lake Louise with the Ice Castle winning sculpture):

Scenes from Teton National Park, December, 2019

Views of Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies last February, 2019

Tennessee Foothill Parkway Scenes, January, 2020

Big Bear Mountain, October 2019

The final #step challenge I was most wowed with came from another fine gent from the UK who pledged to walk 100 laps around his garden terrace using his walker, before his 100th birthday, raising funds for the NHS. Congratulations WWII Captain Tom Moore, he completed his task, and raised a staggering £25+M for the NHS in the process. #Welldone, Sir! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

MC pram with book mockup Double Trouble

I’m deep in the #editing zone this week, head down and making those changes! This is not a favorite phase of the writing process for me, but in the end it makes such a big difference to the story content and having a clean manuscript. Thanks again to Theresa Snyder for her fabulous contributions and suggestions!

I’m using this #lockdown time to overhaul my book marketing plans. I’m working with fellow writer and book promo designer extraordinaire, Ellie Douglas. In addition to her terrific horror tales, she also provides services to the #WritingCommunity, including promotional materials, banners, and book cover animations. Check out her website and tabbed services here:

go away reading

A mystery murder club members become the hunted this week from the #writers of Twitter…

Author Victoria Benchley, The Marsden Murder Club, Swiss Revenge, 5 STARS

A murderer is released from prison, anxious to return to his former luxurious lifestyle. When he finds he is now scorned by his so called friends, he decides to extract revenge on those he feels doomed his life. Members of the Marsden Murder Club are involved in deadly accidents—is there a connection?

Teacher Charlotte Swain, is contacted by Bunny Childs to attend a meeting of the club in Switzerland. She’s torn, her deceased father was once a member of this club, will she be able to overcome her resentments of him abandoning their family? Her curiosity roused, she decides to attend, and meets the other members of the club, who each possess special forensic and detecting skills. They’re on a mission to find out who is killing their members, but will they be able to stop the fiend before he or she kills again?

A romantic liaison  with member Mick blossoms as deadly threats to Charlotte’s life occur more frequently. Does she follow her heart, or will her instincts lead to a horrendous discovery? Author Benchley’s book is page turning thriller filled with twists and turns to the very end! I’m so glad this is a series–I will be back for more! Highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

wine tile 2

Well, ‘Wine’ Not? Vino Tips from Viking Cruises!

Removing the cork, how to taste your grape libation, the proper way to capture the fragrance of the grapes, which wine to serve for what food–enjoy this 10+ minute overview on all things wine!

A Red, White and Blue Twinkle Light #Quarantine Salute!

It doesn’t take much of a twist to our arms here in the Barton abode to put up twinkle lights for all seasons, but we wanted to pay tribute to some special folks as we await the lift of the #lockdown. This past week hubby has set all inside lights to the red. white, and blue to honor all those workers who have risked everything to keep the country going during these #pandemic times. We are very grateful, thank you!!

Welcome to my writer’s world. Wishing you a safe, healthy #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Just received notice that the #Bouchercon2020 mystery conference planned for Sacramento in October has been cancelled as a cautionary measure. So sad, it is a great #writer’s event, and I was very much looking forward to it. But, there’s always #Bouchercon2021 to be held in New Orleans!  Stay tuned! Gemma and Rikkhe approve 🙂


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