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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, It’s All About the #Balance

Well hell-o, June, #HappySummer! (and I just can’t get enough of the pictures from Hampton Court Palace and its lovely gardens) I’m still on the vacation high, sorting photos, smiling at the memories, and yes, still adjusting to the time zone difference (8-9 hour difference for 20 days has an impact). I made lots of promises to myself during our trip as we relaxed and enjoyed the pampering. It’s a new month, new season, a great time to make some changes…and to find a happy balance in your life.

One thing I absolutely enjoyed from the trip was being able to decouple from the ‘real world’ for a bit–limited social media and emails, the pressure to get things done quickly morphed into a peaceful routine of spa days, reading, and just taking in the beautiful scenery. It’s amazing how many details you take in when you’re out of the rush zone–the deep blue hues of the ocean, candles flickering on a table, gardens filled with flowers…

Our final stop in Norway put me in a #Hygge frame of mind, filling my surroundings with beautiful things that make me happy; simplifying my routines to allow the time for creativity to flow. This is my summer project/promise to myself to maintain that vacation kind of bliss–see my #Hygge Summer List below. It’s Wednesday, time for DearDiary:

three books genre sellers

#AmEditingDeep breath, the manuscript is now in the hands of the professionals! I’ve done as much as I can, time for some fresh eyes to give me their feedback. Exciting times–now I get to wait and see….dun…dun…dun…

#AmMarketing: Just in time for the #summer #reading season, I have re-priced my books to $2.99 for the eBook versions–get your copies now! I’ll be putting in some ad campaigns on Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub as well as social media…stay tuned!

The Synopsis: This is my next major project for the #AmQuerying process. All the agents are going to want this (in addition to the ultra clean/edited manuscript). Should be simple, right? Boiling down a 307 page manuscript to 1-2-3 pages?

Thank goodness for Author Rayne Hall’s book, Writing Book Blurbs and Synopses! Great tips and strategies, #JustSayin #WritingCommunity

go away reading

The #writers of twitter did not disappoint—dystopian sci fi fantasy and poetry for the mind this week…

Author Christina Goebel, Birth Right, Galak’s Rising, 5 STARS

What happens to the world when human developed genetically engineered technology, robots and an evil cyborg take over the world as we know it? Author Christina Goebel takes on us a dystopian fantasy tale that begins hours before the Great Technological War that will alter human kind forever, and projects us a century plus into the future to see the new world order. Its cyborg Galak versus the genetically perfect Valki and the tribes of humans and their rulers who are fighting to see who will be supreme.

Galak is on a mission to dominate the future by mating with the Valki females. In the Galak world, choices and freedom have been obliterated. Valki twins 99 and 100 have a dilemma–whoever wins the mandated physical challenge will be the next mate of Galak. A crisis of conscious and a will to be free changes the twin’s destinies forever–will either be able to survive?

New relationships, trust, and collaboration will be key to the human and Valki survival if they are to successfully challenge the oppressive rule of Galak. As new alliances are forged and nurtured, can the past teachings and beliefs be left behind? This first book in Author Goebel’s series is a fantasy tale of courage and determination with a vision for a new world order of what might be, with a hint of what’s to come!

Author Lori Katherine, Fairy Gazing, 5 STARS

Author Lori Katherine takes us to the magick-al world of poetry where feelings and dreams come alive, sprinkled with just a hint of fairy dust. This collection of poems is enchanting to this reader, with its soft spoken thoughts of the night, loves, desires, and memories that transcend time. Romantic prose entices you to dream and appreciate the magic around you. A perfect book to read again and again as we transition to warm summer nights beneath the stars, and reflect on the world around us.

Next up in the reading queue:

My Summer #Hygge List

#Hygge: (hoo-gah) from Danish and Norwegian, adopting a cozy lifestyle/environment that brings about contentment and well being. Sounds simple, but putting it into practice takes some concentrated efforts. For me, decluttering and showcasing just the things that make me smile is a big step. I’m also learning to say ‘no’, to save a little more quality time for me. I’m writing down some of the things I’d like to do this summer, here’s what I have so far:

  1. Have some night-time fun–late night swims, sit by the firepit, look at the stars

  2.  Day trips, you don’t need to take 10 1/2 hour flights to get that vacay inspiration. Drive to that beach restaurant, go antiquing in the mountain towns, dress up and go that new play…

  3. Eat fresh: One of the things I enjoyed so much was the seafood and fresh veggies on our trip, #yummo! I’m on the hunt for some new recipes that we can prepare on the grill, including the in-season veggies. Fresh is best!

  4. Candles, crowns, new stemware–filling my house with lots of sparkly, pretty items

  5.  Entertain with family and friends–host a mid-week brunch (just did this with my cousin Janie), get the neighbors over for a game night 🙂

  6. Snap those pictures! I love the photo in this section of colorful houses on a beautiful, serene lake–can you believe this was taken as we zoomed to the Bergen airport at 70 mph? It’s one of the prettiest pics from the holiday, you just never know!

Bottom line, if something doesn’t make you smile–is it worth it? I’m inspired, I’ll keep you posted…

A few more pics from our #MyVikingStory cruise…

From Bergen, a lovely gazebo and garden view and the biggest pair of Viking horns I’ve ever seen!

The River Ness and the castle (that is really a court house) in Inverness

Just in Time for Summer, Succulents and Flowers from Hampton Court Palace

Kate Spade glitter tennies

#Hygge Stylin’, Gotta Do Those Shoes…

I’m taking this #Hygge lifestyle to heart, including my shoes! I’m in love with these Kate Spade glittery tennies–perfect for #summertime! They’re not boots, but I think I’ve found another shoe love ❤

Welcome to my world. Enjoy your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. #HappySummer, time to get #reading! Gemma would approve 🙂

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