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Veronica's #WritersDiary: Going 'Behind the Scenes', It's a Book Cover Reveal!

Behind the Scenes: The Exhibition of Castlewood Manor

Veronica Cline Barton

Whoop, whoop, here we are, that most wonderful time of year for a writer---it's a cover reveal! Another jewel in the publishing crown for a writer to celebrate. Behind the Scenes: The Exhibition of Castlewood Manor is book 9 in My American Almost Royal Cousin mystery series, and I am so ready to celebrate and pop the bubbly! 🍾🥂

Today, in addition to the cover reveal (designed by my fabulous stepdaughter, Danielle Gregorio), I want to give you a 'behind-the-scenes' tour of what inspired this latest mystery to 'set the scene'...

The Inspiration

Once upon a time, there was a grand house and estate #ThinkShadowRidge nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina... A grandiose exhibition is held at the estate for the adoring fans and public to get a 'behind-the-scenes' looksie and inside scoops on their favorite period drama series... #ThinkCastlewoodManor

Of course, we must eat, drink, and make merry...

A hit period drama series fostered a plethora of culinary and spirited spinoffs...

An eccentric, nearby town where tourists flock...

With a love for local libations...and bizarro attractions.... #ThinkSmokyGulch

A mysterious resident of Smoky Gulch has conquests on his mind... #CouldBeTrouble

An illegitimate daughter... #ThinkCharlotte

And danger lurking around every corner... #DunDunDun

Gemma and her family and friends' first Thanksgiving together in America takes a few unexpected turns...

Are you intrigued?

This story is developing...with more details rolling out soon. I'm planning a September release, just in time to start gearing up for the holidays. Thank you so much for the book love! It's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Speaking of the holidays...

Ho, ho, ho, nothing like a #ChristmasInJuly pick-me-up to chase away those summer hot and humid blues! I'll have my four Christmas themed books on sale for 99 cents the month of July. Cool down with a holiday mystery! 🕵️‍♀️❄️🎀

Murder most foul and Mother Nature loses her cool this week from the writers of X...

Author Anthony Horowitz, The House of Silk, 5

When Holmes and Watson are contacted by an art dealer who claims a mysterious man is after him, their inquiries draw them into the seedier side of London as they chase him down. Their investigation unveils a nefarious underground filled with despicable deeds and a seedy, criminal network. They will let nothing stop them, not even the great detective Sherlock Holmes. Will this be his final case?

Author Horowitz weaves an intriguing tale that will keep Sherlock Holmes fans captivated and delighted!

Author Elly Griffiths, The Stranger Diaries, 5

When a fav teacher is found murdered, the students and faculty are left shocked. Her colleague, high school English teacher, Clare Cassidy suspects someone from the woman's past may be involved. As the investigation continues and more bodies turn up, Clare's past and her current friends and family fall under suspicion. Is the killer someone she knows?

Author Griffiths pens an intriguing mystery that will keep you glued to the pages. I enjoyed this story very much, highly recommended!

Authors James Patterson and Michael Chrichton, Eruption, 5

Mother Nature is about to blow her top in this thrilling adventure started and finished by the late Michael Chrichton and James Patterson respectively. On the big island of Hawaii, the volcano, Mauna Loa is gearing up for a large-scale eruption, threatening the town of Hilo. To make matters worse, the Army is harboring a dark secret project which could put the entire planet in danger if the lava flow is not diverted. As the clock ticks away, the skills and resources from scientists and locals are paramount in stopping crisis after crisis. Will they be successful? Or will the doomsday scenario become a disastrous reality?

Authors Chrichton and Patterson offer readers a thrilling tale I couldn't put down. If you want a suspense-filled, nail-biting adventure that will keep you on edge 'til the end, this story is for you!

Author Sarah Yarwood-Lovett, A Murder of Crows, 5

Ecologist, Dr. Nell Ward is on the case when murder strikes during one of her wildlife inspections. The problem, she's now a suspect! As the investigation unfolds, Nell's mysterious background links her to the victim. Did she commit deadly revenge, or is someone out to frame her?

Author Yarwood-Lovett weaves a mysterious tale of intrigue with many twists and turns that will keep you turning those pages! I very much enjoyed this tale--a treat for fans of cozy mystery!

Whale watching in Dana Point with Captain Dave's!

The OH and I had another amazing tour off the SoCal coast looking at the fabulous sea life! This time dolphins were the main attraction, sprinkled in with Minke whales on the hunt for their morning food frenzy.

We did get up close to see a creature I've never seen or heard of--the Mola Mola, or Ocean Sunfish. The blob-like fish was actually about 4 feet in length and just kind of floated sideways at the surface--quite bizarre!

We also had a close-up view of the houses involved in a major mudslide earlier this year on the cliffs of Dana Point. The house on the left has been condemned--if you zoom in you can see the bottom of the infinity pool hanging out. #Yikes

If you're in the SoCal area and want an amazing ocean adventure, check out a cruise with Captain Dave's!

Welcome to my world. Wishing you and yours a fabulous July!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July celebration for those in the USA! We're heading back to the Ritz in Laguna to watch the fireworks along the coast! Gemma and Rikkhe approve 🎆💖👑

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Jun 26

I love the new cover! So elegant and classy. The books you've been reading sound terrific and I just added a couple to my TBR (I love Elly Griffiths). Thanks for sharing the photos of the dolphin outing—how fun! Have a great Fourth of July and stay cool! xo

Veronica Cline Barton
Veronica Cline Barton
Jun 26
Replying to

Thanks so much, Amy! The books to read this month are top notch, I really enjoyed them. Have a lovely week and 4th! xo 💖👑


Jun 26

Congrats! The new cover is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to read the pages in-between! xxoo

(Never heard of the Mola Mola either...its a little creepy.) 😎

Veronica Cline Barton
Veronica Cline Barton
Jun 26
Replying to

Thank you, Cathy--I love it too! The Mola Mola was a bit creepy, I wouldn't want it bumping up next to me in the water, LOL. Have a lovely week! xo 💖👑

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