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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, #Fun in the #Sun Time!

So nice to see some sunshine the past few days! June gloom has been in full force here in southern California–I’m not complaining about the nice temps by any means, but it is good to get some bright skies for a change. #SummerSolstice came in with a bang last Friday–we’re officially in swimsuit and BBQ mode!

Today’s featured pic was taken at the Irvine Spectrum, a great outdoors mall with lots of shops and eateries, located at the crossroads of the 5 and 405 freeways. It’s a favorite place of ours to meet up with our son for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory—so love their lemon raspberry cheesecake, #Yummo…It’s fun walking along the open air corridors, eyeing the latest fashions (and making sure you get your daily #steps in after a cheesecake indulge). The décor of the pathways–a gorgeous mix of colorful tiles and lush plantings sets the scene for a #summertime tropical paradise. The lion fountain is absolutely regal, and gives off some nice, cool splashes when it’s hot. Definitely a nice place to visit if you’re around! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

three books genre sellers

#AmEditing #AmRevisingWhew! Nothing like getting the first round of professional edits and revisions done, fun! Getting a different perspective and invaluable suggestions  is #WriterManna for me. And it feels soooo good to send your revised manuscript away for the next round. I have to admit this is a very laborious phase of the #writing process that is not my favorite, but I know how much it pays off in the end. I’m closing in…stay tuned. 🙂

#AmQueryingSo now it’s back to finishing my #synopsis for my #amquerying campaign that will start in a few weeks. I’m anxious to start my hunt for the perfect #agent. I found another resource guide on #Amazon that has been helpful with lots of great #tips and suggestions by Cathy Yardley. You may want to check it out if you’re in this process.

go away reading

Chills and suspense from the #writers of Twitter this week!

Author MJ LaBeff, Last Winter’s Taken, The Last Cold Case Book 3,  5 STARS

A gruesome murder leaves mother-to-be Willow Danby dead and her baby missing days before Christmas in this latest thriller by author M.J. LaBeff in her Last Cold Case series. Homicide Detective Rachel Hood’s psychic abilities kick in as she hones in closer to the killer, aided by occult crimes FBI agent and fellow psychic boyfriend Nick Draven. A blizzard strikes the area as the clock ticks down in the quest to find the missing baby, hampering their investigation efforts. Will they run out of time and lose all trace?

Suspects are aplenty as Rachel and Nick investigate the neighbors of the victim in the affluent, seemingly perfect neighborhood. At first appearance, it looks like the ideal place to live and raise a family with fun gatherings and close friendships, but secrets start to come to light, showing not everything is at it seems. Willow’s past as a social worker and her husband’s position as a defense attorney lead to additional suspects that might not have been happy with their services. Rachel’s debilitating visions from hundreds of years ago haunt her investigation–is there a tie to the victim? Or her killer? Or…???

This is a suspense filled chiller with many dramatic twists and turns. Author LaBeff leaves no detail unturned in this page turner. A great read–I can’t wait for the next season’s cold case!

Next up in the #reading queue:

laura calder french food at home

On the #Hygge Food Front—French Food At Home with Laura Calder

Getting that #Hygge je nais se quoi kind of eating experience is what chef Laura Calder is all about, IMO. I have been a huge fan of Laura’s for some time now. She has an elegant simplicity in her recipes and décor that just clicks with me. Reading the recipes in this book gives you a warm, cozy, #hygge kind of feeling. As a #reader and a #writer, the titles of Laura’s recipes piques my interest. Who wouldn’t want to consume Ghost Soup, Toast Soup, Pickle Chops, and Beer Bird? Warning: get your aprons ready to cook and indulge, you won’t be able to resist! French Food At Home can be found at #Amazon and other fine resellers.

Speaking of #SummerSolstice

Thought I’d pull out some of my favorite pics in honor of the #summer #fun season. Whether you’re cruising the high seas or the River Thames; at the beach or the Las Vegas strip; or just kickin’ back at the pool or strollin’ the neighborhood lake, I love those #summer sunsets!

2019_Russia_and_the_Baltic_Sea_956x690_tcm13-101221 Viking Ocean Cruise

Ya, Nyet, Skol! Getting Ready for Another Viking Cruise!

WooHoo! We have the plans all set for another #MyVikingStory next May, 2020. I’m going to the lands of #Hygge and I’m so looking forward to this next #travel adventure! This is another Viking Ocean cruise–same type ship from our British Isles adventure, so I’ll know where all the fave #cocktail nooks are this go round. I’m very excited to return to Stockholm–such a beautiful city and cannot wait to do some first time sightseeing in St. Petersburg, Tallinn, and Copenhagen too. Plenty of time to scout out the #boots and start learning some new language basics! 🙂

Welcome to my world! Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. #HoHoHo It’s that time of year for #Christmas movies; Hallmark’s #ChristmasInJuly starts Friday! Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: June 28th to July 14th and then Hallmark Channel: July 12 to July 28th! Gemma would approve 🙂

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