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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, #Celebrating My 100th #Blog Post!

Our cruise of a lifetime came to a stellar end (feature pic is from our last stop in #Bergen #Norway), and what a way to celebrate my 100th #blog post! So much has happened since I started my almost royal blog–and most of all I’m so blessed to have met so many new friends. Blogging each week gives me a chance to share little snapshots of what’s going on in my #writing journey, #shoutout some of the great #books and their #writers I’ve been so blessed to #read and get to know, and dish on some of the #travel and #humor happenings in my #week.

For this 100th post, I thought I’d do a trip down memory lane with some of the people, events, travels, and books that have brought me much joy the past 14 months since I started my blog. I’ll be back to my regular format next week (assuming I can get over my jet lag–I have no idea what time zone I’m operating in–I apologize in advance for any major gaffs! :0 ) Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

writers supporting writers3

The longer I’m in this #writing journey, the more I realize your work, learning, ups & downs are never ending (kind of like playing #golf, which is why I’m going back to #tennis). I’m very blessed to have my first three books out, and very excited to get Book 4 (Working title: Mistletoe & Mayhem) out for editing (yes, it’s finally time to let my latest endeavor go to the #professionals and see what they think 🙂 ) The fabulous Theresa Snyder (@Theresasnyder19) and Mark Schultz (@wordrefiner) get to work their magic!

What an adventure since February last year! After the edits with book 4, I go to the world of #AmQuerying and of course back to #AmMarketing. One thing I really loved doing this year was to have my #booktrailers made by the fabulous Aimee Bejarano (@books_hooks)! I think they’re great and now feature them on my #Youtube channel and tweets. Check them out here:

Great tool to have in your #writer toolkit, #WritingCommunity—#JustSayin…

author spotlight gemma barbie V

Big Thank You to My Fellow #Writers #Readers #Bloggers #WritingCommmunity Supporters!

What a great network of #writers, #readers, #bloggers we have who support the #WritingCommunity with their time and efforts to help get the word out on our books! #Writing is a tough thing to handle on your own as I’ve learned–it takes a #community to help nurture and support our efforts. My goal for the remainder of the year is to connect with more great peeps who I think go that extra mile in supporting and promoting  #writers and #readers with their reviews and content.

Here are some awesome #writer #blogger #reader folks I’d encourage you to get to know and #follow if you haven’t already:

Kay Latour (@Kay_Latour); Travis Borne (@Travis_Borne); Bibiana Krall (@Bibiana1Krall); Colin Powell (@Retrobrit); Leonard Tillerman (@mywritersnook); Soulla Christodoulou (@schristodoulou2); Jessie Cahalin (@BooksInHandbag); Jena Henry (@jenabooks); Women Writers (@WomenWriters); Molly Shea (@mollyshea_shea); David Perlmutter (@davepperlmutter); Shanna Swenson (@shanna_swenson); Mark Schultz (@wordrefiner); Agatha Chocolats (@AgathaChocolats); Rachel Thompson (@RachelintheOC); C.A. Asbrey (@CAASBREY)

go away reading

I think having the opportunity to read and review so many of the #Indie #writers I’ve had a chance to meet and get to know these past 100 posts has been one of my greatest gifts. I had the chance to #read a great #paranormal #thriller the last week of my trip. I thought I’d list the books that have been read and reviewed in previous posts too…great #writers you!

Author Dawn Hosmer, Bits & Pieces, 5 STARS

Author Hosmer takes on a suspenseful paranormal journey with main character, Tessa.  She is gifted with a power that gives insights to a person simply by touch—and she can feel physical pains, mental anguish, joys, never knowing what to expect. Tessa isolates herself from an ordinary life after being branded different, mental, attention seeking—her parents and siblings won’t acknowledge her gift and distance themselves from her, except for her brother Cyle.

As a young woman, Tessa struggles to maintain her sanity as she tries to deal with her gift as an adult. She longs for relationships, but is afraid of what might be revealed if she dares to expose herself, going to the extremes of wearing gloves and avoiding crowds to minimize physical contact with others. Tessa’s one escape is her paintings where she tries to bring to life through colors the experiences and emotions she experiences by touch. Her therapist challenges her to take small social steps into the outside world, and when she does, Tessa experiences the first pangs of love and desire, and the evil mind of a serial killer.

As her mental world collapses, Tessa fights to understand her feelings and insights, and put an end to the serial killer’s demented acts–even if it turns out to be the man she loves. Will she get the break through needed to bring justice in time? Or will she end up a victim of an evil killer who wants to dominate her mind and body? A thrilling read with many unexpected twists!

#Writers and Their #Books I’ve Enjoyed #Reading Since My #Blogging Journey Began:

Mark Scantland: The Blackbird Threat; Shanna Swenson: Abundance and Return to Abundance; C.A.Asbrey: The Innocents and Innocent Bystanders; Tina-Marie Miller: Everything Happens for a Reason and Fame and Fortune; K.Z. Howell: Dream State and Dead World; Travis Borne: Lenders and Lenders II; Russell: GAVIN and DERRICK; Jessie Cahalin: You Can’t Go It Alone; Helen Grant: Ghost; Joy Ross Davis: Countenance; Midge Cline: Wyndham Hall; Martha Perez: In the Dark, Fear of the Mind, and My Beloved Son; K.R.M.Morgan: Bridge of Souls; Colin Powell: The Last Days of Thunder Child and Meeting Boudicca; Sheila Patel: The Magic Vodka Wardrobe, Books 1, 2 and 3; Bibiana Krall: Carolina Spirit, Alice, Corvus Hall, The Soul Keeper, Abulon, and Noble Jones; Agatha Chocolats: Thirteen Chocolates; Paula Houseman: Odyssey in a Teacup; M.J. Labeff: Last Summer’s Evil; J.S. (Jesse) Frankel: Master Fantastic; H.E. Wilburson: The Martian Diaries; E.R. (Emmy) Bennet: Eyes of Wynter; Luna Selas: Dead Air: Jeff DeMarco: Into Armageddon; Lori Katherine: Flow Like Lyrics and Twilight Carnivals; Anna Cassamento Arrigo: All Red; Val Penny: Hunter’s Force; Stefan Angelina McElvain: Alex; William Gareth Evans: Within the Glass Darkly and Dracula: the Devil’s Nosferatu; Ken Stark: Arcadia Falls and Stage 3; Sue-Ellen Welfonder: Winter Fire; Jena C. Henry: The Golden Age of Charli; Joe Congel: Deadly Passion; Soulla Christodoulou: Broken Pieces of Tomorrow; Patricia Earnest Suter: The Face of a Monster; America’s Frankenstein; Craig Wainwright: The Last Titan; M.B. Tosi: The Broken Violin; Marcee Corn: Always Thaddeus; Kerri Davidson: The Chronicles of Henny, Vol.1; Suzy Davies: The Cave; Henry VIII: Unleash Your Inner Tudor; Chris Semtner: The Poe Shrine: Building the World’s Finest Edgar Allan Poe Collection.

All great reads, highly recommended! I can’t wait to keep #reading each week and try to support #Indie #writers as much as I can. I will post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub if you’re a member, just LMK!

Next in the reading queue:

Pre-order now, June 4th release!

Here’s a few of my favorite travel pics so far (more next week from #MyVikingStory cruise): 

Ashville, N.C.:

Catalina Island:

Amtrak Coastal Express to San Francisco

Las Vegas:

New York City Christmas:



Liverpool (xo, Sheila 🙂 ):

Edinburgh, Scotland:

And we can’t forget the:






Lovely afternoon teas, #Yummo:

And lots of beautiful sunrises and sunsets:

Thanks to all of you who have been so kind and generous with your reading time. I truly appreciate your support—and I can’t wait to see where we go in the next 100 posts! Have a wonderful rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. The characters of My American Almost Royal Cousin series #books say #ThankYou for all your support too! Gemma would approve 🙂

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