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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Castle Primed and Ready to Write!

There’s nothing like a stay at a castle to get in that almost royal writing mood! I’ve had a chance to sit by regal fireplaces sipping libations, walk  on a frozen lake surrounded by ice palaces, indulge in a lovely afternoon tea (cucumber melon tea, who knew?), and soak in a hot pool surrounded by snow, ice, and starry lit skies. Fresh, cold mountain air has cleared the winter cobwebs that clogged my little gray cells–I’m refreshed and recharged!

I’ve unpacked, dodged some cleverly placed hairballs deposited by the cats (they were not amused during our absence, despite being in the care of the wonderful Mr. Art!), and ready to go into the #WritingZone. It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

three books genre sellers

WordPress Upgrade: In order to improve my website presence and visibility, I’ve upgraded my site to WordPress’ Business Plan. I’ll be adding more features to the blog and expanding my site…stay tuned!

Women Writers, Women’s Books Interview: So excited to be in a featured interview this month! Come check out my early days and what drives me now!

Books With Hooks Trailers in the works! From Author Aimee’Marie Bejarano (@books_hooks), I’m so excited to be working with her on a #booktrailers for the books in My American Almost Royal Cousin Series! I love these and so does Aimee’–Every novel needs one”. Aimee’ is having a sale until the end of March, $75 for a book trailer, $15 for a teaser. You can reach her on FB: or email : . Great for #ammarketing and book promo! And making its blog premiere, here is the fabulous #booktrailer for The Crown for Castlewood Manor!

Editing with Theresa Snyder..Once again the awesome author/editor Theresa Snyder (@TheresaSnyder19) has graciously agreed to work with me on editing Book 4. She was so awesome to work with on Deadly Receptions! Check out her editing services–highly recommended!

reading is my superpower

The #writers of Twitter entertained and delighted!

Author Ken Stark, Stage 3, 5 STARS

Imagine waking up one morning to a world that has descended into cannibalistic chaos all around–and not have a clue as to what has happened? Author Ken Stark takes us into this new world order through the eyes of main character Hank ‘Mace’ Mason, reluctant hero of a near miss airplane tragedy, newly dumped by his girlfriend, and saved from the proliferation of the man-eating plague by the grace of a few well-timed alcohol binges. As Mace sleeps, power grids, communication lines, and societal rule collapse—leaving every man, woman, child who didn’t succumb on their own to try and survive against the newly turned zombie population.

Mace is determined to escape the hoards of flesh eating dwellers who have overrun the city confines of San Francisco and seek the safety of the suburbs. His panic and desperation snowballs as he realizes the magnitude of what he’s up against–his chance of survival diminishing with each passing minute–is he the last of the humans?  Enter Mackenzie, a ten year old charmer looking for a lost aunt, whose plague induced blindness has gifted her with super human hearing–a gift that saves them time and time again as they seek safety from the flesh eaters. Mace’s heart softens in Mackenzie’s presence, leaving some of the bitterness and hurt of being dumped behind as they endure unbelievable situations in their quest to to survive.

Page after page your heart races as Mace and Mackenzie fight the unrelenting attacks of the flesh eaters and the wrath of a few crazed human survivors. Can they find her lost aunt? Is anywhere safe—or has the Earth become a doomed planet for the human species? Author Stark does a brilliant job of giving us a birds eye view of the chaos and confusion that is the new norm, and the holdout of hope for the surviving few. Lots of chills and twists in this horror filled read–fasten your seatbelts (and leave on the lights, #JustSayin). This is the first book in the acclaimed Stage 3 series–highly recommended! I’ll be back for more…

Author Paula Houseman, Odyssey in a Teacup, 5 STARS

I haven’t stopped laughing! Author Paula Houseman takes us on a hilarious coming of age story with Odyssey in a Tea Cup! We follow the trials and tribulations of main character Ruth (no middle name) Roth as she grows from child to teen to adult, feeling as if she never seems to fit in; mother Sylvia who seems to give her no slack; friends, foes and fashion ‘situations’ that will leave you rolling on the floor; and cousin Ralph, the one person who always has her back.

The scenes with family and friends (disco or funeral, there’s always something!) will leave you roaring with laughter. Author Houseman has such a way with words (be prepared, no shying away with F bombs or other ahem, ‘descriptive’ language here!)–you’ll experience the fears, the anxieties, the embarrassments, the happiness as we travel with Ruth and her squad as they mature and go through the milestones of growing up and becoming adults.

I loved being with Ruth and her friends in every stage of their maturation (or lack there-of), reliving many similar events, LOL! Adult Ruth is a woman who is coming into her own, dealing with love, children and preparing for whatever the future brings. This is a fun series that will keep the laughs and tears flowing–a highly recommended read that makes you feel good!

Next up in the reading queue:

Lovely Lake Louise

We had the opportunity to take a stunning drive from the Castle in Banff Springs to the Fairmont Chateau on the shores of Lake Louise. Surrounded by the towering Canadian Rockies, it has to be one of the prettiest drives there is. Here’s a few pics to close:

Lake Louise ice castle
Lake Louise
Lake Louise ice sculpture
wildlife crossing hiway 1 to lake louise

The Canadians are so great–these arches are wildlife crossings over HWY 1 heading from Banff to Lake Louise. 🙂 #Wildlife

green statue castlewood tree

Erin go Bragh!

Welcome to my #writing world. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a great St. Paddy’s Day weekend, friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. No afternoon would be complete without a little libation. My fave (and Gemma’s), Gin/St Germain martini at the Fairmont Chateau bar at Lake Louise. Gemma most definitely approves! 🙂

gin and st germain lake louise

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