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Veronica's #WritersDiary: Bright Lights, Neon City---Viva Las Vegas!

"Las Vegas is a city built on hope, dreams, and a little bit of crazy."

Michael McDonald

What better way to bring July to a close than a trip to the lit streets of Las Vegas! The OH and I will be spending a few days in the over-the-top town to soak up the sun, see the dazzling lights, and indulge our culinary desires...I won't mention the known-to-be-losses as the penny slot machines... #Sigh

This year, we'll be back in the Venetian hotel--I love the majestic decor and baroque details scattered all around the public areas...

The interior shops transport you to the canals of Venice--we may just have to take one of the gondola rides this year!

A trip to the Atomic Museum is the perfect way to stay cool in the desert... provided they've not resumed testing... ⚛😬

A stroll to the lake and conservatory at the Bellagio is one of my fav things to do...

And, as I posted last time--I oh-so-hope the MSG Sphere will be lit during our visit! I loved the Twitter pics and videos they shared for the 4th of July! Check out the opening plans for this amazing resort here: Sphere | Immersive Shows, Concerts & Events in Las Vegas (

*pic from @MSGSphere Twitter timeline

This trip we're also celebrating the OH's birthday at the fabulous Paris Eiffel Tower restaurant. We've gone there for over twenty years now and it does not disappoint! The food is sublime and the views... it just doesn't get much better than this... 👇

I'm ready to roll (until I run out of pennies anyway, LOL)! It's Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Updates on the Amazon pages continue with the Book Khalesi!

This month the focus is on Double Trouble: Showtime at Castlewood Manor! I'm super pleased with the Amazon page refresh and promos Eeva Lancaster has done with my books. Getting that branding right is key! Take a peek at my updated page here:

Mystery strikes in Texas and a ghost leaves clues in the woods this week from the writers of Twitter...

Author Vera Day, When Did We Lose Sylvia?, 5

When Betty Bell, a celebrity poet in Tulip, Texas, takes on a summer assignment to teach the local teens the art and magic of poetry, she soon is embroiled in a baffling mystery. One of her students, Sylvia, has gone missing. Betty and her colorful sidekick, Fiona, are on the trail--will their sleuthing uncover clues to her disappearance?

The mystery takes a deadly turn when a body is found. As Betty investigates, she soon finds her lovely town of Tulip and its inhabitants harbor dark secrets. As danger lurks, will this be her final case?

Author Day weaves a clever whodunnit with a heartwarming twist. The characters are a delight and the dialogue witty, keeping you entertained as the mystery unfolds. I enjoyed getting to know Betty and her friends and family. Take a visit to Tulip, a highly recommended read for cozy mystery fans!

Author K.T. McGivens, The Ghost of Golden Joe, 5

When Fairfield is hit with a swell of robberies, reporter Katie Porter and her news rival and boyfriend, Jim Fielding, are on the case. They're working with the police to sort out the clues. When items are found on Katie's family estate, the investigation takes an unexpected, ghostly turn, placing her family under suspicion.

The new police sergeant also seems to have a grudge with Katie and wants her access to the case files limited. Is she jealous of the reporter's relationship with Jim, or is there something more devious at play? As Katie and Jim learn who's behind the burglary scheme, their lives are in peril. Will the investigation put a damper on their blossoming romance?

Author McGivens adds another great whodunnit to this fantastic, cozy mystery collection. I am thoroughly enjoying reading this entertaining series. A highly recommended read, get your copy now!

Next up in the reading queue:

Coming up in August...the Bouchercon Mystery Conference in San Diego!

I'm super excited to attend the Bouchercon mystery conference this year, from August 30th- September 3rd. This is a fantastic conference for writers and readers with a super line-up of panel topics. This year, I'm stoked to announce I will be a panel participant on the discussion topic of 'Mystery and Suspense of Romance: Love Triangles, Dating, Marriage, and Death'! We all know how those exes can cause #UhOhs in a story... If you'll be attending this year's conference, please let me know--I'd love to meet up! You can check out the panels and find out more about the conference here:

Welcome to my world. Until next time, have a good one!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Stay tuned for the next post--it's a cover reveal by Bibiana Krall and moi! Book 4 in the Haunted Series will make its global debut! 💀🌹 Gemma and Rikkhe approve

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