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Veronica’s #WritersDiary, Behind the Scenes with Primrose Film Creator Becky Guido!

Time for a bit of showbiz buzz! This week I’m so excited to share a chat with the talented  Writer/Producer/Creator, Becky Guido, as she shares her insights and experiences in getting her Primrose Film, period drama project developed. I know many of us in the #WritingCommunity would love to see our books and stories up on the big (or small) screen. Do you have what it takes? Let’s find out…

Becky, I’m so interested in learning about the conceptualization process you used for the Primrose storyline. What real life happenings, interests, passions drove you to begin this project? Was there a completed story you used? Or is this fresh, new concept?

I’ve loved the world of period drama since I was a young girl. Reading Little House in the Big Woods (Laura Ingalls Wilder), my friends & I were inspired to reenact scenes from the books.

As a teen I read Pride and Prejudice, discovered the world of Jane Austen & a lifelong devotion to period dramas began. In the 70’s historical preservation grew & I became involved. My town was home to both Victorian “Painted Ladies” & the home of Frank Lloyd Wright, Masterpiece Theater began & I was enthralled with each period production.

I studied in a Performing Arts Program, focusing on music & theater, with emphasis on directing & producing. Not wanting to be a starving artist, I got my degree in International Business & Marketing at University. Later, I attended Post Grad Film School for producing & directing. Combining my skill sets, I worked behind the scenes in production consulting. Eventually, I returned to physical film production & ultimately began my own production company.

I knew I wanted to film a period drama & I knew I wanted an original story. I began researching 4yrs ago, not sure where it would lead me. My father was a University Provost, who raised me to believe that I had a voice & to use it. I wanted to create a rich character driven story to honor the long line of strong women from which I descend. While working on other films a few things happened….

The 100 years anniversary of the women’s vote (1918/UK). The 2018 U.S. election, after which I watched the State of the Union address, with many of the Congresswomen wearing white suits in honor of women’s suffrage. Many had endured harshness that I knew a man would not have had to endure. We were almost 100 yrs. on (1920/US) yet were still fighting some of the same battles. I heard Caitriona Balfe speak to the fact that women have always been strong, they have just been limited by the physical constraints & norms of their day. Then the “Me Too” movement began & yet again my focus was pulled to the subject of women finding & use their voices. Now to take all this awareness, inspiration & research & coalesce it into a rich character driven period drama.

I immediately knew I did not want this to be an obvious militant story. I wanted a rich character driven story that would focus on the subtleties that tie what happened in the past to similar experiences we are still going through as women today. In effect asking the question, we’ve come a long way in 100 years, or have we?

Fascinating, Becky! So, how do you take the project from a concept to an actual story you’re ready to pitch? I’m sure it takes a village

It’s a lot to take a whole world & characters you have created in your head & successfully translate that vision into a format that your creative team, investors & ultimately cast will understand. It begins with one’s story & as with any writer of historical fiction, one has to fully immerse themselves in every detail of that world, fully develop the characters & confirm historical accuracy. Once this is done, a Treatment must be created. This is a summary of the story, it can be done in outline form, or as an overview summary narrative. It is also helpful to have a mini visual pitch. This includes photos or drawings depicting the settings in which your story will take place, as well of photos of actors who capture the essence of your lead characters, along with their character descriptions.

The Treatment is the initial tool one uses to interest others in your project. Once a director, producers & writing team are attached, you have what is called your initial package. This group will work together to transform your original story into a script, as well as take your vision (the world in which the story takes place, the look & tonality of the costumes, the rooms & outdoor spaces) & puts a collection of this pictorial & descriptive information together. It is put together into a format to share with investors & other professionals you want to bring on to your filmmaking team, such as cinematographers etc. So yes, it takes a village!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us how you started your project, Becky! I for one, learned many new things to keep in mind. I’ll be following up with you later this summer to get new updates on your Primrose Film project. In the meantime for all you #writers, here are a few recommended links to get those treatments started!

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That’s a wrap! It’s Wednesday, time for #DearDiary:

Don’t you love it when things start coming together?

What a busy week and thanks again to the fabulous technical skills of Bibiana Krall and Danielle Gregorio! The manuscripts and covers are loaded and ready for pre-order, all set for the big launch on the 4th of July! In addition to the latest book, Double Trouble: Showtime at Castlewood Manor, I’m very pleased to have all my books now visible and listed as a #series on Amazon and Goodreads! This was one of the pitfalls of using different publishers for the books–everything was disjointed and not under one umbrella per se, making it difficult for readers to see that I did in fact have a 5 book series offering. With a tremendous amount of work (thank you again for the #book services, Bibiana!) things are starting to look up! Here’s a link for my updated author page if you’d like to take a peek:

On the promo front, I wanted to share the #booktrailer for Double Trouble: Showtime at Castlewood Manor, produced by the fabulous Aimee Bejarano (@Spokenamos)! I just love this and the music gets me dancing every time! Turn up the volume and kick up those heels! 🙂

go away reading

Take a ride on the wild side this week from the #writers of Twitter…

Author Bibiana Krall, Volga Black, 5 STARS

For party girl, Tania, the night out at Paradise Beach in Warsaw will take an evil turn the American might soon regret. The dancing melee has started, fueled with copious amounts of slushy cocktails and shots. When a sinister black Volga emerges from the river, wreaking havoc on the beach as it powers its deadly way through the crowd, Tania is stunned, the lethal scene frozen in her mind. Her super DJ friend (and sometimes lover), Hans, reveals to her a bit of Polish folklore she won’t soon forget.

As morning dawns, Tania soon faces life realities—the rent is due and she needs money—her landlady Karla wants her payment, or else. Out for a morning walk to clear the cobwebs from the previous night, she sees the ominous black vehicle on the streets again, her curiosity aroused. Should she follow it, or has it already pegged her for the next ride? As her evening shift at the diner begins, Tania offers food to a strange man who seems down on his luck. Little does she know her kind gesture will change the course of her life.

Author Krall takes us through a wild, mystical tour on the dark side through the streets of Warsaw. The city descriptions are visually detailed so that you feel you’re touring the city—but with that sinister car, do you really want to be there? This is a thrill filled tale steeped in folklore with a modern, sinister twist that leaves you reeling, blurring the lines between legend and reality. Fasten your seatbelts—an escapist read from the ordinary, with an ending you won’t forget, highly recommended!

Next up in the #reading queue:

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Don’t forget to tune in to the #BOOKEM channel on YouTube at 1:45pm EDT today!

Today’s discussion with Bibiana Krall is titled ‘Southern Fried Everything’! Thanks to everyone who has joined us in our little literary chats the past few weeks! You can join in on the fun here:

Welcome to my world. Enjoy the rest of your #week and #weekend friends!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered their copies of Double Trouble–your support is fantastic and very much appreciated! Gemma and Rikkhe most definitely approve! 🙂

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