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Veronica's #WritersDiary: A Chat w/ Author S.S. Bazinet, Featuring Her #NewRelease, A Mother's Love!

This International Women's Month I'm super excited to have as my guest, author Sandy Bazinet! She has penned several series and short stories that often deal with heartbreaking, sometimes bittersweet, yet uplifting moments experienced in life. I've found in reading Sandy's books I often reflect on my own, similar situations and am filled with gratitude to know I am not alone. I love her compassion, humor, and insights she shares in her stories. This week we're celebrating her latest release, A Mother's Love! Let's chat with Sandy:

Q1: Sandy, the stories and series I have read of yours have been heartwarming reads, often dealing with tragic, bittersweet situations your characters have had, or are experiencing. You handle these events masterfully in your stories, usually ending with an uplifting message of inspiration and hope. What led you to this writing path?

First of all, I’d like to thank you for inviting me to your blog, Veronica! I’m honored. In regard to your question about my writing path, it probably began when I was still a youngster. I was very sensitive to the feelings of others in my family. I remember always wanting people to find a happy ending when problems arose. That idea of finding ways for the lives of others to be better stayed with me throughout my adult years. As I was raising my family, I frequented the library, looking for books that could help me do a better job as a mother. That desire finally expressed itself in my stories. Even if my characters start out feeling like down-trodden victims, I’m always in tune with how their lives could turn around.

However, I never plan out how that will happen. I sit back and type on my keyboard as solutions eventually present themselves. In my series, The Vampire Reclamation Project, a devoted, incarnate angel helps my main character, Arel, find a way through his tormented thoughts about himself and life. In each book in the series, Arel faces lots of challenges, but his faith in himself grows stronger. He learns who he truly is. He’s not a vampire. He’s a loving, caring human being with tremendous abilities he never knew he had.

Q2: Tell us about your latest release, A Mother's Love! Congratulations too, BTW!

The idea of a different race of people who live on a distant planet, first presented itself many, many years ago. However, the book, A Mother’s Love, finally became a reality only recently. The story revolves around two mothers and their sons. The first mother has a son who embodies love itself. However, he’s rejected because he’s so different than the rest of the planet’s people. But no matter what anyone thinks, his mother never stops letting him know how much she cares for him. The second mother’s son is filled with hate, arrogance and bitterness. Still, his mother’s love is so unconditional that it becomes a transformative agent. What happens next is amazing, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

Q3: The past two years of the pandemic and now the world on the verge of war have taken a toll on everyone's creative spirit to say the least. Any advice you'd offer to the writers out there who are struggling to find their words?

Perhaps one approach I could offer is to turn inward when the world becomes too difficult. A writer has the freedom to write about whatever inspires them. They can deal with difficult circumstances of their characters from a distance instead of listening to the news and feeling overwhelmed. In their stories, they can observe and allow for their characters to change their circumstances and have a better life. If they publish that story, and it uplifts their readers, even for a short time, they’re affecting the outer world in a positive way.

Q4: You're an avid reader and supporter of the writing community--what books are on your TBR list? Any marketing tips you'd offer to writers? What gets your attention?

I don’t have a list. I wait for a book to grab my curiosity. Hopefully, that book will have a positive ending. Sometimes, I just want a book that’s entertaining. I really enjoy stories that include a bit of humor.

My marketing tip is one I feel is most important. Make sure that you market to the right audience. I didn’t know how to do that when I first started publishing my “vampire reclamation” books. And unfortunately, I think a number of readers felt like they didn’t get what they were looking for. That kind of mis-marketing can result in poor reviews. So, I repeat, find the right audience for your book!

Q5: Enquiring minds want to know, what's next on the writing horizon for you in 2022/2023?

I’ve recently finished book seven in my series, The Vampire Reclamation Project. This book is called NEW BLOOD, and it has a much lighter vibe than some of the previous books. In book seven, my main characters, Arel and William, are long past thinking that they’re vampires. They’re family men with children. They even buy a farm house to remodel.

However, their desire to be normal and ignore their powers goes too far. Hidden fears come to the surface, including the fear of aging. Without meaning to, their powers cause them to age at a rapid rate. Their only hope is to reverse the process before they end up in the grave. I’m hoping to release NEW BLOOD sometime in June of 2022.

Sandy, thank you so much for being my guest today! Your books are an inspiration. I cannot wait to read you latest release, A Mother's Love, congratulations! If you'd like to learn more about Sandy's terrific books, check out these sites:

Website: http://www.ssbazinet.com/

Author Page on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Jg5XUU

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SSBazinet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SSBazinet/


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