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Reader Questions, Reader Questions, Wouldn’t You Like to Know? Not 1, Not 2, but 27 Sparkling

My trusty sidekick board, The Roaming Crown, prodded me with it’s bejeweled crown this morning asking—what jewel of a question would an enquiring reader have when reading your book? I thought about this as I applied royal cream to my prodded psyche (coffee with cream, 3 cups). Duly caffeinated, I have decided there are not 1, not 2, but 27 questions enquiring readers might want to ask (These questions are for book 1 of the series, The Crown for Castlewood Manor, and if the number 27 is giving you a crowning headache darling, relief is at the end of the post 🙂 )

  1. Chef Karl prepares some fantastic meals for the guests at Cherrywood Hall—what was your favorite meal, or dish(es) ?

  2. Would you let a television series such as Castlewood Manor be filmed at your estate—would losing your privacy be worth a hefty payday?

  3. Main character, heiress Gemma Lancaster Phillips, has a new PhD and a care free life in Malibu, would you turn down a professorship and leave a cozy beach cottage to go help a family member in another country?

  4. Would you trade places with any of the characters (royal family, ghosts included)—and if so, who, and why?

  5. How would you act as an American suddenly meeting and interacting with British royals and aristocrats—would you be nervous, shy, if so, why?

  6. The ghostly spirit of beloved Aunt Pippa shows up now and again (or does she?), what would you do if a ghostly entity suddenly made its presence known to you?

  7. What did you think of the main setting of the book, the Cherrywood Hall manor house and estate–what was your favorite room?

  8. The British royal family is fictionalized in the storyline, how do you feel about that, and why?

  9. Have you ever attended a formal tea–what was your favorite blend, and favorite yummy, savory or sweet?

  10. Fashion is a big part of the storylines–what is your favorite outfit of Gemma’s?

  11. Americans don’t typically have a lot of chances to wear tiaras and crowns—would you like this to change—where would you wear a crown or tiara to?

  12. Cherrywood wines are a new business venture for the Cherrywood Hall estate in the book, would you like to take on a vineyard and winery to manage?

  13. Lord Evan takes his family peerage and responsibilities very seriously, but longs to be in South Africa on his ranch—do you let family responsibilities take priority over your longings and aspirations?

  14. Mothers keep a close eye on Gemma and Evan during the competition—who do you relate with more, aristocratic Lady Margaret, or actress/ma-ma Jillian?

  15. Checkered pasts and family dramas haunt the competing estates of Shipley House, Longthorpe Manor, and even Cherrywood Hall, what was your favorite backstory?

  16. What’s your favorite event in the story; the formal tea; the breakfast hunt; the formal dinner gala—which would you choose to attend and why?

  17. The ‘closets’ at Cherrywood Hall hold treasured garments and accessories the Lancaster women have worn through the years—do you have family garments and treasures worn by your family members—what makes them dear to you?

  18. Gemma gets hit with some high brow snobbery in the story—what does an American know about British estates—you’re not an aristocrat—how would you handle an almost-royal snub?

  19. The sea path, the winery, the follies scattered on the rolling hills of the Cherrywood Hall estate—where would you spend a lazy afternoon?

  20. Florals, succulents, ferns and trees—what secret garden would grow in your luscious conservatory?

  21. The search for hidden rooms and doors is a never-ending task at Cherrywood Hall—-do you have hidden doors or walls at your home, or would you like a secret room, what would you do there?

  22. Lots of questions and riddles come up during the cocktail and meal conversations at Cherrywood Hall—what’s been the biggest or funniest mystery you’ve uncovered while conversing with family and friends?

  23. Rosehill Productions has a lot at stake as they look for the estate to assume the film role as Castlewood Manor—what would be the key decision factors you would have when scouting and selecting an estate location?

  24. Would you like to learn more about the plot of the Castlewood Manor television series, where a early twentieth century American matron, who happens to be the queen’s best friend, brings her daughters over to Britain to arrange aristocratic or royal marriages for them, as the queen is doing for her princess daughters?

  25. What did you enjoy most in the story: characters, plot, events, settings—and least?

  26. If money were no object, where would you go to live (anywhere in the world), and what would your marvelous manor house look like?

  27. Why do cat’s always shed their hairs on anything black? (had to ask this after seeing some stray hairs on the feature photo—this question may be tossed  🙂

A few crown jewels to think about and discuss—enjoy! Most of all, thank you dear readers! Any questions?

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Please don’t get your crown in a twist, I have not forgotten about the number 27, it’s Gemma’s age 🙂 Gemma would approve.

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