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Lord Evan Lancaster, 8th Marquess of Kentshire

I want to introduce you to Lord Evan Lancaster today, Gemma’s British cousin. Evan is the 8th Marquess of Kentshire, a devoted son to his mother, Margaret, and a huge fan of his beloved American turned British grandmother, Pippa (d.). Evan became a marquess upon the sudden death of his father, Mark, when he was a teenager. I don’t think anyone is prepared to lose a parent, especially when you’re younger. I can’t imagine what a young man feels to not only lose his father, but also having to accept the roles and responsibilities of an inherited peerage. Evan also inherited Cherrywood Hall, the estate that had been in his family for many centuries. He cares a great deal for the estate, and wants to make sure it lasts for centuries to come. He takes his role as the local marquess quite seriously.

In The Crown for Castlewood Manor, Evan is presented with a unique opportunity to have his estate considered for the set location for the much anticipated period drama television series, Castlewood Manor. Over seventy estates have been evaluated and Evan’s estate, Cherrywood Hall, has made it to the final four estates being considered. Evan is drawn to this competition because he knows it would mean a great deal to livelihood of the local community, as well as helping to secure the future for his estate. Would you consider having your home and grounds be known to the world? Privacy would become a thing of the past…

Millions of pounds are at stake for the selected estate including global exposure, new business ventures, marketing opportunities and jobs and infrastructure for the local communities. Evan is particularly interested in what the selection would mean to the surrounding communities, including his favorite village, Maidenford. Evan knows that the restaurants, hotels, and shops would all receive a great deal of business if Cherrywood Hall is selected. He also knows there are several locals who would die to have the chance of being an actor on the series, especially Vicar Hawthorne.

Evan has some ulterior motives for having Cherrywood Hall in the competition as well. He has a large ranch in South Africa that he loves. He is committed to preserving the wildlife in the region. The added income from being selected in the estate competition would give him many opportunities to expand the conservation work that has become so dear to him. Evan yearns to spend as much of his time as possible at his South African ranch, gazing at the stars through his telescope, just as he does from his balcony overlooking the North Sea at Cherrywood Hall. I think there may be something else that has him yearning to be in South Africa, has Cupid’s arrow struck?

Evan knows he needs help, and he has a good resource to help him win the competition with the arrival of his American cousin, Gemma, and his estate manager and best friend, Kyle. Will this dazzling trio be able to secure the win for Cherrywood Hall and the local community? Or will the other estates prevail….by any means?

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. What do you think of these gorgeous embroidered tapestry boots? I think the sparkling threads are fit for a Marquess, do you? They’re Gemma approved 🙂 #Gemmasboots

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