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Extra! Extra! Veronica’s #WritersDiary! New Topics, New Format, Come on In!

Welcome to the fall re-boot of my blog! We’re just a few days away from the official start of autumn and I cannot wait. Time to get into a new frame of mind, leave the swimming suits behind, and bring out the boots! As I mentioned last week, this is definitely my favorite time of the year. We have more lights going up (yes every day), it’s getting cooler (pumpkin spice everything), and the holidays are just around the corner (including birthdays for kids, grandkids, and nieces, and it’s Kentucky wedding bells for our nephew and his beautiful bride).

We have some great trips coming up as well, can’t wait to share some exciting pictures and stories with you. I’ve reformatted my blog to include topics that had the most interest to readers the past few months. We’ll change things up every week, including a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, to keep current with what’s happening (Just the fun stuff though…). Welcome to my #WritersDiary:


In the writing world…

I am super excited to have the 3rd book in the My American Almost Royal Cousin Series written. It’s been an exciting few months of planning, outlining, writing and editing a new story for Gemma and her friends and family. We have travelled the U.S. in this story, starting in glamourous New York City and finishing in beach chic Malibu.

Expect the unexpected in this story as we enter the fabulous, and deadly, world of awards shows and premiers. Castlewood Manor makes it’s world-wide debut, will it be a hit? Gemma, Kyle, Ma-ma, Evan, Aunt Margaret and the cast and crew will soon find out!

For you #RoyalWedding fans, stay tuned for the first one to take place at Cherrywood Hall’s newly opened Wedding Pavilion. History will be made, #JustSayin… More updates on book 3 in the next few weeks, stay tuned—including a sneak peek at the cover designed by my favorite graphic designer (who happens to be my step-daughter, Danielle). Pippa would approve  🙂

go away reading

In the reading world…

Super excited to finally get some reading (and reviews) finished. This week I finished author Bibiana Krall’s short story Alice, and book, Carolina Spirit. Here are my reviews, and the url’s for Bibiana’s stories:

Alice: 5 STARS, A Chilling Story….Bibiana Krall draws you into this story of suspense and chills from page one, taking you step by step to face evil, and the fears within. Haunting characters and narrative, keeping you in suspense till the very end. Highly recommended!

Carolina Spirit: 5 STARS Sorrow and suspense weave a wonderful tale…. Young Gracie takes you on her suspenseful journey to find the truth behind her father’s death. On the way she must deal with her emotional relationship with her depressed mother, and the awakening of a first love….

Next reads in the queue include:

  1. Author Suzy Davies, The Cave

  2. Author C. A. Powell, The Last days of Thunder Child: Victorian Britain in chaos!

  3. Author Bibiana Krall, The Soul Keeper

To take a look at what I’ve read and reviewed previously, visit my author page on Goodreads:

almost royal halloween collection

Life at home…Almost Royal Halloween Anyone?

Him: “Um, crowns on the pumpkin?

Me: “Yes, don’t they look great? (shades of Veronica the romantic)

Him: “So do the statues, and the signs…” (wait a minute, has he been possessed by Veronica the killjoy???)

Me: “We have two more pumpkins in the family room and I’m out of crowns. Better check with Amazon to see what almost royal jewels are in stock, don’t you think?” (One can never have too many crowns. Watches Hubby and listens for chains rattling, just in case…)

Him: “I-um-whatever…” (Pick and choose your battles men, pick and choose. I’ve seen that tower and the chains, no thank you. They don’t serve chardonnay, according to Veronica the killjoy. #DealBreaker)


BIG Thanks to Women Writers, Women’s Books for Having Me as Their Guest!

I’ve been drawn to all things cozy mystery my entire reading life. My favorites in particular are British cozy mystery series—where I can get to know the characters (at least the surviving ones) and watch them develop and grow over the years. I consider Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Miss Marple, and Tommy & Tuppence (OK not a series per say, but we get to know them and their entourage through the years); Rhys Bowen’s Lady Georgiana and Darcy; and M.C. Beaton’s Agatha Raisin to be close personal literary friends that I have spent endless hours with, getting into one scrape after another, having fun amidst chaos (perhaps with a few cocktails), and living in anticipation for the next adventure. As a reader, I feel instantly at home in the cozy settings (who doesn’t love a grand, damp English country manor?), being served tea or sherry in times of crisis (with those lovely little sandwiches) and being exposed to mysterious happenings and mur-dahs (cozy style, without the graphic CSI level of detail). My mind easily melds with the characters as we travel page to page, chapter to chapter. I bond well with these cozy sleuths, and I love knowing that I can depend on them to figure things out (sometimes despite themselves)…

Daisy and ebbie at a stand off

In the cat world…

Well, just because—Daisy and Ebbie in major cat stand-off over who really got to the Amazon prime box first…

Next week; more writing news, new books, and a little more fun, #JustSayin . Welcome to my world! Enjoy your week and weekend everyone 🙂

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Big shout-out to everyone who takes the time to leave a review for a book. They’re an author’s best friend, #ThankYou , Gemma would approve 🙂

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