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Cities (and Teasers) Coming Up In Book 3, Walking in My Characters’ Shoes

There’s nothing like walking in your character’s shoes (especially if they’re Gemma’s boots) to get your writing juices flowing. I’ve begun writing book 3 aka Deadly Receptions; the Debut of Castlewood Manor. Gemma, Kyle, Evan and Ma-ma are coming to America for this latest installment in the My American Almost Royal Cousin series. I love to be able to have gone to the places where my characters travel to—it gives me a connection with them, knowing what they will see and do having been there myself. I think it helps with the story development too, I know details about the locations that wouldn’t normally be told.

Since I began this journey into the literary world I’ve been told that it would help if I give potential readers a glimpse into how I go about my writing practice and hints of what’s coming in the next book (marketing and promoting, two business practices that are needed for any personal or business venture). I’m taking this advice for my latest book endeavor, I know I would love to see and read the same from the writers I follow.

The cities I’m highlighting are going to be visited by the cast and crew of the fictional Castlewood Manor series as series one debuts in the U.K. and U.S. Expect lots of glitz and glam as the stars go to fabulous receptions and awards events. Gemma, Kyle , and Evan are attending as well (it never hurts to promote the new businesses at Cherrywood Hall—see even fictional business ventures need marketing and promotion, Elliot P. would agree)) so expect more than a few dastardly deeds to emerge on this latest adventure….

set location london


London is about a two hour fictional drive from the estate of Cherrywood Hall and a favorite city of Gemma and crew (and guess who?). With the opening of the newly completed Wedding Pavilion and Honeymoon Chateau at the estate, and the premier U.K. opening night for Castlewood Manor, Gemma and crew will be making more than a few trips to London. Expect to meet with the faux royals to plan another almost #royalwedding (OK, lets just say I can’t get enough), this time taking place at Cherrywood Hall’s newest venues. Aunt Margaret and Evan will lend a royal helping hand, making sure nothing goes almost royally wrong—but we know how that goes, don’t we? The London debut of Castlewood Manor is sure to be filled with almost royal supporters as well, as Ma-ma and the series stars make their red-carpet debut. Rosehill Productions is pulling out the stops, but will they be able to stop the ne’er do wells from wrecking the premier? Only time will tell…

NYC Times square

New York City

With the characters coming to America for the U.S. premier, what better city location to launch their events in than New York City? From uptown to mid-town to downtown and all places in between, I know I love all things NYC and I’m pretty sure my characters will too.  🙂 The beautiful restaurants and hotels, and lovely Central Park will be prime locations for the Castlewood Manor festivities. Be ready to dress up to the nines and taste the delectable offerings from NYC’s finest (fictionalized of course, but still quite fine). But alas, we all know that sometimes all does not go as planned in these lofty skyscrapers, especially when someone wants to take you to the ground floor in a body bag….

Vail set location


It’s awards festival time in the lovely mountain community of Vail and the stars and celebs of the television world are here to attend the famous Telly Tiaras awards show. Castlewood Manor is a fan favorite and Ma-ma is ecstatic at being nominated for a Telly Tiara as best actress. The air is cold, the faux fur is flying, and some of the competing actors have icicles running through their veins. The restaurants, wineries and celebrity hotspots are filled with the up and comers as well as the tried and true. Tensions run high in this mountain town, leaving some cold, dead cold…

set location malibu


Gemma, Kyle and Ma-ma head back to Malibu after the awards for some much needed California fun in the sun. We’ll be cruising down PCH and spending some fabulous times at Gemma’s cozy beach cottage and Ma-ma’s new cliffside mansion overlooking the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean. Gemma’s father, Dr. David Phillips, makes his almost royal debut, wanting to tell his daughter about his new research into the Lancaster family line—and encourage her to jump back into the academic world. Shocking revelations are coming, what will they mean for Gemma and Evan and their American-British family ties? Aunt Pippa has her ghostly hands filled with this twist…

set location iceland2

Iceland Silfra Fissure

OK, technically not a city, but remote and beautiful, just the place for a little romance. I think I will leave it at that, for now.  🙂

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. So are you up for some almost royal romance and travel to America? I hope you will join us—Gemma would approve 🙂 ***Deadly Receptions; the Debut of Castlewood Manor by Veronica Cline Barton, Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved***

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