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Character Refresh—Let’s See What Might Be On Their Minds…

I always love starting a new book and getting to visit with the characters I’ve come to know and love. It’s just like a family or class reunion, catching up on what’s going on in their lives, hearing about the challenges, the joys, the heartbreaks. Fictional characters are just like the rest of us—they have good days and bad, and they worry about their future too, especially being a character in a cozy mystery and mur-dah series!

As a writer, I don’t always know exactly what the characters have been doing or where they’ve been. It’s not until I’ve had a chance to sit back with them, reflecting on their past, their personalities, that I can know (or at least think I know) what their future holds (at least for this next book). For book 3, I’ve had a chance to do this with some of the core characters. I thought it would be good to catch up with a few of them, enjoy! (and yes, I’ve picked out some boots that I think represent the characters personalities, Gemma does love her boots you know…(wonder where she got that from?))

gemma boot1

Gemma Lancaster Phillips

Life has changed quite a bit since she left her cozy beach cottage in Malibu and came to the sprawling estate of Cherrywood Hall. She has seen plenty of mur-dah and mayhem in her ten month tenure so far—and things are only looking more exciting for her in book 3. Gemma will be travelling with her ma-ma Jillian and boyfriend Kyle as they travel to the U.S. for a series of Castlewood Manor debut events and award show. Gemma’s father, Dr. David Phillips, makes plans to join Gemma on her trip, which should prove interesting to ex-wife Jillian. He also has some research news for Gemma that just might cause some major family waves…Gemma and Kyle’s relationship is heating up too, should we expect wedding bells, or will a former boyfriend emerge and win back Gemma’s heart? And of course, where there are premiers and awards shows, danger lurks, let’s hope Gemma manages to keep her pretty, smart, little head.

Tapestry boots embroidery

Evan Lancaster, 8th Marquess of Kentshire

Lord Evan continues to be torn having his family legacy at Cherrywood Hall, and his love and desires in South Africa with Simone. Poachers continue to plague his South African ranch operations. Will he finally leave Cherrywood and go where his heart lies? What would happen to Cherrywood Hall if he renounces his title, or worse, is involved in a deadly game in South Africa? Some tough choices to be made, not sure I’d want to be in Evan’s shoes (or boots)…

Kyle boot

Sir Kyle Williams

Sir Kyle, newly knighted by the queen, continues to be a man of action, running the operations at the Cherrywood Hall estate. The winery, Wedding Pavilion, and new Honeymoon Chateau are keeping him and his staff very busy. Kyle has also fallen very much in love with Gemma and realizes she is the woman for him. He faces some choices if he moves forward with his plans with Gemma. Will he continue with the operations at Cherrywood Hall? Or will he consider moving? Or if Gemma’s ex-boyfriend prevails, will it be time for him to make major changes as well? This will be Kyle’s first time visiting America with Gemma, will it be his last?

mama boot1

Jillian Phillips, aka Ma-ma

Being a lead actress on one of the most anticipated television drama series is an actress’ dream, and Jillian is thrilled to be part of the Castlewood Manor cast. She has fans from around the world thanks to her new found fame with the series. With this new fame comes lots of drama, as jealousy rages within her acting crowd, and everyone now wants a piece of her new found fame. Ma-ma may have some romantic flames fanning as well when her ex-hubby comes back into her and Gemma’s lives. Expect lots of cat fights and drama this go round, Ma-ma wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aunt Margaret, Sally Prim, Amy Princeton, Steph and Penny—they’ll be right in the action too, and dying to meet you!

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Who are some of your favorite characters? Have you asked them what’s gone on since you’ve last seen them? Gemma’s dying to know 🙂

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