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Character of the Day: Kyle Williams, Estate Manager, Cherrywood Hall

Today I’d like to introduce you to another of the main characters in The Crown for Castlewood Manor, and one that I personally care for a great deal, Kyle Williams. Now despite being tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome, Kyle is an extremely talented architect and innovator of all things technology at the Cherrywood Hall estate. Kyle loves the challenge of merging new technologies into the ancestral estates of Britain while preserving the historic ambiance and footprints of these architectural treasures.

Kyle has an interesting past. His parents, Christian and Honey Williams, were both born to aristocratic families, living a live of wealth and luxury. When they married (with a little help from the free spirit/free love mood of the 60’s and 70’s), they decided to put their aristocratic backgrounds in the past and pursue the careers they loved. In Christian’s case, he loved being an outdoors man, caring for the land, animals and farm operations. Christian was the estate manager at Cherrywood Hall, serving Lord Mark Lancaster, the 7th Marquess of Kentshire, husband to Lady Margaret and Lord Evan’s father. He made many improvements with the operations at Cherrywood, and started some of the programs that gave the locals access and livelihoods on the grounds, sharing the wealth so to speak, and fostering good relations between the estate and local communities.

Kyle’s mother, Honey, was an auburn hair beauty who pursued her artistic passions of painting and jewelry design. Honey maintained her friendships with the royals and aristocrats from her youth. She was kind and friendly and quite unpretentious. She loved working the grounds of Cherrywood Hall with her husband. She and Christian were good friends of Lord Mark and Lady Margaret and took great delight when their young sons became inseparable, running and riding over the grounds of Cherrywood.

Kyle and Lord Evan grew up close as brothers, attending the same prep school, playing polo and soccer, and hanging around the same group of friends. Kyle was unfazed that his parents had given up their aristocratic titles and assumed more ‘common’ livelihoods. He loved that they pursued their passions and felt comfortable doing so. They gave him the confidence to pursue his dreams.

Kyle loves the estate of Cherrywood Hall. From a young age he walked every inch of the estate, learning its layout, discussing the farming possibilities with his father and the local farmers, and exploring the cavernous rooms of Cherrywood Hall. Kyle drew pictures of the estate, and would often have drawings of the improvements and additions he would make to the estate to make it more livable and bring in new technologies to secure and automate the grounds. Whereas Evan had the duty of loving Cherrywood Hall because of his peerage, Kyle had the pleasure of loving it. Kyle was quite traumatized when Evan’s father, Lord Mark passed away. Evan became Lord Evan while just a teen, having to assume great responsibilities. Kyle was determined to be by his side to support him, as did his father Christian.

Kyle pursued his love of architecture at the fictional Oxfordshire University (I’ll discuss why I fictionalized the locations and businesses in a later post). He loved juxtaposing technologies with historical design and he soon became known in his own right because of his innovations. Sadly, Christian and Honey were killed in an automobile accident one night while driving over to take him to dinner. Evan and Lady Margaret stayed very close to Kyle during this tragic time, and the three became even closer friends.

When Kyle graduated, he decided to assume his father’s role as estate manager at Cherrywood Hall, much to Lord Evan and Lady Margaret’s relief. Kyle did not want to sit in an office, he preferred the outdoors and as estate manager he had the time and freedom to merge his architectural training and love of technology into the operations at Cherrywood. Kyle is financially well off thanks to the inheritance he received from Christian and Honey’s will, allowing him to pursue his passions. How will he react to Gemma’s arrival at Cherrywood Hall?

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Pictured today, these Le Chameau Lady Jameson boots are just what Gemma would wear climbing the grounds at Cherrywood with Kyle 🙂  #Gemmasboots #Gemmasfaves

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