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Book Celebration Time! Almost Royal Fun with Neighbors and Friends

Sometimes you just need to take some time to celebrate. That means closing the computer, turning off the phone, turning up the 70’s tunes, and having fun with friends and neighbors. I decided to throw an almost royal wine and cheese gathering to celebrate my books with some friends and neighbors. I haven’t had a chance to talk with many of them in some time (a bit sad, since we live so close together, but modern life in the suburbs intervenes 🙂 ) So off to Trader Joe’s and Cost World Markets I went, picking out British yummies for my almost royal event.

First, let’s start with the décor—British/American was the themes, in homage to my Lancaster family characters. Lots of red, white, and blue all around and we’re all ready for a proper wine and cheese.  Since the #RoyalWedding is just a few weeks away, some of these decorations may just stay up until May 20th 🙂

First the outside, beautiful day….flags are waving!

Inside, it’s beginning to look like an almost royal party…

Tea towel homage to #RoyalWedding (photo/selfie op for those royally inspired)

The scene is set, lots of great food–cheeses (roquefort, havarti, apricot stilton (voted best cheese by the way), hams and sausages, dips and chips/veggies, sesame cashews, Guinness potato chips (who knew?), shortbread cookies, English toffees, mint cookies–Yum!

Even the wine glasses have crowns 🙂

Book table showing some of my inspiring books (emphasis on the cookbooks, I was in a foodie kind of mind)

Soon it was time to party! I had a great time filling folks in on my new writing journey, and most importantly, catching up on everyone’s latest adventures and spending quality time with these great friends. I think it’s important to take some quality time outs now and then to refresh and refuel the soul, in person. I love hearing about the latest home improvement projects going on and updates about the kids of course (they grow up so fast!) Had a great time with a British food trivia game—delving into the culinary terms of spotted dick, bitter shandy, bubble and squeak, toad in the hole, and ready breks (it was a tough quiz for the Americans, and even one Aussie, but we all laughed, and in the end, that’s what’s it’s all about) I’ve decided to have some more celebrations this summer to catch up and laugh with friends—it was good for the soul, and very inspiring. Besides, there’s not many opportunities where you get to wear boots and crowns, take advantage of them, Gemma would approve 🙂

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. Today’s post was more pictures than blog…it was a wine and cheese party 🙂

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