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Award Show Fever, #InspirationResearch (IR) for Book 3

I’ve been doing lots of #InspirationResearch (IR) for my third book—scoping out new settings and events to keep my characters (and readers) entertained as we begin this latest journey. In the next book, the cast and executives of the Castlewood Manor series get to experience the joyous (and perhaps evil) events associated with the debut of their series, and its first venture into the world of award events for their show (my newly fictionalized awards event, the Telly Tiaras, affectionately known as the Tellies).

Just like the Oscars, Emmy’s, and Grammy’s, expect tons of glamor and glitz (and mayhem, can’t forget the mayhem) in the next book as Gemma, Ma-ma (who happens to be nominated for the famous Telly Tiara) and the rest of the crew make their way to the London premier, and then across the U.S. to see and be seen by their adoring fans. I’m super excited to have the Tellies in the next book—I’ve always heard that these glamorous film and television awards are pretty cut throat, but you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet 🙂 . Here’s a glimpse of some of the award IR I’ve done to date:

The Big Show

Reading “The Big Show” by Steve Pond

I loved reading this book, getting the ‘inside’ details of what used to be one of my favorite Hollywood events (please go back to celebrating the acting and fashions, and ‘fade to black’ the political views, pretty please). Mr. Pond gives us many of the historical details that went into the planning and production of this event. Here are some of the highlights, and my views after 🙂

  1. An unprecedented look at the machinations behind everyone’s favorite Hollywood circus and what it reveals about the business of moviemaking.

  2. Oscar parties. Oscar pools. Oscar style. Oscar predictions. The Oscars breed their own peculiar mania and a billion people worldwide are alleged to watch the broadcast every year.

  3. While that figure may be the Academy’s big white lie, the Oscars draw a viewership well into the hundreds of millions–a tremendous audience for what is essentially a television program. But this is no ordinary show. Love it or loathe it, the Oscars are an irresistible spectacle: a gloriously gaudy, glitzy, momentous, and foolish window into the unholy alliance of art and commerce that is the film industry.

  4. The Oscar statuette is a totem of such potency that millions are spent and careers laid on the line in the reckless pursuit of an eight-pound chunk of gold-plated britannium. 


  1. One of my favorite take-aways from this book are the details from the directors who had the glorious (or inglorious) responsibility for putting these shows together. Months of negotiating who will appear (or not) and who gets to do what….Even the best of directors sometimes can’t produce when they’re Hollywood hog tied.

  2. It’s all in the timing—movie releases, who gets invited to which parties, lots of jockeying around. I was surprised (well again maybe a not so much) how every single detail of what goes on is carefully staged and pre-meditated. Too bad, I think a lot of the fun of these events may have been irretrievably lost. (but this jockeying makes great fodder for a cozy mystery, oh yeah….)

  3. Have to say I don’t think the audience for the Oscar’s is in the hundreds of millions anymore. It’s a shame that we can’t even have an hour and a half of red carpet fashions and celebration of the acting craft. It’s become politically incorrect to even ask what designer an actress is wearing—so sad, I remember the days when we’d have an Oscar neighborhood party to watch all the glitz and glam (and even wear our sparkling attire). Not any more…

  4. Have to admit I do love that gold statue, #want (maybe with a little more bling)! I can see where things could get a little deadly going after the coveted statue, hhhmmmm….

back stage 5

Go Back Stage to Get the Best Scoop…

No the picture isn’t an official ‘backstage’ (wine tasting room at the Biltmore House). I’ve seen tons of pictures of the backstage rooms at the Oscars and other awards shows (thank you Google and Pinterest). I particularly love all the black and white photos of the stars gone by. Everyone looks so regal in their beautiful dresses. Today we can’t forget the swag bags (even though the stars now have to pay those pesky taxes)—and lots of champagne and food. Beware of the food tables—actresses who haven’t eaten in months are flocking to it after they get off stage—and they are hungry as all get out. I can imagine quite the scenes that take place in the back stage rooms (Gemma and Ma-ma agree). The perfect place for a bit of mur-dah and mayhem, don’t you think?

Gemmas faves Cherrywood Hall

Fashions to Die For….

I have to admit, I’m addicted to red carpet fashions. It’s a time when we get to see the latest in colors, cuts, and details that we’ll all want to have. I’ve had a lot of fun with this area, especially with all the ‘bespoke’ fashions being worn in almost royal circles these days. I’ve been watching the runway shows from Chanel, Valentino, and Dolce & Gabbana (best in bling, no doubts about it). Shout out to Christian Siriano, who seems to be dressing all the Hollywood darlings this season (love his colors–fierce!). I think everyone will be trying to out dress each other in book three—in fact, I’m sure of it 🙂 .


And the Winner Is….

I do know this, we will have red carpets and fun during our fictional Tellies (and OK, a few mur-dahs). I’m going back to the old school, when it was fun to dress up and wonder who was going to win the beloved trophies. I have lots of favorite memories that just might influence what goes on in book three. What are some of your favorite award shows and memories?

Crowns and Kisses,


P.S. BTW, Ma-ma’s (aka me) been playing around with technology again—please take a look at the new clip I’ve added. Thanks to all who have bought and read my books, if you have time, please leave a review. Gemma would approve 🙂

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