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Veronica Cline Barton earned graduate degrees in engineering and business and has held successful careers in the software and technology industries. Her lifelong love affair with British murder mysteries inspired her to embark on a literary career. She loves all things glam; travel, royals, theatre, fashion (emphasis on boots and crowns) and loads of yummy foods and cocktails. 

The Crown for Castlewood Manor is the first book in the My American Almost Royal Cousin Series, followed by Cast, Crew, & Carnage; The Filming of Castlewood Manor; Deadly Receptions, The Debut of Castlewood Manor; Mistletoe and Mayhem, Yuletide at Castlewood Manor; Double Trouble, Showtime at Castlewood Manor; and Twins in the City: Playtime at Castlewood Manor. Stay tuned for Book 7 in her series, Blood on the Vines: Harvest at Castlewood Manor, coming June 1, 2022!

For lovers of Christmas cozy tales; Rikkhe St. Claire Hygge & Bisous Holiday Mysteries features tales of mystery and holiday magic from around the globe. Take a journey to the paranormal mystery world with The Haunted Series (Hearth Fires & Tangled Webs), co-authored with Bibiana Krall!

When not traveling and spinning mystery yarns, she lives in California with her husband, Bruce, and her two cats, Daisy and Ebbie.


My AmericanAlmost-Royal Cousin Series


(Book #7 Coming June 1st, 2022!) 

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Spring is in the air as the village of Maidenford prepares for its annual fete to be held in the vineyard at Cherrywood Hall. The villagers are dusting off their recipes and polishing their hoes, ready to compete in the fete’s contests, and collect the honor and blue ribbons for best in class. Lady Gemma Lancaster Williams, heavily pregnant with her third child, and the committee chairs are determined to make the event a success, causing more than a few tempers to flare as the event draws near.

When the villagers and residents of Cherrywood Hall are besieged by a plethora of poison pen cards making vile accusations, and a devastating storm hits the area, the fate of the fete hangs in the balance. As the decision to go forward with the event looms, research for a new book release from a famed, local author reveals eerily similar circumstances and secrets occurred a century before. Is history set to repeat itself?


The crystal ball and tarot cards of the village clairvoyant direly predict, yes…

Join in on the fete fun as clashing psychics, scandalous liaisons, an unexpected cave-in, and a Speakeasy Murder Night make this a Maidenford fete not soon to be forgotten. Mysteries, babies, royals, and a wedding or two with cocktails await---are you ready to see what the future may bring?

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